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Atera Valuable Features

Chief Technology Officer at Jetty IT Solutions

Recently, we've been using their Shared Script Library, which has been great for patch updates and other tips to help make transitions smoother.

One of my favorite things that I can use Atera for is giving our customers an end-of-life-cycle tech inventory for their machines that might be getting out of date or might have had a hard drive failure. If they are out of date on a Windows update, we can give them a heads-up: "Hey, FYI, you have four or five machines that aren't responding as far as updates go." Maybe it's because they've been offline. They may say, "Oh yeah, we had some that went down."

It's also great because it's a cross-platform solution. Some companies we go into are very Windows-based and we have others that are very Apple-based. It is a great cross-platform solution for us and our clients.

When they added the Terminal addition on the Mac—because the Mac has a lot of different hurdles when you're trying to add software to many machines—that really made things so much simpler.

Other valuable features include:

  • The device lists they have, meaning Atera is pulling data right away, is amazing.
  • I love that I can scope it by client. That keeps things very organized and makes it easy to use.
  • In terms of the interface, you can white-label things. That is pretty great.

Another aspect is that Atera has visuals, and I'm a very visual person. I love the visual illustrations, even for each device. It shows us that its peak usage is at this time. Is there something that this specific user is doing? Does it justify them getting a more powerful machine? That is a really great example of the ease of use and of being able to take the data that it collects and translate it for our customer.

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IT Manager at Dynamic Bradview Roofing
  • Automated Patchings
  • Remote Access

I use TeamViewer on Atera, which integrates with Atera, but it also comes with another remote access tool named Splashtop that is included in your monthly fee. Sometimes, TeamViewer doesn't start up with a PC or something like that. As long as the Atera agent started, I have never found Splashtop to be inaccessible. I wouldn't need more than one hand to count how many times Atera hasn't started with the PC in the last five years. I always have remote access to a PC if I'm out and about, like I am now. I can jump in on my phone. Normally, I carry an iPad with me if I am going out on weekends. 

The main features that I use in terms of remote access and management of endpoints are mainly updates, scripting, and cleaning up disks. I will just run a script in the background and let it do its thing. 

Scripting is something that I am setting aside more time to familiarize myself with. One example this week, I was asked by management to just see when a staff member is logging in and out of their PC, because these are remote workers and the global pandemic sent a lot of people home. The belief is that 97% to 98% of staff will perform equal to whatever they will do in the office, but there are a few who will sometimes fall a bit short. So, this is a query, "Are they actually there working?" I had a script loaded into Atera and ran it against that PC within about 30 minutes, then it just outputted all the time that they had logged in and out.

That sort of capability as an IT manager is great. Obviously, a lot of people will say, "Don't use technology to manage performance. You should be using KPIs and whatnot." But, we have found throughout COVID-19, everyone having to work from home, and repeated lockdowns here in Australia that we actually do need tools. Measuring performance is just not as simple when you're in an office, and that is why I am starting to investigate additional options within Atera to provide feedback to management.

Atera is very simple to use. The current interface is fine and usable. I have no issues with it. It is responsive, fast, and snappy. I am not left twiddling my thumbs waiting for a device just to load.

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Director of Development at Cage Data

The features that have had the most impact on our business have been their monitoring and automation tools, which are built into the product. When we first started working with Atera and rolling out their monitoring and automation tools, it enabled us to get a better picture of what is actually happening across all our clients. Before that, unless we were individually looking at computers, we really didn't know what was going on. Now, we can see issues coming up before our clients report them to us. Oftentimes, we resolve them before anybody actually notices. As an MSP, another important piece is how it increases the number of computers and devices each of our technicians can manage and support before we have to look at hiring more technicians. The automation has become another employee for us, managing a lot of stuff that now we don't have to manage individually.

It has a very good automation platform. While there are some things that I still wish it could do, it has been a solid platform overall in terms of automating updates on computers, rolling out software for customers, monitoring critical business services, and automating recovery of those services when they fail.

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Owner at Sytex Ltd.

All features are valuable because we use them on a daily basis, like remote control, file transfer, Registry configuration, delete and editing, the command line, PowerShell, the graphic of the memory in the CPU, the Patch Management system, and ticketing system. Even chat is very convenient, e.g., if you would like to connect to somebody, then you can go to the chat option, activate the chat, and start chatting with someone.

I use the IT automation for our clients, but not very often. I'm using it because: 

  1. It is easy and convenient. 
  2. You can add scripts and do patches. 

If you are using a third-party SOC application, something like EDR advanced, etc., then you need to implement some scripts on some agents. Whereas, with IT automation, it is very easy because you are just adding scripts automatically to profiles. Then, in a second, it is working.

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IT Managed Service Provider at Principal PC Consulting, LLC

Atera's RMM capabilities are excellent. We have definitely found the remote features of Atera to be valuable. Nowadays, this is key and it ranks among our top three with patch management. We value the alerts that come with the product which allow me to reach out to my clients. Overall, Atera generates additional revenue streams for work done on their machines.

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Lead at Lit IT Support
  • Remote Access
  • The ticketing system

The user interface is very easy to get used to. It was pretty seamless to install the agents. We could install it off the server through GPO. It was pretty self-explanatory and easy.

I can monitor everything from alerts to computers running slowly. I can troubleshoot problems before my client has to pick up the phone and tell me, "Hey, my computer is running slow." That is a big benefit. This way, we are not bombarded with stuff. If a printer goes down, I know it before the client does. If the Internet goes down, I get an alert right away. So, it helps me head off a lot of issues.

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CTO at Apex ICT

There is nothing complicated about it. The interface is very clear, simplistic, and modern. It's intuitive.

I really like the

  • Shared Script Library
  • automation tasks
  • remote software installation
  • Chocolatey and Homebrew integrated APIs
  • new Shared SNMP Template Library

If you have a good SNMP template then you can share it with the community.

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Network Administrator at a university with 51-200 employees

The ability to connect a remote via Splashtop is the most valuable feature. Implementing updated automation and the alerts are valuable as well. Those are the different valuable features that help me troubleshoot customers' problems or requests.

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Owner with 1-10 employees

The PowerShell command capabilities are excellent. I can send them out without having to remote in. That feature saves us time.

It also features an easy-to-use interface.

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Owner at Sytex Ltd.

All of the features of Atera are valuable because they allow the customers to achieve their goals. It is easy to use, has good collaboration, and has zero maintenance.

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Learn what your peers think about Atera. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: November 2021.
553,954 professionals have used our research since 2012.