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What is Atlantis USX?
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All-Flash Performance at Half the Cost of SAN

Atlantis USX™ is a software-defined storage solution that delivers the performance of an all-flash storage array at half the cost of traditional SAN or NAS. Pool any SAN, NAS or DAS storage and accelerate its performance by up to ten times, while at the same time consolidating storage to increase storage capacity by up to ten times. With Atlantis USX, enterprises can avoid purchasing additional storage for more than five years, meet the performance needs of any application without buying new or faster storage hardware, and transition seamlessly from costly shared storage systems to lower cost hyper-converged systems and public cloud storage.
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Atlantis USX is also known as ILIO.

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Atlantis USX Customers
Northrim Bank, Waterstones, COX, Cisco, RBS, UBS, US Army, The North Face, Lloyds Bank, Dow Jones, Saab
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CTO at a tech services company with 501-1,000 employees
There are a lot of different types of ways to deploy this: Hybrid (SAN/NAS or Local Storage), Hybrid using DAS, All-Flash, In-Memory, Simple Hybrid (requires only one host), Simple In-Memory.
Which features have you found most valuable? Let's start here... We've found that Atlantis USX helps remove some major inefficiencies around storage silos by unifying all storage types into a highly-optimized pool of storage resources. These resources are then made available to virtual workloads, desktops, and applications. From there, you can control these resources (again, across a number of different types of storage repositories) from a policy-based perspective. This allows you to optimize capacity, performance, and overall storage management. There are a couple of big features that we like with Atlantis USX. First of all - there are a lot of different types of ways to deploy this: Hybrid (SAN/NAS or Local Storage), Hybrid using DAS, All-Flash, In-Memory, Simple Hybrid (requires only…
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