AtomicEye CP Overview

What is AtomicEye CP?

AtomicEye CP (Continuous Protection) is engineered for forward-looking security organizations that recognize the inevitability of persistent threats and anticipate breaches. Cybersecurity success equates to instantly identifying when a breach occurs, minimizing damage done by a breach, and eliminating impact on the business. AtomicEye CP provides security teams with a software solution to automatically detect and remediate exploits—without relying on signatures of any kind. AtomicEye CP’s patented machine learning recognizes and prevents attacks as they are happening, even in volatile memory, by identifying anomalies specific to the environment that point to malware.

AtomicEye CP is also known as AtomicEye Continuous Protection.

AtomicEye CP Buyer's Guide

Download the AtomicEye CP Buyer's Guide including reviews and more. Updated: February 2021

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