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Atera Room for Improvement

Chief Technology Officer at Jetty IT Solutions

One caveat is that it's network-dependent. If our customer is having a hard time connecting to the internet, that's the only limiting factor. But that's true with any remote management system, for the most part.

I would like to see more mobile device management. iPad is a big one. I know they've been working on some of that. For me, it would be amazing if I could do tablet devices and even expand it to POS systems or the like. I know that a lot goes into that but I've seen it is an area they're looking at.

In the education area, being able to scope a classroom full of iPads, instead of using Apple Configurator, would be great. Back in the day, when I worked in education, Configurator was my initial jump into remote management with the ability to scope iPads for a classroom. I would love to see that type of functionality in Atera. I would even pay a little bit more for it.

Other RMM solutions are more customizable or have more integrations. I would really love to see the tablet management and iOS management in it. I've worked with a very large RMM that is very popular. I'm even certified with them. While it isn't very cost-effective for what we needed as a company, their integrations included that iOS control and scoping. That is the next area that I would love Atera to jump into.

Also, if they had a Chromebook integration, it could help. We don't have that many clients using Chromebooks, but that is a market that would be very helpful to get into. It would help Atera expand out as well.

Another area for improvement would be the ability to have a one-screen monitoring of actual logged-in devices. If we had a client that has a classroom, being able to see all those devices in real time, like Apple Remote Desktop has, would be a cool integration.

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IT Manager at Dynamic Bradview Roofing

There is a new version of the interface coming out. I have been asking for a new version for a while. While the interface is nice, I guess the developer thinks one way and the user thinks another. So, I think the interface is getting a big overhaul. This is what they have mentioned in their webinars and stuff. It is in beta, but I'm not on the beta program, so I haven't seen it. I can't really complain about the old interface, but now that I have heard there is a new one coming, all I want is the new one.

The one thing that could do with improvement is the reporting. This is from someone who worked in an MSP, where I would want to run a report and be able to just present that to a client. Reports are fine for internal use, where they never leave your company. However, if I was an MSP, I would probably want a little bit more information or the ability to customize some of it without having to edit PDFs.

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Director of Development at Cage Data

They are working on an update, and I would like to see more stuff outside of just computers and servers. Increasingly, we need to be able to monitor and manage network devices. Atera is improving on that already, which is one place that it is currently lacking.

We are getting more into cloud services now. Therefore, I would like to be able to see and monitor cloud services for customers in stuff, like Microsoft 365.

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Owner at Sytex Ltd.

It will be interesting if Atera can integrate all kinds of products. In North America, there are a lot of resellers, like Ingram Micro, Tech Data, Arrow Electronics, etc. It would be amazing if Atera could integrate with these products. If they could integrate with these products for MSPs, it would be much easier. Then, if you are buying something, and need to add something, you don't need to jump from place to place because this is a very quick sales instrument for use on a daily basis.

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IT Managed Service Provider at Principal PC Consulting, LLC

Atera could probably add a few more features. Its mobile features could be more robust, though I am aware of the progress being made in this area in light of the additional release.

The mobility of Atera is also a feature which needs to be addressed so that it can be used on iPads, iPhones and things of this nature. I would also like to see an agent included on these devices so that I can monitor, maintain and manage them.

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Lead at Lit IT Support

There is definitely room for improvement with its automation capabilities. However, if you know how to write the script or create the workflows yourself, then it is excellent.

The ticket automation kind of all runs together. With the ticket automation, there are not really very many options to customize it. Because of the way that the agents are set up, there isn't a lot of customization. For instance, if you want to customize your list of statuses when you're working on tickets and have third-party people that you have to deal with, you have dispatches. We're not allowed to add any of that. It has a set amount of things and no customization. When you're automating things, you have to work around that to try and figure it out because those options just aren't there.

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CTO at Apex ICT

The billing module has a standard layout which is too limited for my needs. I look forward to being able to customize the billing layout. They're working on that already.

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Network Administrator at a university with 51-200 employees

The chat solutions need improvement because we first need to connect to the customer. This needs to improve so that there is a particular feature in which we can provide support to customers even if they are not connected to a computer.

If I need to chat with a customer I first need to connect to a computer. I haven't tried to create a chat without connecting to a computer.

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Owner with 1-10 employees

Since I'm moving more towards the security side, having more freedom to perform identity access management would be great — It's one of the things that are necessary for a lot of companies they secured. So, I'm having to use another party to do so.

In the next release, I would like to see the ability to send out a vulnerability scan packet to the network, to discover vulnerabilities, and send back a report. That would be nice.

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Learn what your peers think about Atera. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: November 2021.
552,136 professionals have used our research since 2012.