accessiBe Pricing and License Cost

Jake Craigmile
Director of Digital at Three Omens
accessibBe could potentially provide a lower first-tier price. Their first plan starts at 1,000 unique pages. We have plenty of projects that are 100 pages or less. If they had something a little bit cheaper than what they currently have, we would probably open it up to the lower end of clients that we have. At this point, $500 a year is pretty negligible for most of our clients, but there is a tier of clients where that becomes a little bit prohibitive. If they had a lite plan, it might be a good way for them to get that lowest-hanging fruit. There are no costs in addition to their standard licensing fees. View full review »
Alex M.
CEO at Pixel Motion
The pricing seems to be competitive enough at this time. Obviously, as new competitors come up, they may need to revisit their pricing structure. Perhaps, they could add more pages to their lower packages. That would be beneficial. The way that they are priced right now is based on the number of pages indexed on Google, and that can sometimes vary. Therefore, the pricing structure, if you are on a threshold, it can become a little hard to predict, which is never a good thing. Therefore, if they could increase the number of pages available within their lowest tiers, then that would be a benefit to consumers. View full review »
Joe Palko
Business Management Consultant at Your Store Wizards
It is priced well. I don't have any issues with it. I think it's affordable. View full review »