Routers Questions
Juan Garza
IP / MetroEthernet Network Planning Leader at MCM Telecom
May 17 2021

Hi, I´m working for an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and I'm trying to implement a clean pipe service. 

So, I have the following question for experts of the community: can a router with automatically-created firewall access lists be considered a scrubbing center?

Thank you and I appreciate your help!

Chris Fritzke
User at CxDesign

Use case: use existing Netgear products in home network 

Home network: LAN, WAN, managed network both wired and wireless

Security: POE cameras, doorbell, PC's

Room for growth -- server,  local cloud storage

Roj Jeffers

I want to know where to find the most secure router. I prefer open source and IPMI. What do you recommend?


Phillip PeermanYou don't really specify what type of router you are looking for but if you are… more »
Ariel Lindenfeld
Sr. Director of Community
IT Central Station
Sep 04 2021

Hi community,

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