Automation Anywhere (AA) Room for Improvement

Logeshbabu Jothy
Head Transformer at FLSmidth
At least for our requirements, whatever version we have been using till now — I think the current version 11.3.2 — is fantastic and more than we could use as we grew with the product. Any additional functionality I'm going to get in the upcoming version is a bonus for us as users. No product is perfect, so there is always some room for improvement. Right now we are most interested in cloud functionality. It could give us an additional option for managing everything in on-premises or in the cloud. My experience and knowledge with respect to our initial deployment of Automation Anywhere were very limited. Had we had more experience, we probably would not have used the Intel landscape. We would have used something more relevant to our process and function. This compatibility might be improved. I would definitely say Citrix automation is one area we have continued to struggle with for the last two months. If that can be an improvement in design for the next release it would be welcome. I know that a Citrix plugin has been already introduced by Automation Anywhere. If that can be made seamlessly integrated and easy to use, then I would definitely be very, very happy with that as an enhancement. The Citrix automation plugin that they have come out with until now has not been working for us. We are still in the process of figuring out how we can make that work. So, we are collaborating with the technical team from AA. There is an alternate solution where you can just move the system or application out of the Citrix environment and made it a standalone system. That will work. We know the workaround, but we still haven't figured out a solution to making it work in a Citrix environment. Hopefully, they will figure a solution in a month's time. Any customer would look for advantages and changes in pricing. I won't say Automation Anywhere pricing is not good or not competitive. It is definitely competitive. But there are additional players in the market that they need to compete with and working on pricing could help. I believe there are competitors who do not charge anything for what is the AA Control Room (used for Bot creation). They charge only for the runners (Bot execution). So there are other options available where you don't need to pay extra costs that may be more attractive depending on your usage. With Automation Anywhere I'm the creator as well as the Control Room. If Automation Anywhere could get a little more competitive on those aspects of pricing, I think it would be like heaven. I would like them to combine a BPM solution with RPA. Sometimes you need to have BPM in place so your process orchestration will be smooth. It'll go through a standard process. On top of that, you are doing some manual activities that will be replaced with RPA. Automation Anywhere already has RPA, if they would allow us to create a simple BPM solution on top of it to use RPA that is the best resolution. It would solve most of my problems in my processing unit. View full review »
William "Sonny" Kocak
Sr. RPA Developer at a financial services firm with 5,001-10,000 employees
Regarding the integration with source control, when there's a large number of operations the bulk operations need a little bit more maturity. Also, regarding the UI, once you're in some of the screens there are fixed dialogues. They are a set size, so there's a lot of horizontal scrolls and vertical scrolls. Those are things that can be addressed in the future. The integration and having it inside the applications are far more important than these pesky complaints. But I get to a lot of scrollbars when I'm reading code. Sometimes I have to keep scrolling and moving up and down and it's a bit of a nuisance because I'm focusing more on navigating than on the actual logic that I'm trying to read through. A little bit more friendliness in the UI would help. I came from OpenSpan and Pega and it's a different approach as far as the coding goes. One thing I feel limited in, in Automation Anywhere, is that sometimes they give these wonderful screens where you can do conditional loops or branching with the "If" statements and they'll have these built-in features for if a window exists or if a folder exists or if a process is running. But if I want to do something that is more purely business-related and is somewhat complex to write or is nuanced, I sometimes have trouble implementing that inside of the Automation Anywhere script. I feel limited at times with some of the looping and some of the branching and some of the ways to make procedure calls when I have a complex business issue. Where it's really great, where it's very simple, is for me to see if a window exists, to see if a process is running or if I'm waiting for a window to close. On the flip side, let's say we're in capital markets and they have a complex business rule for some of the analysis. I don't know how well the product would handle that case. I can't say that it can, I can't say that it can't, I just have concerns of how that would be done, at this point. Coming from a couple of years of using a competitor, I do know exactly how I would do that in the other code and I do know it can handle it. One thing I can say is, even with that concern, I do know we can add scripts for JavaScript and Visual Basic scripts, so if we need to extend the product, we do have that option. I would like to see some other languages like Java or C# added to that as well, but I have questions about that. I may be able to do that through a MetaBot so that's a question I would have to ask support about, but I'm not there yet. Whatever limitations are there, I think we can still extend outside of the product. View full review »
Automation Manager - Nordic at a financial services firm with 1,001-5,000 employees
The main things I've found that could be better are small things that can be annoying when you're using them a lot. I would recommend they add a feature where, if you mark the start of an "If" sentence it will highlight the end of the "If" sentence. That would make it easier to get a better overview. The small things are the most important in our day-to-day work with their software. Incremental improvements for a better overview or better user experience would help. Also, we would like to see more options for merging and un-merging PDFs. More flexibility there would be good. We've figured out ways around this and, using their software, we've been able to do everything we wanted to do. It just took a bit more time to do it. We were on version 10.5 and in their Bot Store they actually had a bot that did exactly what we wanted to do, but it was for Version 11.0. I find that they are making a lot of improvements that we are able to take advantage of with every release. I can't really think of something large that's missing. View full review »
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Priya Batish
Business Advisory Manager (AVP) at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees
#1 Exception Management and Notification: When you are making a code, and there is a happy path and exception management mechanism, it would be nice if there was feedback in terms of whether this is the most appropriate way to code this. I'm not sure how this can be done, but that could be very insightful. It already gives you some screen tips, but this could be done in a better fashion, in case you are creating the workflow and then you believe a beta workflow is available or could be done. If a screen tip could be given to the coder for this sort of workflow, this would be a much better feature for Automation Anywhere. # 2 Type of Cloning: I've realized that sometimes when screen-level cloning is a better option, people still use object-based cloning. It would be useful if Automation Anyone could give you tips recommending fewer steps or fewer areas of exception management after you inputted your code. I'm not really sure if this is doable from a technical standpoint. #3 Debugging: Currently, I believe the debugging of bot is a bit tricky and not very elegant, you might have to keep re-running the script to be able to identify the bug. This can be looked at, as a possible area of improvement. #4 Scheduling:There are two modules: the run module and the control center. In terms of scheduling and triggering, they could make it a bit more helpful and provide suggestions, e.g., if you are scheduling it, and there is a conflict, can you resolve it this way. Maybe you can get an upfront alert or something to that effect. #5: Stability, Workaround and fall back mechanism: When bot breaks down, is there any of mechanisms or notifications that can be given? You can possibly choose to notify people, typically in organizations people are pretty much adverse to automation. If something breaks down, they would like to know at the earliest given opportunity that something is breaking down and piling up. They want to be able to resolve it quickly. If the resolution is going to take time, they want to be able to make some specific workaround mechanism kick in. If a bot breaks down, immediately the fallback mechanism should work too. If there could be information in terms of when the process was out of range and somebody might need to take a look at what has happened. This is because most of these business processes that get automated are critical in nature and might have financial and operational impact. People need to know that there are working fine and not broken down. It can really have an adverse impact if they break down and nobody knows. #6. Platform Training: My experience has been that if the person who codes the bot is not very well-trained, then they might create unstable bots. So, it's not the platform. It is just how somebody has coded the bots which can bring in lot of instability to them. I recommend that when you are using a coder that the person well-trained and have a good amount of experience already working on bots. They shouldn't be newbie or beginner who comes in to code because that will impact the quality of the code itself. View full review »
Sharad Soni
Director Of Innovation at Quantum AI
Automation Anywhere is troublesome for some people because of the way it is organized. It's organized as an encrypted script, which gets run via a domain-specific language which the user sees. There's a loss of overhead on the computing resources in Automation Anywhere. If you have an encrypted bot, the Automation Anywhere software has to read it first, decrypt it, and run it. So there is a potential that, if the logic of the bot isn't good enough, a lot of CPU and memory overload will happen. This is something that Automation Anywhere should look at because it takes a lot of computing resources. I have seen CPUs running at 100 percent. In terms of additional features, if I am dealing with a dynamic workflow where the workflow might change based on the input parameters, then Automation Anywhere doesn't help me because the code is pretty much fixed. When I need those types of workflows I go to UiPath. View full review »
