Network Access Control Questions
IT Security at the Emilia Romagna Region at RER
May 25 2021


I'm in a need of a Network Access Control (NAC) solution for my organization. The size of the company is 5000 users.

What Network Access Control (NAC) solution would you recommend me to look at and why?

Steven Mooney
User at ODS
Feb 05 2021

Has anyone ever heard of 

The service they are offering appears to tick all the boxes that I'm after.

Any other companies do something remotely similar or the same thing?

I'm going to list a few things that I'm after...

  • I need a service that shields the connection between my employees and the web applications that we use.
  • permission management for individual web applications at both user and group level
  • SSO and 2FA
  • Integrated WAF
  • Integrate LDAP