AlienVault OSSIM Room for Improvement

Denis L
Sales Solutions Engineer at a tech services company with 501-1,000 employees

We need more dashboards and we need more customization for dashboards. It would be great if they would improve in this area.

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Director at a tech services company with 51-200 employees

I believe this solution still has a way to go. From a management console perspective and the maturity of the dashboards, I would probably put it slightly behind some of the other players that have been in the market for ages. The leading vendors of SIEM already have a very mature user interface with evolved dashboards and reporting mechanisms. There is a lot of depth in that, but not everybody is looking for that. If your requirements are functional and you're looking for something that's easily deployable and simple to understand and manage, without the necessity of a very large team, I would choose this solution. 

An additional feature I'd like to see would be an increase in the depth of reporting. IBM has AI enabled dashboards which are supposed to be intuitive. They are difficult to configure and that's a problem, but they are very rich in terms of the information that they provide. There is a lot of granular detail and different ways in which you can slice and dice and present the same data. I would also like to see the product handle larger scale deployments and more third party integrations.

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Sharad Agrawal
Co-Founder and Director - Information Technology at Techneow

The pricing of the solution needs to be improved.

There needs to be more support or some kind of training program so users can self-learn the system more effectively.

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Founder & CEO at MnZ Technology Solutions

I would like to see an improvement in their threat exchange database because the OTX is not the best thing in the marketplace. There are better solutions. So if they could enhance our feature development, it would make the product much better. 

For me, the user interface is very important, because the simpler the user interface is, the easier it is to find candidates to run the operation. If the user interface is very complicated, you need to expose your technical people to very intensive training in order to understand the system and to get the output right. So, from a user perspective, I would say the simpler the user interface, the better the product, especially for security issues. You need to let your tech people concentrate on the incident rather than on how to use the software to get the answer.

Lastly, if technical issues could be resolved faster, it would be a huge improvement. 

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Jim Poehlman
Chief Wealth Cybersecurity Architect at PWcyber

I'm not sure if there's anything on the solution that needs improvement.

I would like the solution to be able to integrate with my firewall, my IDS and my Honeypot solutions so that it can provide real-time reporting as things occur and then have alert sent to me on my phone when suspicious activity is happening.

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Fareed Jamali
Research Assistant at a tech services company with 51-200 employees

The GUI could be improved, and the solution could include a specialization tool. The correlation engine and the scalability of this product should be improved. And then I think it also needs to have the grid potential because when we talk about SIEM it's not just a few machines, it's hundreds and that means thousands of logs so the product should be more easily scalable.

The features I would like to see included will take some time to implement because the solution is open source and these are promotional products. On a basic level I'd like to see an open source visualization tool or a commercial visualization tool. 

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Tamer Serag Ahmed
User at Besafe-tech

The price of this solution is very high and it could be cheaper. Normally it is sold to financial institutions, which is why it is high.

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Owner & Cyber Security Consultant at Sekurisor

It's not easy to add a device that doesn't have a steady IP. Particularly when you're not putting a sensor on-site. When you have a sensor on-site, then that sensor speaks to the main sensor. We are trying to look for quality devices that give a dynamic IP, so it makes it practically impossible to add a new device.

If there was a way to do dynamic DNS, I think that would help.

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Cyber Security Specialist at AEC

The log collection is okay, but tracing the logs or tracing the events is a bit difficult. It's not user-friendly. A user must be an expert and must know how to give the logs, how to configure the system, etc. He has to be an expert on this product.

The user interface needs to be friendlier across the board. Also, I would prefer if the kill chain scenario with every event was not stacked. I need to be able to do an SQL query and figure out where the event came from and tag to the source and destination. I cannot see this easily as it is right now.

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Solutions Architect - Team Lead at a computer software company with self employed

They can add more compliance templates.

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Idris Aliyu
HEAD OF ENGINEERING at a tech services company with 1-10 employees

The solution needs more integration with cyber intelligence systems. 

Our customers want to use a single tool for managing cybersecurity. We want integration with existing tools and integration with newer tools that offer the ability to manage or to identify security vulnerabilities in a gateway system or firewall. Basically, we want the solution to offer configuration management. 

I would want it to be integrated with lasting search, in terms that it could gather a lot of intelligence and dump it into the database. Also, it would be useful if we were able to run analytics on the solution. If they can integrate it with an analytic function it would be better.

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Kuzey Aksu
Information Security Manager at a financial services firm with 201-500 employees

The biggest thing I always complain about is that the user intake is a very old version. In cloud versions, it is very good, but for on-premises versions, it's not so good. If they want to improve the on-premises version, they should upgrade the SQL.

The user interface could be improved.

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System Administrator at a marketing services firm with 10,001+ employees

There needs to be more focus on the NOC and IIS in terms of developing applications for behavior detection.

The backup features use a lot of storage space.

The documentation could be improved.

Asset management and filtering are in need of fine-tuning and enhancement.

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S Mustafa Afzouni
Development Manager at a tech services company with 51-200 employees

It's under heavy traffic. If you have heavy traffic, the system is slow. 

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Midhun Kumar
IT Manager - InfoSec at Pearl Data Direct

The correlation engine needs to be improved.

The interface is not user-friendly, which is an area for improvement.

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Learn what your peers think about AlienVault OSSIM. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: June 2021.
509,641 professionals have used our research since 2012.