Director of Operations at XLNC Technologies
Automation Anywhere is a tool. It is not able to go ahead and extract the hand-written documents. Most of the automation tools that we have in the market are not able to get an accuracy of close to 80 to 90 percent on hand-written documents. So, I'm eagerly looking at a release from Automation Anywhere, wherein they could plug in an LP or look at some sort of a platform which could convert hand-written documents into a readable format. If they could bring in they own platform, this would make a big in-roads for the entire automation industry. If it is able to integrate with any plug-ins available on the market which could read hand-written documents, that would be good. IQ BOT is one cognitive bot that they have launched, and if they could extend this particular cognitive bot to hand-written documents, then they would have an edge over other automation giants already in existence. Recently, they launched the business analytical dashboard, which is cutting-edge. We can see in real-time the business dynamics and the way the metrics are behaving when the bots are being run. If we could have a ready-made application allowing for input processes and metrics into it. Then, it provides the approach that you should take to start the automation and when the process should expect to be completed. Automation Anywhere already has bots stores and digital workers being enabled on the website. Instead of putting it on the website, if a couple of digital workers could be made inherent in the tool itself, then the customer who is buying the package gets an edge over other partners or other vendors. E.g., if Automation Anywhere could package a digital worker along with my existing tool, as sort of an add-on, then that would add value to my package. Similarly, if I am from SCN, maybe an SAT module digital worker could add value. There are hundreds of codes or utilities available. 60 percent just go down the drain and are never used, because there is no utility towards them. If they did something like Amazon, a pay-as-you-go, to get a digital worker, it would be cutting-edge technology. This would save costs for me and would optimize my implementations. The same benefits could then be shared with my customers. View full review »
Guruprasad Belle
AVP at a computer software company with 10,001+ employees
One of the challenges that I think should be resolved — from what my team was telling me — is that Automation Anywhere is not able to connect to a database directly. I have not evaluated this myself. There may be good security reasons for this, but it should be possible. For example, generally what we do now is to write scripts to push the data from the database and into the automation event. The direct access feature — which is not available according to my team — could solve the issue with the scripts. There's room for improvement in making more flexible solutions. As of now, because I have not used the new version very extensively, I don't have any reference to say what features should be added to the next release of the product. My one thought is that I don't know about the possibility of reading from unstructured data and if Automation Anywhere has any features to access unstructured data sources. It would be good if it can read the data and build some intelligence over that to push data to the right application. We do have some requirements from clients in other organizations where invoices will come in to be scanned. Based on the analysis of the data, copies of the data can be sent to different, appropriate applications. We are using different tools to do this now. If this kind of feature for reading unstructured data is there, then it will be easier to incorporate in processes. That is good to add if it is not there already. There can be some options to connect to the database directly where we should be able to add some data. There was a limitation where we were supposed to login remotely to one server and carry out some actions. That integration was not possible. View full review »
Technical Lead - Robotics at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees
In my current role, the only thing that I focus on is how sustainable the code is. It has to run for a long time — years. I am expected to run extensive testing. So, in this position, I'm working on the current stability of all the commands and how that can play into the future. I'm not looking for new features. Really the opportunity for automation is already offering this opportunity to create your own features. Adding new features is almost too much. If I've got enough tools to use, I should learn to utilize them first. Use them and then maybe get something new once I have exhausted the possibilities. There are already enough options that AA provides to use. The commands that it offers out of the box are okay for people to begin to work with it. If you don't know it, all you have to do is ask. It is not an end-to-end solution for everything, but it is very good at what it does with allowing automation and freeing up other resources — both human and hardware. It is not an end-to-end solution for everything. The only area for me that I would consider as an improvement is sustainability in areas I face every day. On CSM (Central Management System), for the most part, it works every time, but those areas exist where it does not perform as expected. For example, we had a problem with our ticketing system. What we do is we have a ticket open so that the issues stay open for a week even if we have it fixed. It is supposed to stay in the system continuously for a week — a hyper-care period — so that the issue stays open and we are sure the issue is fixed. That hyper-care period never seemed to end in the application. The problem was it extends a week, to two weeks, to three weeks, but we did not achieve that four-week period of no error of the full runs for the solution. We worked at resolving the issue and thought we fixed it permanently. We locked in the solution. We were happy. We almost won. Then in a week, we had a reversion to the same problem without making a change. It was not possible to explain. It is my only concern that some things get handled erroneously or changed. View full review »
Kalyan Bitra
CTO at Sage IT
We did use quite a bit of Citrix automation. Of course, AI Sense helps you through that. There are two big challenges that I can think of with Citrix automation. * Your making multiple hops into end-to-end systems. * As you are rating the screen, which is a screen within a screen, which is what Citrix automation is, the complexity increases. That is where the two things will come in: the tool's functionality and the beauty of design. These two have to come in together to make it work. If you don't have one or the other, it's not going to work. Let us take the example: Guidewire. We all know Guidewire. The way that guidewire is set up in the organization, or any tool, is it goes into a VDI, and from the VDI, I go into the SAP VDI. From there, I will access my IBM mainframe system, so there are multiple hops. Unless you have any iSense, and also the best design, you will not be able to achieve the outcome that you wanted. One of the biggest challenge of automation is if you don't automate it, or if you don't execute the process then it is okay, but don't do it the wrong way. That is the biggest challenge that we try to solve. That's actually impacting the customer if I make a wrong decision. I'm okay to go back to the customer, and say, "I could not execute this process." But, I don't want to go back, saying that I executed the process in the wrong way. That's what we always believe in. When we go to customers and talk to them about automation, "Everything is great." We can automate their process. However, one of the biggest challenge that we see personally as we automate a task, but our automation of the process is very manual. The DevOps side of it has not yet evolved. That is one aspect that I would think about. The second aspect of it is the testing side of it. Right now, automation testing is really manual testing. On one side, we are saying automating with automation. On the other side, we are automating manually. These are not going that well. As Sage IT, we have products that we are building on top of it to solve this particular problem. View full review »
BPM Analyst at a financial services firm with 1,001-5,000 employees
While the Automation Anywhere University is good, the estimates of the time that it takes to complete it are a little low, especially when you start watching all the videos thoroughly. One of the courses that they said would take six or eight hours was closer to 16 to 20 hours. I noticed that from version 10.5 to 11.3 the number of clicks to start a bot through the Control Room and Schedule Manager have increased. In certain cases, I would like to see that become simpler, faster, and easier. I would love to be able to schedule things based on business case. Right now, the Schedule Manager is either once a day or pick days of the week with times. However, in the financial industry, I sometimes need to run something on the third business day of every month. At the moment, I don't really have a way to set that up in the Schedule Manager. I would like to see some improvement in error handling. That would be great. Sometimes, the errors that you get back are awfully generic. It is like you have to do a lot of research to figure out what the issue is. I would love to see a little smoother integration with some different types of platforms, technologies, and user interfaces. View full review »
Venkata Sreedhar Nalam
Technical Architect at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees
One thing that they have to fix is scalability. We are scaling at a fast pace, and they promised us that they would implement multitrigger. If they don't get that enhancement out it is very inconvenient. When we asked when they could deliver the stable version of that feature, they said it would be sometime in August or September. But when I discussed this enhancement with one of the product owners, it doesn't look like they have had that on their development roadmap for even a September or October time frame. But that's something which we are desperately looking for because we are scaling at a massive level, and without that feature, we are doing a lot of workarounds. It is a wasted effort. It would also be a good addition to the product. I am sure in a lot of organizations, are also facing that need or they'll come eventually to it. We have interacted with our customers and our partners and they agree. Some are already also in the same boat. We would definitely like to see the Workload Manager (WLM). We thought that we would not need it. We thought that with the WLM feature, they were making a mistake and going nowhere. But right now, first and foremost, it is the most important feature I would like to have. The rest all are secondary for me. There are other organizations desperately waiting for that product. I don't see that the release will be happening soon. View full review »
