AT&T Managed Security Services Other Advice

Jayasiri Amarasena
Director Technical Services at Eguardian lanka
Advice that I would give to any customer considering the product is that if they want a top solution for their business model, they should do a 30-day proof of concept trial. That gives the customer the confidence that the product has the features that are required by the company and they can get a feel for how friendly the dashboards are. We are not just selling a product but, in our case, we sell a complete service. To do that, we bundle it with other components like incident response so customers get a complete package solution. Before a customer selects AT&T products, the best thing to do is the POC. It is no obligation, very simple to obtain the product and to do the installation. Do that first and see how well it suits your organization. On a scale from one to ten where one is the worst and ten is the best, I would rate AT&T MSSP as close to ten. I would say it is good to give it about an eight-out-of-ten. Right now we are marketing to medium-level business entities and trying to step into the large scale enterprise services. So far with this product, we were not able to attain that goal and this is why I would only rate it up to about to an eight. Additional features that I would like to see included in the next release to make it at least nine is first that the documentation center has to improve. There is a lot of documentation, but you need to take a lot of time to go through those documents to find out exactly what you want. In the current technical documentation, sometimes what happens is we search through it and then we do not find what we want. We have to end up contacting the support anyway and if it is something we have to talk with them about it will take even more time. It is still a web-based support portal and it is okay for basic information, but what they need to improve on mainly is having more technical documents with more depth of information. In our case that will be a plus point. Of course, there is a solution. If you are a gold partner, you have an additional level of support. We are not a gold partner, we are a silver partner. Gold partners have a different timescale for your support. But for start-up like ours, we can not quite support that commitment. You have to look at the reality of business in our region as well. The networking is looked upon as the main focus rather than the security. AT&T should change their rules so that they become more supportive of silver partners so that we can grow as a business and afford to move on into the gold and then the platinum levels. View full review »