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CEO with 1,001-5,000 employees
Jun 30 2013

What do you think of Altair Knowledge Studio?

I got an update on release 8.0 from Angoss last year and they subsequently released 8.5 in November 2012 with new functionality in KnowledgeSTUDIO and KnowledgeSEEKER. Particular improvements came in their additive scorecard interface with the addition of reject inference. Data visualization and reporting got an update too and they added the ability to import R datasets. Release 8.5 Specifics: For R they allow users to import and export R data files so that data miners and analysts can do preliminary work in R and then bring the files into Angoss to perform visual data discovery and model comparisons with Angoss’ Decision Trees and interactive modeling features Scorecards and reject interface added support for a weight of evidence editor as well as support for Proportional Assignment,…

What is Altair Knowledge Studio?

Business intelligence and predictive analytics software suite from Angoss Software Corporation. KnowledgeSTUDIO is a market-leading business intelligence software product with data mining and predictive analytics capabilities including data profiling, advanced data visualization, advanced modeling, unsupervised learning, decision tree and strategy design functionality.

Also known as
Angoss KnowledgeSTUDIO
Altair Knowledge Studio customers

HSBC, MBNA, US Ban Corp, MasterCard Worldwide, Invesco, Citi Bank, ATB Financial, PayPal, Bajaj Finserv

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