Abdul Subhan
Senior Automation Engineer at Ryan india
This solution should be more user-friendly so that our clients can take a bot that we have developed for them, and then run it by themselves. As it is now, we write the VBA code and give it to the user, our client, and then they run the code. However, they do not like this. Having this is the next release would be helpful. Automation Anywhere is intuitive. Initially, you may struggle a little, but once you get used to it, then it's intuitive and you don't really have to know all the commands beforehand. There is scope for improvement here. The feature often asked about by the users, the product owners, is that they want to learn more about the bots themselves. We have not used anything attended. As far as we are aware that feature not available, but it is to be released soon. Version A2019 is something that could be beneficial to new users. At the same time, I cannot rule out completely that you need to have a very good programming skills. It will be easier if you have some knowledge on the programming front because you might be using a command which is already built-in. Therefore, you should know how the loops works and how the conditions work in order to implement them. If you want to do a bit of deep-diving into automation but you will need a little technical knowledge at this point of time. View full review »
Process Architect at a media company with 5,001-10,000 employees
Integrating this solution with other application has been good for the most part. A lot of the issues that I have are related to the actual applications than with Automation Anywhere. Any additional functionality which comes out in regards to integrating it better with more widely used applications, like Salesforce, Oracle, or Workday, is definitely beneficial and helpful at the end of the day. I have been hearing great stuff in terms of upping the product's cognitive game. Anything that can be done to work with unstructured data sets would be helpful, like increasing the subjectivity of bots, and moving away from solely rules based processes to anything which actually requires subjective judgment. If Automation Anywhere could code that into the bot design and framework, having it sort of act like a human, that would be helpful. Anything that can be done to increase the stability from a system standpoint in regards to large-scale systems, which are being used by a number of applications, e.g., Salesforce or Workday. This would help us, as well. Automation Anywhere should work to continue maintaining its ease of use. View full review »
Principal Analyst at a consumer goods company with 10,001+ employees
There are several things that would improve the product. I would like to see them include a group chatbot and make the IQ Bot more stable. Just those things would be great. Adding those kinds of features improves what we can do with the product. Using a client control room concept to ensure that everything is based on the web login, would also be great. Obviously we know that the development of new features will take some time. We are expecting those kinds of features in the future. We expect more AI integration in our technology. Automation Anywhere could use to be more stabilized. The product is becoming more stabilized with newer versions, but there are various things that still need to be stabilized. In the current version that we are using, we have a Control Room where the client will sometimes get disconnected. This will result in downtime. Therefore, we need some stabilization from the tool perspective. We don't have any other option than to raise a ticket to Automation Anywhere or get in touch with their support to get the issue resolved. So, we are having downtime. This can be improved. We are not completely okay with the IQ Bot. We previously used version 5. The newest version does have more accurate results. Technical skills are required to use the product. With these tools, technical programming is still required with the guidance of technical people. Business people can go ahead and try building a few smaller processes, then when they gain technical knowledge, they can use this tool to their full advantage. Most of our processes are attended automation. It would be great if more processes were unattended automation, so we could release more FTEs. We are currently using third-party Taskbots. We would like Taskbots directly integrated into the tool. View full review »
BPM Analyst at a financial services firm with 1,001-5,000 employees
With the user interface, a lot of the parts of it I really like, but there are some things that could be made a little simpler. A little less clicking around here and dragging over there to use. My impressions of the Bot Store are I really love the idea of it. We've actually downloaded a couple of them and used them. One of the more recent ones was interesting. It required a license key, which kind of confused us. If it's freeware, why do you need a license key? But we got around it. What has also been nice, with the most recent bot from the Bot Store that we downloaded, it was developed by a vendor partner who we are partners with as well. So, when we had some issues with it, we were just put in contact with the developer at that same firm, then we were able to work through any issues. Subsequently, they have made updates to it and uploaded it back to the Bot Store, so it's actually great. View full review »
Shashi Pagadala
Manager of RPA Development at a manufacturing company with 10,001+ employees
We would like to have the Excel plug-in. We have a challenge with unattended bots in development which will be deployed on virtual machines. End users ask, "Why can't we run the bots whenever we need?" The new concept for getting attended bots as well as the Excel plug-in will solve this problem, but we'll wait for 2019 version, which may be a better solution for the business. More structured and unstructured data collection will be a challenge. While we have the IQ Bot tool, the success rate at the beginning will be lower. It will be around 20 to 30 percent at the start because you need to train the bot at regular intervals. Of course, this depends on the data. This area could use be improvement. The marketing strategy is directed toward end users. These leads to confusion in the organization regarding, "Who needs to develop?" Is it IT or the business? This causes friction within the business. Whatever the approach, it is important to show how to get the most benefit out of the tool. There should be a clear roles for IT and the business when using the tool. This way teams and structure can be better established in a business. For attended automation, there are still questions to be answered: How it is going to maintain the queue? E.g., there are 20 users who want to process their own processes, and when they trigger things, how will the Control Room react? How will bot work distribution happen? These things still need to be looked into, but conceptual-wise, attended automation is really good. It is confusing: Who needs to develop the bot? The business or IT. At the basic level, the bots can be created. However, once they are moved into production, you have to make sure that the bot is stable and running 24/7 without any issues. Therefore, a lot of care is required due to the amount of controlling mechanisms required. There are a few problems with deployment and maintenance. When it moves to other systems, the consistency will be somewhat lost. View full review »
CEO at Nine A Business Connect
The industry is moving towards strong AI and ML-based algorithms. They have already started their journey. Earlier, Automation Anywhere added Taskbot, then they added IQ Bot. I would say bring the AI component into the Automation Anywhere product line, then a user will be able to make a lot of decision-making processes digitally instead of with human intervention. The more that they bring and make their cognitive engine stronger, along with the Taskbot or digital worker, that's where I feel they will have a wonderful contribution to an organization who is looking at a truly digital workforce environment. They should do more on the cognitive side. If they can keep adding more features, that would be their greatest advantage. View full review »
Business Transformation Manager at a maritime company with 10,001+ employees
One thing about it that we have not found to be exceptionally useful are the built-in bot analytics, the Bot Insights. From our own extensive experimentation, as well as from what we've understood from other people using this solution, we've been able to come up with better solutions using our own in-house analytics and our own systems than through theirs. Also, we're seemingly plagued with certain technological issues or bugs. In particular, at the moment, we're in the middle of a pretty serious issue that's blocking our further development. We have been working with the Automation Anywhere support team on it, but it's been dragging on for a while now and we still haven't received a solution from them yet. We're hoping to get that resolved and move forward. There's definitely some funkiness or some jankiness, sometimes, with working with them. View full review »
Technical Lead at Verizon Communications
For us at this point, I don't think the product needs more features. There is already a new release coming up with a bundle of new features which we will have access to and have to learn. As a user and developer, I only look at stability. That's it. I want the most stable environment — a stable version of the product — where I can close my eyes and sleep and the bots run and do their jobs. The basic system is very ease to use, but the difficulty comes when we make changes. For example, any change in the name, even if we have wild characters in place, the bot fails to identify the filename. It identifies the same filename in non-prod, and it does not identify the file in production. We need a more reliable tool. Sometimes, the same check (a 70 percent scan) identifies numbers, and sometimes it does not identify the numbers. We are not sure why it is behaving weird. We don't use the Bot Store because it is not legal for us to use. View full review »
Gurvinder Singh Dhaliwal
Director at Goldensource
