AlienVault OSSIM Benefits

RajaniKant Singh
CISO with 1,001-5,000 employees
We have various media organizations from which we get data into our network and then it goes out. If you put any control, any device, or anything to sense the traffic, it will say that it's malicious traffic, because of the nature of most of the traffic that we generate. We usually upload or download TV shows or films, they go in and out. The same size of IP packets increase because of the kind of transfer that we do. In addition to that, we also are into broadcasting. We send the data to broadcasting stations, and from there it gets broadcasted on air. It has really helped find critical vulnerabilities in our network at times. There was a brute force attack, a web attack, and I was able to discover that using AlienVault. There was a WannaCry in one of my systems, a trojan, and it was generating traffic towards the WannaCry domain. I was able to see that through the AlienVault system. It was not immediate. It was after almost three days that I was able to discover that there was a vulnerability within our network. View full review »
Sales Engineer at a tech vendor with 51-200 employees
When we forward in-traffic from our one interface to Network IDS in OSSIM, we can see all of the requests that we have to and from that interface. Because of integration with Open Threat Exchange from AlienVault, we see which IPs from these requests are malicious and we can use these IPs to block them on our firewall. View full review »
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