Aerohive Networks Pricing and License Cost

Michael Bartlett
President at a tech services company with 51-200 employees
Value is there. There are probably cheaper solutions but we invest for stability and performance for the longer haul. Features and support are a big part of our purchase decisions. View full review »
CEO with 1-10 employees
I would advise that you be sure to compare apples with apples. Many customers just look at the price per AP and licences, and compare that against other solutions. But, they do not look at the complete picture such as: * TCO - how much the equipment will cost you over, say, seven years? * Will the customer need to change complete infrastructure when they want to buy the newest hardware? * Does support include a lifetime warranty and RMA? For example, if you compare Aruba vs Aerohive, you need to check which licences from Aruba you need to match the functionality of Aerohive (usually you need at least three types of licences and a controller with redundancy). The same goes with Cisco, where you need buy additional licences for central management, firewall, spectral analysis, WIPS, PPSK, etc. Aerohive has a very simple model - one licence for all the functionalities - and you can believe that there are many. One licence makes it easy to maintain, scale, renew and you can plan your costs 10 years in advance. View full review »
Manager - IT Infrastructure at a non-tech company with 501-1,000 employees
Buy near the end of Q4 in order to get a deal. View full review »
Ahmed Gendia
User at UAS
Pricing is a bit expensive. View full review »

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