I am looking forward to IQ Bot, but I expected more out of the current version. We do not deal with much scanned documents. I want to see if IQ Bot can scan client emails for us because our clients send emails with some incidents and issues. We want to see how IQ Bot can automatically do the processing and create structured data and trigger other bots to get related tasks done. The Control Room is demanding on resources, even when the traffic or processes are low. We are planning to integrate with Outlook. We are plan to create a small plugin which will trigger in Outlook once an email comes in. It will monitor the mailbox and remotely trigger a bot. Very soon, we'll see how we can trigger from Excel. I am looking forward to integrating with MS Office very soon. The only challenge is we are moving from the local Office to the online Office, which will be a small challenge for me. There are many bots available on the Bot Store. However, my developer told me that he was unhappy with the quality of the bots available. I would really like natural language processing and IQ Bot in version 11. View full review »
Vice President & Head of HR - L&T Defence at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees
When it comes to integrating the solution with other applications, there are some challenges. For some third-party solutions, there are no direct interconnections. For example, there were no direct connections with SAP systems. So, we had to create connectivity between Automation Anywhere and some third-party solutions. They have now improved that situation a lot and we can connect SAP and other systems as well. If they want to sustain their position in the market, they have to be flexible, working on how we can integrate with third-parties, working on a machine-learning product. People are expecting that and it would be really helpful. From the IQ Bot perspective, frankly speaking, they still have to improve a lot. I got IQ Bot training in San Jose. My expectation from a straight, technical, architectural point of view was that I would be able to create my own algorithm and integrate it. But with IQ Bot, I am not able to integrate anything. It is already well-defined, so I have to use that particular option only. I know I can not go with any other machine-learning platform. I hope they will be coming out with version 12 where we can integrate it with Python algorithms and other stuff. It might only be in the future, it might only be on the roadmap. But as of now, it is lacking a lot in that area. We are expecting, for most of the documentation, things like tags, that there would be a checkbox option. That's lacking in IQ Bot. View full review »
Technical Analyst at Tesco India
We have a situation where the system is not capturing data properly. It is clicking on the UI but it is not able to expand. We have trouble with large volumes of data in Excel and are not getting good results. I want all the functionalities that they have in the Excel added to our existing version or an upcoming version of the product, e.g., Macros and VLOOKUP. We have had connectivity issues, such as the reporting of a bad gateway. We have integrated Automation Anywhere with our SQL database. I heard in version A2019 that we can easily integrate Python too, which is great news. Up until now, I have not been able to implement Python in our Automation Anywhere task bots. Though, we can integrate with other applications, like artificial intelligence, and this is better. We have not implemented this tool with our AI. We have AI and IBM Watson. We would like to get information (or services) from the Automation Anywhere team on how to connect and implement the AI, as this is a great thing in the market. I'm looking for what to do. Sometimes, we are facing issue in unattended. If unattended mode is not working, sometimes it will work in attended mode. However, I don't want anything in attended mode. The process is rule-based and logic-based. We just have to schedule, then if the user wants to run from the Control Room, they can. To run attended mode, we have to login into the VM to start it and human activity is required. View full review »
Mahaan Pai
IT Analyst at a computer software company with 10,001+ employees
I think that all the expectations I had for the new release of the product are covered in the coming version A 2019. I'm very happy about what I hear about it. I think once I use this A 2019 release, I'll come to know what the things are that I'll want in the future. We have access now to a community edition version, which I have to download and will be testing out shortly. The first of the new features that I believe will do me the best is the customization of the commands. I can build my own package as per my convenience. Let's say we have a variable command. We already have the ability to use XML commands and we have some Excel commands that are provided by Automation Anywhere. Now Automation Anywhere is allowing us the opportunity to build something of my own in their environment and deploy that in production. Before I could imagine that component and not build or deploy it. I can build it now and that an important new feature for our progress. View full review »
Country Head and Controller at Evalueserve
I didn't have anything as such in mind. After listening to the CEO of Automation Anywhere, he has given some very exciting features which are up and coming in the next few weeks or so. One of them is the integration with Microsoft. This will be a game changer forever. Because Microsoft Office 365 or Outlook, these are being used by every individual. Integrating Automation Anywhere bots with these type of Microsoft solutions will give us so much flexibility. We can utilize so much reach or access to these bots in every type of work that we are doing. They will become like our personal assistants. That is where it's very exciting. I'm looking forward to look it. I believe that it will be a killer in this area. It may sound a little funny or weird, but one thing that we are thinking is we have to go to various websites and pick up relevant data from various websites using the bot. That is something we have seen that none of the bots have been able to really do it because the back-end of those websites do not allow bots to scrap through all these websites and get the relevant data in one place. We would like to see how the bot companies would crack this idea. But, that's why I said, this look weird because of the legal reasons why this cannot be done. This is something that I am looking forward to. View full review »
Senior Director, Digital Transformation at a financial services firm with 501-1,000 employees
Operationally, there's room for improvement, especially in the area of high-availability and deployment. In high-availability, we have two Control Rooms acting as a cluster so if one fails the other one will take over. But that's not our environment operationally, and the latest information we have is that they identified another product bug. We have come through a number of issues with them and they've been very good at fixing them, but we've gone through four different patches to get things working, and currently, we're not working in a clustered environment. View full review »
Abhineet Sood
Consultant at Zs
New versions keep coming up. The challenge for us is to have the downtime to do the migrations. This could be improved upon. We would like fewer version changes and upgrades happening to the application. While the downtime is not that much, depending on the business processes, there are times few critical processes are running on a daily or hourly basis. We would expect the downtime to be even less for them. There are a few internal applications that we have where Automation Anywhere needs to be added. We need to get those applications embedded so the integration process between those applications is smooth. E.g., With a Citrix type of environment or VDI environment, we have not been able to get the right information. We have to use the coordinates. Recently. we attended a session and realized that they have come up with an IQ Bot and computer vision technology. Therefore, we have some use cases which we want to leverage. Our focus would be for them to keep innovating for more intelligent solutions which can merge your text to speech. These types of solutions, along with other ML and AI capabilities, can solve for the larger objective and typically RPA platforms are not able to do. The type of applications that we use are very large and different. They are not the typical ERP systems or systems which normal organizations would have. If they could bring AI and ML capabilities onboard, this would help me rate them even higher. View full review »
Matthew Wilde
Director of Shared Services at iHeartMedia
The scheduling is a little difficult at times. Rather than setting up individual instances, it would be really nice if we had the ability to set repetitive jobs easily. Right now, if you want a job to run every 15 minutes, you have to schedule it a lot of times. I'd rather have the ability to just say 'run every 15 minutes.' There could be some improvements made in the Control Room. I really like the concept of the application that they've got, so you can now access the Control Room from a mobile device, but there's only a lot of potential, there's not a lot of functionality there yet. That would be a great place for it to be able to expand, so you could have full functionality of the Control Room through a mobile device. And in general, I would like to the solution to get into more machine-learning/AI. I know that the IQ Bots are looking to go there, but there's definitely a lot more potential there as well. View full review »
Kyoichi Haida
GM Business Process Planning Dept at a insurance company with 10,001+ employees
It’s not about the solution itself, but our administrative work is mostly done in the morning. This is something I have been speaking to Automation Anywhere about. If they could offer licenses only for use in the morning, we’d have a bigger savings cost-wise. Currently, the license is good for 24 hours, but there is not much to do at night and plenty to do in the morning. So, if we could use more in the morning, that would be a great, as we also have a bot farm. This is also when we increase the number of tasks to be stabilized. If they are managed within the client or server, there will be a risk of losing the service in case of emergencies, such as power outage. Therefore, we are working to manage them virtually on servers. With Deloitte’s help, we have been setting up a structure where we can get the robots to work without having the client. That would hopefully ensure stability and viability in case of emergencies. If we could hire part-time workers on shift-based employment, that would be ideal. View full review »
Prateek Kapoor
Global Intelligent Automation & Transformation Leader at a tech company with 5,001-10,000 employees
