AppPulse Suite Valuable Features

Emmanuel Devos
IT testing lead at a pharma/biotech company with 5,001-10,000 employees
We collect data about the user experience with real life data. This does not come from the testing part, but rather from the user part. We want to be sure that what we have tested and designed is really used as expected by the user. We can collect data about the user experience and see how the user is behaving with the app, or check the behavior of the app itself. This is done in the context of the device that we are targeting. It is interesting to check if the app is well-designed regarding the user's expectations. For example, we check if we have too much data transfer, or if the consumption of the battery is okay. We take into account the number of actions that you being done. There are two levels of feedback coming from the solution. One is the user experience, which is really important. The other part is the design regarding the usage of this app in real life. I'm working with a pharmaceutical company and that means that we have to instrument the app. This is a little bit similar to "big brother". In the context of a medical collection of information, we are facing some issues about regulation for data privacy. For example, localization is quite a sensitive issue for us. We are using AppPulse, but not as extensively as we expected, due to the limitations and the regulations that we have to meet. View full review »
We are trying to monetize the customer's user experience to help them define it. In Mexico, we have many customers with a huge development demand for mobile applications. For example, the last case in which we worked was with a retail banking company. They have approximately 20 applications for the end user. We've been working with them to sell the benefits that they will have with an application which monitors and provides feedback for the user. View full review »
Infrastructure Team Lead at a tech services company with 501-1,000 employees
It provides a lot of customer insight, understanding the customer's needs, understanding the customer's issues, and it gives me a more proactive approach to solving a customer problem before it happens. It has many features in one solution. For example, crashes, customer behavior, it's predictive. It helps predict the behavior before it happens. View full review »
Mexico Operations Manager at Tsoft
The thing that I like about AppPulse is that it's easy application to install and an easy application to use to provide information for our customers. They have a different views, some technical for us, and some technical for the customers. We are able to create different dashboards within AppPulse for business information. It's a great tool for different companies as we can create different mobile applications. View full review »

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