Amazon Elastic Container Service Room for Improvement

Achal Kumar
DevOps Engineer at OnGraph Technologies Limited
The problem with containerization technology is that many businesses do not trust it right now, and only use it in their development environment. For example, if you spin down the container then all of the data inside it gets deleted. From our perspective, we think that this technology is good, and it is really an issue of awareness. I am very much excited by this technology and am okay with it. I think that it would help if the vendor provided more use cases and explanations as to how ECS can be utilized. View full review »
DevOps Engineer at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees
Sometimes, the instances fail under the ECS container cluster, and we have to manually go and find out the black sheep in the ECS container instance. We had an issue earlier where one of the instances under the ECS container cluster went down, and we were not able to identify that instance. The instance got terminated, but a new instance did not come up. Therefore, I had to manually get that instance up. It could be optimized better. In production, we normally cannot sustain such things. It can be optimized in terms of instances, durability, and serving the requests of customers. View full review »