There is room for improvement when this application is used in a Citrix-based environment. Another thing I have noticed is that the previous version does not have log functionality. If an external audit is happening, those logs are not available to show what changes have happened in the application. But in the new version they improved it and now those logs are available. So when our external audit came, we were able to demonstrate that whatever changes are happening in the application are getting logged somewhere and saved for future reference. In the future, if any fraud happens, we'll be able to backtrack that fraud into that application. View full review »
IT Analyst at a manufacturing company with 501-1,000 employees
There are two big pain points for me. One is communication of all known bugs and the issues with the current versions that users that might be on. A heads-up of known issues would be a nice-to-have. If we're spinning our wheels, and we have that piece of information, it would make it a lot easier to either justify an upgrade or a process change here, to handle that particular bug or issue, given that it's a system-wide known issue. The second thing is that we have a lot of use cases that depend on certain Java applets, and currently we're not able to leverage the Object Cloning that would speed up our automation designing. So we have to revert to more image recognition-type of designing, and it just takes a long time to get that bot built. We have one, solely web-based use case, and we can deploy those kinds of use cases fairly quickly and then make modifications on the fly with them. But when we have these other use cases that leverage image recognition, it makes it difficult to be agile and to do updates or edits fairly quickly. Those are the two biggest pain points and opportunities. I have raised these issues with Automation Anywhere and they've mentioned that the automation piece is something that they're currently unable to do, but it's somewhere on the roadmap to deploy. We just haven't received the date for when it will be. View full review »
Head of Applications at Hays
I sound like a promoter A2019 with the attended bots and some of the new features coming in with the partnership of Microsoft will be a game changer. We work predominantly within an Office 365 environment. I think there are some real opportunities there for us to do things differently. One area where I think there's an opportunity to do things a lot better is in the analytics function. They do have a concept or product called Bot Insights. It hasn't worked for us. It isn't as plug and play as we were led to believe, which is unfortunate. I can absolutely understand the value, and the demonstrations that I've seen of Bot Insights are sensational. But, we just haven't been able to make it work. We've invested a lot of time and effort trying to make it work to no avail. So, for us, that's one side of it that has been a bit of a disappointment, but not enough to detract from the overall success story of using Automation Anywhere. View full review »
Nachiketh Ramesh
Associate Consultant at a tech services company with 51-200 employees
I would like to see this solution made to be a little more robust. As a coder, I have written more than one hundred functions and I can do high-level testing, but I can't do the low-level testing of complicated use cases. I think that AA has to look at it from that perspective. Hire a few developers, give them some complex work or use cases, let them work on it, and then check for stability when there are two or three tasks. For example, one task runs, the output goes into another task, one window opens, then another window opens, and you interact with multiple interfaces. This type of testing may be how they'll get to know what is wrong with the application. I would like to see more Excel functions built-in. Currently, they have forty-five or forty-eight functions supported, but I have written a DLL that includes one-hundred functions. They can do many more than forty-eight, and because we are dealing with accounting and finance, Excel is used a lot. We need Excel and we don't want to always have to depend on a custom-built DLL. When using a DLL, ninety percent of the time it won't be uniform for all of the processes. This means that I have to modify it, rebuild the DLL, and deploy it again. Native support would be much better. Web automation capability needs to be improved. I would like to see more features in the next release of this solution, including data tables, spying, and cloning. IQ Bot is bad and needs a lot of tweaking. It needs to have thrust because right now you use it and it doesn't get off the ground. It just stays there. They made us believe that there is potential, so they have to fulfill it. For example, they speak about this ML component in IQ Bot, but I know that it doesn't exist. There is no ML component there, and I would like to see one kick in when IQ Bot fails to extract data. It should start automatically, and maybe ask us for some guidance at the beginning on how to do the work. With the ML component working, IQ Bot would be very good. View full review »
Senior Consultant at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees
I would like a couple more features where I can talk and the line comes up automatically. I can just put on a mic, like in "Ok Google". With "Ok Google", I can tell it to please open an Excel spreadsheet with the header read. If this is there, then I don't even need to sit on a computer, I can just dictate my commands and it will automatically come up. Right now, it's more sequential, where it works in a sequential manner. If they have something dynamically, where it run parallels, I'm not sure if it's out there yet, but It would be a plus point if we could have that. With A2019 will get both options (writing lines of code and dragging and dropping). So far, we are just doing sequential coding. I'm just writing line-by-line code. But, there is a pain area if I want to go back and have to understand where the issue started, it becomes a little cumbersome to identify. That's where A2019 comes into the picture, you can drag and drop start to make a flow. This will be a useful feature. View full review »
Automation Lead at University of Melbourne
There are often a lot of functions within the software that will do the same thing, but it's up to the developer to decide which is the most appropriate. If there were a way of the product sort of indicating or automating which function is most applicable for that field for that particular purpose, that would be great. I think that might be a ways away. But, I think a lot of the improvements that we're looking to find are going to be in the new cloud release. So, we are really looking forward to getting on that. View full review »
Director of Business Process Improvement at a pharma/biotech company with 10,001+ employees
On the cognitive side, some of their competitors, when we were originally shopping, were a little more advanced in that space. Making use of probabilistic outcomes and presenting them to a business user is a feature that, at the time of our evaluation, did not feel like a strong, mature solution for Automation Anywhere. Nevertheless, they won our business. That is one feature where I feel they are trying to make investments to address those gaps. View full review »
Chinmay Dhabal
Application Developer Analyst at a tech services company with 5,001-10,000 employees
The Excel part needs improvement because we use it as a database. Right now, we are using UiPath for this feature, as that RPA tool allows us to sort, search, and filter in Excel databases. The IQ Bot is pretty immature, in regards to AI and machine learning. I would like them to add additional logic. View full review »
Scott Francis
CEO at BP3
The areas for room for improvement are always going to be around experience, making it even easier to get engaged, and get started. Because lowering that threshold to get started is what enables an additional set of problems to be solved. So, I sort of look at it like a water level. If I can lower the water level, then there is more surface area of the business area exposed above the water, and that's the stuff that we can go solve. View full review »
RPA Developer and BA at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees
In the next release, I think it has to be more compatible when deployed with the Citrix environment. That's one bottleneck that we have seen. Technically when we used the IQ Bots, we couldn't work directly through the Citrix environment. With our ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) setup, we needed to access it through the Citrix environment. Because we were not able to do that, we had to have a workaround. We are currently working with Automation Anywhere to have that fixed. They have given us confidence that it can be done. View full review »
Bill Weathersby
Board member at Transform AI
The IQ Bot has room for improvement. It is not that it doesn't do a lot of things today, it is just that it can do so much more. I think that that product is going to go crazy. The next big thing that you are going to see is the analytics engine. I think people finally realize that you can do analytics on what the bots are doing. I think that you will see that come alive in the next six to nine months. View full review »
Prakasha S
Solution Architect at Accenture
They need to concentrate lot on a nonpersistent RPA model. Integrate IQ bot with AA instead of making it as a separate component, since nowadays intelligent bots need to be integrated into RPA core. Instead of bot agents getting installed on the machines, concentrate on making it independent of the system and only as a plugin in the browser. It doesn't have an independent small install for developers and always requires to be fully installed. Bringing a DevOps model for bot implementation integrated through private bot store might be a good idea to improve the tool. View full review »
Engineer at a healthcare company with 10,001+ employees
I would like to see more bots available right out-of-the-box in the SAP area. For example, if you take the overall OTC in our organization, we have to contact 15 teams. Even if we provide one big bot for the OTC, it won't work. It will not be used by one person. So if there could be more specific bots out-of-the-box, that would be really helpful. An example would be a credit check. There might be one there but I'm just giving an example where it would be specifically targeting a single process. More Meta Bots would also be good because they are reusable. If we had more of them that would make it faster for whomever is working on them and make the process more seamless. They would be able to build the bots very fast. View full review »
Software Engineer at The Travelers Companies, Inc.
