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Micro Focus
Real User
Testing Center Manager at Groupement des Mousquetaires
Dec 26 2016

What is most valuable?

It's a very good tool to use for referencing all testing components in the lifecycle of the application end to end. For example, you can include a requirement test case, feasibility of execution, and dashboard reporting for web or mobile... more»

How has it helped my organization?

The benefit is to track coverage of functionality, and to have a stronger application without bugs in production.

What needs improvement?

Integration with other tools would be good, for example, with open-source tools. In the meantime, we do something with JIRA, with Selenium, and so on, and it's good; but we can increase this connectivity with other tools.
Real User
Digital Engagement Manager with 10,001+ employees
Apr 25 2018

What do you think of JIRA?

Primary Use Case It's really for Agile projects with storyboards, and then defect management. The performance has been okay. • Improvements to My Organization It has improved the Agile process in our company. • Valuable Features A lot of people in the business work with this tool so when you are searching for a new employee you don't need to train them on this tool.  • Room for Improvement The reporting and the view, from a story to a defect, should be improved in the next releases. For example, how many boxes are assigned to one story, or how many tests are run on one story, and so on. This is what I miss in the tool at the moment. • Stability Issues The stability is very good. • Scalability Issues We are about 700 - 800, and it works. Not all use JIRA but...
CA Technologies
Real User
Project Lead at a financial services firm with 501-1,000 employees
Apr 04 2017

What is most valuable?

What I like the most about Agile Central is that it is the only system I need to have full control and visibility of our entire body of work plus the activities and processes required to deliver it. This visibility is particularly good from a high-level portfolio view to individual tasks, staff.

What needs improvement?

There are few customisation options. For instance, the workflow for story cards cannot be changed out of the box from the standard (Defined, In-Progress, Completed and Accepted). However, this will not be a big problem for most organisations that follow a standard scrum framework. The issue is mostly relevant to team using Kanban boards with customised... more»

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