AppDynamics Room for Improvement

Senior Solutions Architect at a tech services company with 11-50 employees
What I would like to see might exist, but if it does I haven't seen it. I would like to see something that lets me set real dollar figures, not just to outages, but to the solutions as well. It seems like a gimmicky feature, but for anyone who has to justify their budget within a larger area of the company, or to a client, it would be helpful. I don't want to have it in my face constantly, but I want to be able to access it when I'm looking at problems and have found a problem that I know I need to address. I could flag it off and have AppDynamics estimate how long a person would have taken to find that without it. That would give me a lot of leverage for justifying the existence of APM, which I really need. Also, I know this is a holdout, we saw this ten years ago, where APM products were starting to crosstalk between each other. I would like to see a return to that because we do use multiple products. I understand that some of the information is in silos, but some of it isn't. If some of this exists, I might have missed it, but I would love to have an integration where I'm looking through logs in Elasticsearch and I could click on my AppDynamics link, because they have a little module, type in the credentials and be logged into AppDynamics. And similarly with the AppDynamics interface: "Oh, look. This server is having an issue. Okay. All this is good info, but maybe I want to take a look in Grafana." I would click over and it would take me to that spot in Grafana: the same time frame, the same filters and place to get me to that particular server, or instance, or container, etc. I would like to see that cross-functionality with some of the more common tools. Most people run Elasticsearch or Kibana or similar things. Most people run a Grafana or something like that. I'm not expecting them to integrate with their competitors - that might be a hairy situation, although a nice one for us, on the consumer side - but if that type of integration was possible with some of the major, open-source, complementary products, that would be nice, and some of the commercial ones too. We saw that in the APM space ten years ago, a little bit. There were a couple movements towards that, but I haven't seen that since as much. View full review »
Sid Roy
Vice President - Operations & Client Support at Scicom Infrastructure Services
AppDynamics should try to find some measure of support or functionality in an SAP and Peoplesoft environments- however with the introduction of C++ agents- the PeopleSoft realm will be covered shortly. Additional support for NextGen mobile platforms also needs to be high in the roadmap prioritizations View full review »
Vice President at Works Applications Co., Ltd.
They are using Flash for their website, which is very slow. We had hoped the website would be much faster to use, and that is definitely what we want to see. Their agents sometimes claim to be very lightweight, especially with databases, but they are very heavy. They can take up more compute than the actual work that we need to do. I do hope that they can improve on this. View full review »
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Global Lead Architect at a insurance company with 5,001-10,000 employees
I would like to be able to monitor both cloud an on-prem infrastructures, displayed in one dashboard. I would also like more flexible pricing: A pay-per-use model, rather than just a fixed-price model. View full review »
Carl Brahms Jr
Engineer at United Airlines
The GUI can be overwhelming at first to a novice Dev or Ops support person, and the possible root causes of an issue do not bubble up to the first screen you see. We usually walk everyone through a few simple steps: * Click here to see errors and exceptions. * Click here to see what is causing response time problems. * Click here to view the timeframe of a past issue. * Click here to drill down into the root cause at the method level snapshot. View full review »
Aimee White
Info Sec Consultant at Size 41 Digital
It could do with more than one data centre/multiple AWS accounts in a pane of glass. Also, improved scalability to large environments would be helpful. View full review »
Marcos Pestana
IT Service and Infrastructure Manager at a retailer with 10,001+ employees
Upgrading application and machine agents on a large scale is a nightmare; we cannot push upgrades through the platform, meaning, manual upgrades each time a new major release is out. Each time we have a new major release, we need to do a Rollout. The Mobile AppDynamics app is a "Thing of the Past". AppDynamics should evolve the features presented by it; redesign it. Dashboards are impossible to read, and drilling down issues through it is impossible. The worst part is that the AppDynamics SaaS Environment has a lot of downtimes, and AppDynamics, despite our efforts, does not give us any feedback on these downtimes/incidents. View full review »
Jordi Llorens
IT Manager at
I would like them to change their business model for scalability to accommodate growing companies. The business model should be more flexible. View full review »
Software Engineer at a tech company with 201-500 employees
Sometimes, it is hard to navigate through and find if something is wrong or figure out where an error stemmed from. I would like AppDynamics to be easier to navigate in. View full review »
Bryan Spencer
Engineer at Sirius XM Radio Inc.
The UI could use a little help. View full review »
Shekhar Sharma
Principal Engineer at Wyndham Hotel Group
The integration with cloud services is still pending with AppDynamics. We would like the product to be serverless. View full review »
Theodore Turner
Cloud Operations Monitoring - Senior Software Engineer at Intuit Inc.
Transactions are not collected across the board. Your application needs to fail before AppD starts collecting deep metrics. View full review »
Fred Payne
Services Technology Manager at NCR Corporation
Needs more integration with applications suites, like Oracle Enterprise Server or BMC Remedy. View full review »
Gaurang Panchal
Sr. Integration Developer at Equifax Inc.
Rolling out version upgrades is a difficult job at times. View full review »
Gary Sun
Technical Director at SoftPro
Its cost: Most of the customers do not have enough budget to deploy the APM agent to their whole applications. View full review »
Associate Principal Consultant at BRavura
As per my experience, the drill-down feature can be improved at the class level. It should generate a report similar to what Oracle provides. View full review »
Learn what your peers think about AppDynamics. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: April 2020.
426,947 professionals have used our research since 2012.