If there were one thing I could ask for it would be a text-based language. Right now it's proprietary, so you always have to go through the tool, even for things like basic compares. What we're trying to do is spin up other teams to get them using more and more of it. That would help, the basic .NET for basic tasks. The language itself has been working well. They should just keep doing what they're doing. View full review »
Senior Consultant at a financial services firm with 501-1,000 employees
Automation Anywhere has some limitation with its integrations. You can build your logic with MetaBots and .NET components, e.g., if something is not gathered by Automation Anywhere or built into functionality, you can write a MetaBot. A MetaBot is like an external component. You can write it through C# or .NET code, and make a DLL, and import it. This is not open to all data types or EXE functionalities which can be written through C#. You have to define your variable types, matching them with Automation Anywhere existing variable types. Because of the knowledge required, I cannot let another person, who doesn't know Automation Anywhere, build my external DLL code. They are already addressing some concerns that I have been having, like having cascaded code blocks, which is very helpful for developers to use when finding and debunking codes. Until now, we haven't had collapsible cascaded code sections in Automation Anywhere. This is not typical, as any IDE will usually have it, on any language. The current interface for business users is not intuitive, as it is a code-based view. A business user wanting to develop a process may find the interface a bit elusive. Automation Anywhere is now working on a process flow view with a drop and drop, which should be better for business users. There is not much guidance for implementing DevOps, like continuous development. Nowadays, the technology has come for the deployment part, it should be part of Continuous Integration and Continuous Development (CI/CD). With Jenkins or TeamCity, there is a job, and I want to see them have integration with Automation Anywhere, so we can directly code check-in, run, test, and deploy. Now, we are doing this manually for deployment, but I want to see a DevOps job instead. View full review »
Product Owner of RPA at a mining and metals company with 10,001+ employees
We want them to have a clear roadmap on what they want to do and follow it. If they are moving to version 11, we want them to stay with that version. Now, I hear that they have a new version out there. I have to plan out every upgrade or movement from one landscape to another. This is a cost for us. I have to get buy-in from my leadership. That becomes a challenge for me. I need assurances that wherever you are going, you are clear on what you want to do. You don't end up with doing multiple upgrades every now and then. It's not a sustainable solution for us. One of the things that I see in the forums is they are planning to build an ML platform on it soon, whereby we can use RPA as a starting point and have leverage on all the machine learning services available across multiple vendors: Azure, Google, and Amazon. I'm really interested to see how that works because we are already using those entities but in a different manner. We want to see how all of them work together as a platform. That's one of the requirements we are looking for. I would like them to have more collaboration with SAP and Oracle, as those are our key products. This would provide more value for us. View full review »
Deepinka Singh
Developer at a manufacturing company with 10,001+ employees
One very important thing would be more support for Citrix automation. We want something to support Cisco. Citrix automation is not a very good tool. We are not able to use it properly. Even if we go through a remote desktop connection, it goes along only with the keystrokes and image recognition. Also, when we are moving from one version to another version, it's very difficult because most of the features stop working. They should first test everything and then release the new version. For example, there's a system variable known as the Excel Cell Row. It gives you the current row of the inner loop. When going from version 11.1 to 11.3, this variable was suddenly not supported, and most of our bots were dependent on that. Everything went down and we had to start from scratch. If you do not have a developer who has done this, it's going to be a big problem in terms of the time it will take. We need the migration from version 11 to A2019 to go smoothly. Our developers cannot be expected to enter the code again. View full review »
Sagakumar Gangipelly
Sr. Software Engineer at Ryan India Tax
With attended automation, we need human intervention to provide input for bots. We make sure files are presented in a particular folder to pick up those files and feed it to the bot. Attended automation sometimes might go into exceptions, thus we need to monitor it in-between, then check whether it is working properly. This way, we ensure the bot is working properly. View full review »
Tax Technology Partner at Ernst & Young
They have done a fairly good job on the RPA space, but more and more, the whole cognitive AI space and machine learning are where I see the industry actually going. I'm sure Automation Anywhere is also focused on that topic, but we would like to see more coming down the pipe, as early as possible. View full review »
Reginald Christian
Head IT Operations and Infrastructure at a consultancy with 10,001+ employees
if Automation Anywhere could bring in object recognition, it would be a game changer. Today, we have a lot of video analytics. People talk about video analytics since I come from the consumer background. We are looking into the latest technologies of facial recognition from an audit proxy, e.g., counting the movement of the products from the counter versus the billing application. I have brought up this inquiry at my last three Imagine sessions but I am not getting an answer. Maybe the demand in the market is less. but people now are looking for this type of solution where Automation Anywhere can bring in some cognitive inbuilt. It would be great if video analytics could be brought in as a third-party product integration or on the Automation Anywhere platform. I would like the video analytics to be integrated within the next two years. Right now, most people are using third-party tools. Video can be translated into an image and information can be picked up from that, then translated into meaningful insights to make decisions. Getting buy-in was a major challenge because of the various people not aware of the technologies moving and getting buy-in from top management is a challenge. A major issue is getting the in-house team trained. I would like to have a better way of managing the teams. The more your in-house team is trained, you're less dependent on your partners or solution providers, thereby scaling up the confidence of doing it in-house. I just visited a booth now on the training part to see what can be achieved so I can go back and tell my team what Automation Anywhere is providing in terms of training. View full review »
Rajeev Mall
Finance Head of BSO Senior Group Division at a manufacturing company with 10,001+ employees
I’ve already mentioned the future of our human mind and thinking are limited. We only think in arithmetical progression, not GP. So, I have no answer for this. When you scale up, like on Proof of Value (PoV), it’s okay. You can have one full, dedicated person working on the site. However, when you scale up, and imagine there are 150 people including bots in an organization of 20,000 people, then they need to be loved and cared for (every single one of them). They will need much more support, because it is a new thing and it’ll never fail because of productive partners. It will fail if people on the “gemba” don’t adopt it. View full review »
Dimitris Papageorgiou
Partner at Ernst & Young
The IQ Bot is a tremendous product. The more we can make the IQ Bot intuitive, as an application, and start connecting it to real-life examples, the more value it's going to bring to clients. The human training area is still something that needs to be improved. It's not so much the actual technology learning, but rather how you bring this to life with all the peripheral competencies that are needed for it. Incorporating some of the Lean Six Sigma type of principles into the process optimization, as well as the change management, would make it a much more comprehensive solution than what it is today. View full review »
Henry Parrot
Automation Consultant at Neuralify
A useful feature of Automation Anywhere, which is on the way, is the ability to use inline code for both Python and VBScript. The reason that this is so useful is a lot of the time people who are doing RPA are people with technical backgrounds who have been developers. Although, Automation Anywhere is very powerful, sometimes what you need to do is a very specific task which is accomplished more efficiently with code. So, I'm really excited that this feature is coming soon. Another feature that would be cool to see in Automation Anywhere is more use of artificial intelligence. Right now, RPA is basically limited to a bot which is simply following the instructions that it was given. However, what would be really useful is if a bot was able to more flexibly respond to issues. For example, sometimes there are erroneous errors and pop ups. With good code, you can certainly build your bots to be able to handle that. However, it does take time and a bit of technical know-how to be able to do that. But because a lot of those technical challenges tend to be pretty similar, I would like to see Automation Anywhere include more robustness into the way that errors are handled. The biggest area of improvement with Automation Anywhere is on the enablement side. A lot of the times, people have the capabilities with the tool, and it's all there, but it's not necessarily so easy to see that roadmap to RPA success. This is very new technology, and there's not a pre-walked path to success. It's unique to every organization, but there are certain commonalities. What Automation Anywhere could do to improve the solution is help customers understand what the tool is really capable of. Walk customers through what changes are needed both organizationally and in terms of infrastructure to really see success with RPA. I've seen customers who have the licenses. They have the know-how. They have all the pieces from Automation Anywhere to achieve success. But, where they fell short was there maybe wasn't necessarily commitment from the right stakeholders within the organization or maybe there were other forces which were holding things back. What they needed was vision for it: * How can they operate efficiently? * How should it work? * How should it look? * What roles are needed? These are the areas where I've seen customers struggle, and somewhere where Automation Anywhere could really improve. View full review »
Ayas Mohapatra
Automation Officer at a financial services firm with 51-200 employees
I would like to leverage the AI component without the requirement to know a coding language, such as Python. View full review »
Pratyush Kumar
Delivery Manager, Robotics Process Automation at a retailer with 10,001+ employees
We have a few issues which have persisted. These end up restarting the machine. We are hoping in version 11.3 of Automation Anywhere, our compatibility and infrastructure issues will be resolved. View full review »
Madhuvankumar V
Senior Software Engineer at EMC Corporation
I would like to have the MetaBot screen name title dynamic instead of static. This would allow us to use wild card entries and make our lives much easier. As it is now, we cannot automate using MetaBot because the screen name changes. The only way it can be done is to use multiple MetaBots. We are having a problem when trying to automate the opening of very large Excel files. One example is our 70MB Excel file, which normally takes approximately twenty minutes to open. Automation Anywhere crashes before it opens, so we moved it to Instaknow-ACE, which is another RPA tool. It imports the Excel file, creates its own database, and then you perform whatever operation you want. After this, it generates the output result without crashing. If this were fixed in Automation Anywhere then it would be a large benefit because we are in a phase of moving away from smaller automation. We are doing a lot with bigger data, and most of it is still in Excel files instead of a database. It isn't the fault of Automation Anywhere because it is Excel that is crashing, but we need to have a feature where Automation Anywhere can import Excel files directly. The stability of this solution needs to be improved. The OCR capability needs to be improved to be made more accurate. View full review »
Brian Dsouza
Sr IS Manager at Amgen Inc.
