Acronis Backup Cloud Room for Improvement

Director of Research & Development
They have cloud storage technology. The problem with it, it's slow. Say if all of our backups here failed, like the week back up locally to tape drives and different types of masses, and we store our data locally here where I'm at in RPI. However, say lightning hit the building, the servers blew up, everything was bad/corrupted, and I had to go buy a new server. So a new server shows, so how do I get my data back? Then, I would have to connect through Acronis Cloud. Now, I can get the data back; however, the amount data that I got to get back is so big that I would actually end up telling them, "Okay, you know what? Record the data to a tape and mail me the tape. Or, mail me the backup on a giant flash drive or some type of hard media that I could get back from them." Because the data that companies are backing up nowadays, it's so big even if you have high speed internet, it's still not big enough. It would probably take me three days to get the backup downloaded. It takes a really long time to get really big backups back from the cloud. That's not Acronis's problem, that's the Internet's problem. If we all get fiber optics internet, that would solve it. That only thing that's bad about the company... the naming of their product. The names that they have for their products are insane: Acronis Backup, Acronis Backup 10.5, Acronis Backup 11, Acronis Backup 11.5, Acronis Backup for Windows, Acronis Backup Advanced, Acronis Backup Advanced 11.5, and Acronis Backup 12.5 Server. It gets the customer confused. That's the issue I have was with the naming of their product. Once you know the product, you need and you actually get the product, it's perfect. It runs great, works well, and the tech support is fantastic. View full review »
Jason Bloom
Owner at Bloom Technology Group
One of the areas where the product could be improved is its online cloud backup. I do appreciate the way the product is easy to navigate, however, sometimes I have difficulty managing the security permissions on my backups. View full review »
Product Manager at a wholesaler/distributor with 5,001-10,000 employees
The logs could be better. Logs through the website are just too simple and basic. For you to actually see the full logs, you have to use additional tools or even contact support so they can pull them with own tools. View full review »
Francesco Abrusci
Business Development - Cloud&OTT Sales at a tech services company with 201-500 employees
User interface Improvements: I think this needs to be done in the navigation path into the UIs, mainly for the reseller interfaces. Some useful options initially seem “hidden”, but instead they really exist. After the initial disorientation, however, the use is easier. View full review »

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