Aqua Security Application Security

Has this solution impacted your application security? If yes, please provide examples and data points.

Cem Gurkok
Lead Security Engineer at a tech company with 10,001+ employees
We used Aqua Security to address our container security concerns since we were using Docker in production. There was a clear blind spot that needed to be addressed and Aqua Security was able to fill that gap by providing visibility into the container images and the runtime aspect of our container platform... We were able to gain pretty fast visibility into what was going on in our environment and integrate with existing automation and logging solutions we had in place. We were able to create detections and integrate as well with our existing security infra.
Previously, we had no visibility into the inner platform that was being operated. We didn't know the vulnerabilities the container images introduced, we didn't know how they were behaving at runtime. We were not able to restrict things as far as access goes, as far as the amount of risk we wanted to take with containers. Aqua Security allowed us to gain visibility into the vulnerabilities that were present in the container images, that were being rolled out, the amount of risk that we were introducing to the platform, and provided us a look into the container environment by introducing access control mechanisms. In addition, when it came to runtime-level policies, we could restrict container access to resources in our environment, such as network-level or other application-level access.
There were two other aspects to it: The visibility that it provided to us and the enforcement. Once we were able to see what was going on in our platform, through Aqua Security's enforcement policies, we were able to define the constraints or the limits to secure the environment in a better way.
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Director of Engineering at a tech vendor with 51-200 employees
Aqua improved our application security. It has given us visibility into the vulnerability of those [Docker] images.
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