I would like to see a lot around API integration going forward, like the ability for other systems to talk to the AI better by opening it up. I would like to see more chatbots or anything in the journey of making it truly immersive for human workers working with these bots. There are a couple things that have room for improvement: Its openness and more APIs should be exposed to allow people to integrate. How do you make it easier to integrate back with this technology? I would like it to do more predict, which means if I have a thousand bots in product, how do I check which of the bots may be at risk of failing? This would really help in supporting the bots when scaling the programs. View full review »
Finance Process Automation Lead at a manufacturing company with 10,001+ employees
We are one of the smaller startups in the area so we experience a lot of issues. Most of the issues have been: * How do you build up your platforms? * Automation Anywhere is more geared toward how humans work, and a bot works differently. These are the specific challenges that we have seen. Some small issues: * A bot will be working and the the screen will lock out. * The app has a password change policy every few days. * One day, there will be a message box saying that the application is down or not available on a weekend. The instructions will say read the information and click, "Okay." But a bot doesn't understand the instructions because it is not the IQ system. There are a lot of initiatives going on. E.g., there is one for the Excel part where they are building a plugin in Excel. Those type of plugins would help if they were built in various applications for integration across applications. I would like more plugins overall. It would be nice to have a plugin for all applications, like PowerPoint or any PDF to text converter, to make the tool easier to work with. On the user side, we have seen issues with user training. The product still requires programming knowledge. We would like it to become easy enough to use where anyone in the organization can utilize the tool and use the bots. The usability should be at the same level as a Microsoft Suite product. This is on Automation Anywhere's roadmap to evolve toward this. View full review »
Associate Director at Concentrix
There are many things which I have liked in the last couple of months that I have seen in Automation Anywhere. Something that really excites me is the new release of Attended Automation 2.2. It's a very lightweight solution. When I'm talking about the automation of the size from 2,000 to 20,000, and everyone is using the attended bot with this scale and thin client model, we can easily deploy and scale it out to the larger corporate size. So, this product is very unique and I have not seen it in any of Automation Anywhere's competitors. They came out with it. View full review »
Kumaran Dayalan
VP of Corporate Finance at Refinitiv
There are areas where the product can be improved and ways we can get Automation Anywhere to help us in other fields. For example, there are situations where legal interpretations are involved which have the potential for automation. We are not currently using the bots for these situations. So that's definitely one area where I would say there is room for growth for the product. Mostly, for my purposes, I'm looking for more support on reporting. There is too much use of attended automation. I would like to move more toward unattended automation, where bots are capable to handle exceptions and give proper feedback to the users, e.g., how many exceptions we have that we can fix it, so we can make it more aligned. View full review »
Dona Manuel
Technical Lead at Titan company
In the future, I think we would like to see more capability for integration and more customization with some features. For example, email records should have their subject like email that's been downloaded. Because it is not doing this, we now need a separate solution for this based on the subject line. Integrations that we'd like to see are that the product is more friendly with languages like Python and JavaScript. These are the type of integration we are expecting. Also, it should be more friendly with Excel commands which it does not seem to agree with or have so that we can customize the output. The product is not working sometimes with the methods we prefer. If it is going to be a flexible product it should include some more common things. There are so many small issues with the product it is not as good as it could be. View full review »
Gopalkrishna Baskarabhatla
Architect at Cisco
In the version that we have, there are some challenges with the browser-based applications, the cloning of the objects, and the solution's stability. Automation Anywhere must be able to maintain a consistent resolution. The latest edition, which is enterprise A2019, has better analytics and the cloud all integrated into the bot framework. The client version is getting challenging to use because you have to maintain a lot of infrastructure. You must have the machines to deploy the client. However, you don't need a large infrastructure, if you can do it on the cloud. I would like a Bot Store for MetaBots. The MetaBot feature needs to be expanded. E.g., I would like a copy/paste from the top row of Excel where I don't need to write a keystroke. Instead, I could just use MetaBot for this. View full review »
IT Project Lead at a financial services firm with 51-200 employees
They designed the bot creation process where we can drag and drop and all of the commands are available to us on the left side of the screen, but in some ways, it can be overwhelming. There is a lot at a developer's fingertips to do their development process. I would like the ability to extract the code. You can go line by line, then open up each line of code and dig into the details, but it would be nice to extract all of the lines of code and all of the details into a document so we could read through everything. Right now, there is no way to really consume all of the code at once, except line by line, which can be fairly time consuming if we don't really know what we are looking for. As we deploy more solutions and take advantage of some of the features, like the Credential Vault, where we are introducing new administrative processes, we continue to have to go in and change passwords on a monthly basis. Tools that would make these administrative tasks more streamlined is an area where Automation Anywhere could really add value. View full review »
Assistant Manager at Genpact India
I suggest that they add some features in dashboard, where you can say, "These type of features are things that people like more." You want to add those to your project and showcase them to the client so they will be happier. Because you know what features people like if you give a suggestion, that is good for everyone. View full review »
Business Transformation Manager at a maritime company with 10,001+ employees
Having some more pre-mapping and pre-setup analysis of what you're going to be doing with it would be helpful. View full review »
Senior Consultant at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees
Alert transition is happening in the Python space and on the front lines of AI and with other tools. You have the opportunity to use different data blending tools and data manipulation tools. It would be good if Automation Anywhere could make more plugins available to use with a greater variety of tools and additional options. I think it would be a better product if it had a greater capability for integration. View full review »
Avinash Nyamati
Senior Analyst at Merck KGaA
Automation Anywhere is unable to connect to the database directly. What we are doing now is directly writing the PL/SQL scripts and trying to push the data from the database into Automation Anywhere. This feature is available in UiPath, but not in Automation Anywhere. I am unaware if Automation Anywhere is able to read unstructured data, build some intelligence around it, and then push it into the application. We do have some requirements in our organization where invoices are scanned, and based on the data, hard copies of the data are fed into some applications. Today, we are using different tools for these features, but if it is available in the tool, then that would be good. View full review »
Service Delivery and Operations at a pharma/biotech company with 10,001+ employees
For our legacy systems, we are finding it very difficult to use the automation. Sometimes, forty percent of our work cannot be processed in an automated fashion. We need to acquire additional automation tools in order to reach one hundred percent automation. Automation Anywhere says that you can use this tool for any type of application, but there are some for which it is not compatible. In cases where automation is not supported, there should be alternative tools that are inbuilt where they can be used to support or guide the automation forward, giving us one hundred percent automation. The licensing model has to be changed to perpetual because even when we are not using a license, we are charged for it. View full review »
Sujay Ghosh
Team Lead at Accenture
