accessiBe Valuable Features

Jake Craigmile
Director of Digital at Three Omens
The most valuable feature is the simple installation method. It's a plug-and-play solution and that's what is most important for a lot of our clients. We were held back from a lot of accessibility stuff because a few years ago there was no type of AI solution that could go in and make you compliant with just a simple JavaScript that runs in the background. So the simplicity of use is the biggest thing, giving us effortless, automatic compliance. It enables a user to choose among templates with one click and immediately customize a site for their particular disability. They can go in and click the button and, whether they need to alter animations, or change font sizes, color contrast, or any of a plethora of options, they can click around and customize the site to their liking. I would think it's a pretty small percentage of people who need those services, but we want to make sure that they have access to a site. We have all of accessiBe's built-in features which enable a user to further tweak the way content is presented: highlighting titles, choosing readable fonts, text magnification, link highlighting, etc. It will alter the UI of the site to help a user who needs those types of services. At the point that a user is controlling those, we worry less about the UI and focus more on the accessibility of the content, getting them the information they need. It will change the user interface but not the UX. One of the things I like about accessiBe is that I don't really have to worry about it. They have a whole team of people who are worried about ADA compliance and WCAG compliance. It takes that off of our plate and lets us know that we're safe and sound with their little icon down at the bottom. View full review »
Alex M.
CEO at Pixel Motion
There are multiple features that will be more or less valuable depending on your level of accessibility needs, e.g., increase font sizes, change colors, stop animations, and text-to-speech. The solution is visible for those who choose to engage on the accessiBe platform. There is a button that is accessible, both on the mobile and desktop. If you choose to engage with the accessiBe platform, then you can click on it, taking advantage of what it has to offer. It is important that the button is there so you can take advantage of making your website accessible. It integrates well. View full review »
Joe Palko
Business Management Consultant at Your Store Wizards
ADA compliance laws are actually really complicated. When you subscribe to accessiBe's service, they basically handle everything. This saves us a ton of time, because to do it manually would cost a small fortune. It automatically appears for those who need it. On the user side, they don't see the product unless they're accessing the website with some type of device that automatically identifies itself. For example, if you were blind and went to a website with accessiBe on it, then it would automatically identify itself and work with your screen reader to read the text off the screen. If you are connecting with some type of device that you use for a disability, then it automatically knows. The solution’s Accessibility Statement button helps our organization by making us compliant with the laws, and also for people who have disabilities to access websites. View full review »
Bob Melian
President at Fox Dealer
The ease of implementation is the most valuable feature. You just go register on their website and insert the string of code in your header, then you are done. You don't have to download anything. You just simply go and register. accessiBe enables a user to choose among templates with one click, and thus immediately customizing our site for their particular disability. This allows them to engage with our website where normally they couldn't because of their disability. The solution enables a user to further tweak the way content is presented on our site. This allows them to consume information that they probably wouldn't be able to consume otherwise. View full review »