Appian Room for Improvement

IT Advisor to Banks at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees
Newer features, especially in terms scalability. It has to become more scalable than what it is today. It is not a issue today. However, going forward, due to the growth in the number of users and the workloads, it will have to be more scalable. It needs better integration with our existing application ecosystem. I would like more connectors for calls and integration features. Typically in enterprise banks, we have 200 to 300 plus applications. Training and documentation on how to integrate this would help. View full review »
Regional Sales Director at a tech services company with 51-200 employees
I don't know that I would have any specific areas for improvement. View full review »
George Tzirtzilakis
Project Manager and Technical Leader
Even though the company has made great improvements in online documentation, featuring rich material which includes case studies of real-life use cases, the material could definitely be better in quality and coverage of use cases. Another point of improvement would be the SAIL forms. The built-in tool used to generate forms does not have debugging support (to view local variables as they change on live preview, and step-by-step valuation) which is a big drawback for form development. Moreover, the script language used to build SAIL forms does not support inheritance or lambda expressions (functions as arguments of other functions), which makes the code base more verbose. Last but not least, I am missing a team collaboration solution. Only one person at a time can work on objects. This is not a big issue really, because, if you follow the Appian best practices, all objects are pieces that fit single-person workloads. View full review »
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BPM Consultant at UnitedHealth Group
It needs a better UI. There has been a lot of development in version 18.1 but we still need more for it to compete with other BPM tools. View full review »
 IT senior consultant
Something they need to improve is, it is difficult to catch errors. When there's an administration error you can't catch the error, and it is there until the administrator addresses it. This is a problem because if you are the developer, you try to catch the error but you can't. The process will stop. There is a workaround but it would be pretty cool of you could catch the error before. Another limit is the reporting. The reporting is not as good as in similar products. They need to improve on that side. They could also improve the dashboards. View full review »
Uriel Zamora
Technical Service Advisor with 10,001+ employees
I would like to see better monitoring for business events in synchronization with business rules. There should be a better development for Cases, because it is not really a capability of the product. You have to develop the behavior. The documentation needs to be improved. View full review »
Paul Parisi
Enterprise Architect at a tech consulting company with self employed
Support for complex models really needs significant improvement Flexibility in the architecture is not there Management or reusable assets is extremely limited and poorly designed Business rules are not aligned to industry best practices Authoring tool slow to use resulted in limitations on how quickly solutions can be built Integration to project SDLC (such as testing methods, build systems etc needs work) View full review »
We've used a good number of Business Process Automation tools in the past and none of them have given the value for money we are seeing with Appian. Appian enables us spend the least time designing beautiful and robust interfaces that automatically render in Web browsers and native mobile apps securely without any additional effort. With very little learning curve, an Appian designer will start designing very complex and dynamic interfaces that consume data from everywhere. We would however like to have more granular control for interface styling in future releases. Appian releases updates to the platform every quarter. View full review »
Abdulmajeed Al-Suliman
Team leader at a tech services company with 501-1,000 employees
* Apps development * BPM It would be nice if you could create your own customized apps when the business needed them. View full review »
Chetan Yewale
Team Lead
Offline capabilities and responsive capabilities could be better. The mobility features of Appian platform are still evolving. Native mobile capabilities or hybrid mobile app capabilities are very limited. Things like offline sync, offline storage, access to smartphone device features, etc. are not supported by the Appian platform yet. View full review »
Eric Casteel
Net Appian Developer with 11-50 employees
They are continuously improving the platform. Three months ago I would have suggested they make smart service creation easier (using their API to create components), but they have done that. My only request is that they decrease the license costs. View full review »
Find out what your peers are saying about Appian, Pega, IBM and others in Business Process Management. Updated: January 2020.
398,890 professionals have used our research since 2012.