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Deepa Dokania (Srivastava)
Senior Specialist at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees
Nov 27 2016

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Valuable Features: Highly Customizable, Easy to integrate with third party applications, Configurable with little knowledge, Appealing UI, Automates processes. • Improvements to My Organization: By automating processes it has increased efficiency and productivity. As it was easy to understand customers easily adopted it. • Room for Improvement: A global search should be present OOB which can locate anything in the system like any piece of code or any sys id or any record so that we don't have to goto to each module for searching it. • Use of Solution: More than 4 years. • Deployment Issues: No. • Stability Issues: No. Very stable. • Scalability Issues: No. • Customer Service and Technical Support: Customer Service: Very prompt and efficient customer...

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