Apache NiFi Room for Improvement

Senior Principal at Timestamp, SA
There should be a better way to integrate a development environment with local tools. Most of the development is done on the console. For example, in Spark, we can develop on our local desktop and then deploy it to another environment. The integration using this solution is not simple. Eventually, we can implement a local environment on our machines that is web-oriented and we have a browsing console to do it. At times, it is not easy to integrate with other components that could be a part of the entire solution in terms of development. There are issues with stability due to memory. It would be good to include a lock or an alarm to detect or alert you that it needs more resources. If the solution could be integrated more it would repair every part of the flow. Eventually, if we are integrated with other technology, we need to have a notion that we need to plan and have the correct sizing. We could implement an ecosystem that could scale with the requirements. In the next release, I would like to see the support of monitorization with the interface. Also an integrated development environment. View full review »