As a developer or user, I feel that the performance of the overall package could be made a little better or reliable. For example, if I'm opening up a heavy Excel file, which is uploaded in some shared drive over the net, and I have my box coded to open that Excel to do some work or formatting on it, and depending on the network load and the size of the file, this client version while trying to access that file becomes unstable at times. It goes into the hang position until a human being comes in, ends the task, and restarts it. Until this happens, it does not respond. In version A2019, it's moving from a software installation infrastructure to a cloud-based infrastructure. I am hoping that the end-to-end deployment from conception to coding to production will be much faster than it is right now. That really excites me as this is a feature that I suggested to tech support. View full review »
RPA Developer at a consultancy with 1,001-5,000 employees
In terms of the usability, the drag-and-drop, instead of being able to type, makes it hard for somebody with a programming background to get used to it. The drag-and-drop slows down development; I can't just keep my hands on my keyboard, I have to use my mouse as well. The bot creation process is tedious. The solution has a lot of features, but since you have to drag down a lot of the commands, it can get tedious to use it. You end up having to use the mouse a lot more. You can't do it as fast as if, say, you just typed it out on a keyboard. Since I do a lot of bot development, I'd like a different way to develop them, other than dragging the commands down. If there were a way to type out the commands, to make it a little bit easier or a little bit faster to create the automation, that would be good. Integrating this solution with other applications is hit or miss, depending on the application. For some applications it's very easy and then sometimes, for others, it's very difficult. There are occasions when, the first time, the application doesn't work at all, so we have to use commands that are not as consistent. View full review »
RPA Development Lead at Intellect Design Arena Ltd
I face little challenges when I move code to production. In Automation Anywhere 11.3, when the bot is running until it loops 24/7 in my development and UAT environment, we don't have our antivirus on it. When it comes over to production, there is an antivirus running on it. However, we don't know what time it will be scheduled. My client is taking care of that. So, when I raise a ticket with Automation Anywhere, they share some suggested documents to exclude those lists from antivirus. When I approach my client, they want to exclude those things because they are treating them as maybe not secure. What I am suggesting, when using A2019, if there are any additional features to exclude those antivirus scans until after my task is completed, then the antivirus can start scheduling. Then, I can easily tell the client that the priority are running and the Automation Anywhere scans can wait until after the release. I had a chance in Intellect Design Arena to go from installation to deployment. This was the first process with RPA in Intellect Design Arena, so people were thinking it's the first project that we have with Automation Anywhere. However, we are very experienced and can automate nearly anything. View full review »
RPA Developer at a insurance company with 10,001+ employees
There were also some tasks where we needed a cognitive approach or an OCR solution. There were some scanned documents in a PDF format. We were in the initial stages and struggled at that time. I'm talking about in 2018. We struggled to get them into the structure format. In the current stage, there are lots of opportunities in terms of claims, insurance, and banking where we need AI and cognitive solutions to automate unstructured documents. That is a need of ours. Automation Anywhere should improve in this field so they can provide support for artificial intelligence and cognitive solutions. View full review »
Suneel Sharma
CRO at
While I am happy with the stability, it could use improvement. We have found that the passwords are not very stable in terms of their accuracy. We could only get 70 percent accuracy in these cases. Our clients require more accurate results. We are working toward this. We are looking into other applications and how they can be integrated, e.g., Google Analytics and Azure AI. Instead of developing from scratch within Automation Anywhere, we want to bring out these advanced capabilities from other platforms and integrate them into our platform requirements. Integration with a lot of existing platforms is going to be a game changer. We already see Automation Anywhere tied up with SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, and Microsoft. We expect that it will be tied up Google Cloud going forward. These type of improvements will increase the adoption rate of the tool and we can have a lot more use cases because a lot of companies they have already invested in ERP. View full review »
Ronaldo Firmo
Automation COE Manager at a mining and metals company with 10,001+ employees
* Object cloning - This component seems to be unstable in version 10.7. We have run tests in version 11.2 and they seem to work much better there. During development/test cycles it is common to see object cloning components that were working previously stop full of a sudden. In these cases we usually migrate those components to MetaBots. * Schedule queue - Scheduling is allowed at intervals of 30 mins. Having this interval reduced to 15 mins would allow better control of taks that run more quickly. The ability to schedule bots to run in different time zones would also be a great addition. * Control Room - Enabling the ability to customize it would be a great addition. In version 10.7 we need to pay attention to the URL to differentiate between Dev, QA, and Prod. We could also use the function to create our own custom dashboards. * Give MetaBots the ability to work with objects in applications running on a terminal server. This functionality would be a great help to developers. View full review »
Sachin Chitranshi
Senior Consultant at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees
What may be able to be improved is that sometimes there'll be a connection that is not from our clients and servers and that's a situation they may want to address. The solution for that may need to be built differently based on the needs from organization to organization. In that case, it is not particularly or specifically about the tool. It is just something I could see they might help enable. That the product is now available as a cloud-based solution is a good feature that they added. So with that and new features already coming out, I don't have a lot of suggestions. I will have to work on this new version, then let's see if there's something I think they need to add. There are a number of current tools which can be improved because they have many limitations. Like some better controls in emails, and better support for features in Excel and PDF. Especially things like that which I need more than new features. I'll be enabling the current features, but I'll have to see them and what they do before I can feedback more. View full review »
IT Consultant at ITC Infotech
There is a small thing from a development point of view. There should be a static site box for finding any command if I am writing a code. If there are hundreds of functions, you can only scroll up and down to find one each one. There should be a site box where we can find the commands and easily use them. In the new version, they have included a flow chart instruction. This should be easily removed by mouse cursor. It's basically no problem; like we have to always use keyboard or mouse. This should be independent since we are either using a mouse or keyboard. This should be running smoothly. These are very small things which need to be improved. View full review »
Assistant Project Manager at a tech services company with 201-500 employees
The stability of this solution depends on the processes, but I think that there is room for improvement in this regard. We are using Microsoft Dynamics, and it would help if they had a set of standard development specifications for each of these solutions. View full review »
Architecht at a insurance company with 1,001-5,000 employees
It would be nice to have the IQ Bots integrated with the Enterprise Edition without requiring extra licenses. That would be great. View full review »
RPA Lead at Juniper Networks
We started with attended bots and are in the process of migrating to unattended bots. We are facing a lot of issues with unattended bots as Automation Anywhere is not supporting this. When we run unattended bots in the background, the screen resolution changes. That needs to be improved because it might cause our IR operations or objects to fail. Attended automation is fine but it is not the favorable because we are looking for an unattended bots. If we want to trigger bots manually, then we need a resource for that. Therefore, there is no point in hiring a resource only to run the bot. They need to improve the scheduler. There are a couple of issues which needs to be rectified. Otherwise, Automation Anywhere is like using the Windows Scheduler. Aside from the Control Room, it's normal automation, and you can use other tools for that. View full review »
Consultant at Deloitte
There are a couple of features that I would like AA to improve upon in their next releases. One is the PDF automation. Of course, AA has come up IQ Bot which scans PDF documents. I feel that IQ Bot has not reached its mark. With financial and banking, we have multiple invoices that we have to process in our top use cases. Typically, these invoices come in a PDF file. So, PDF automation is the one automation that we want them to concentrate on. The second feature which I would like them to concentrate on is the work items concept. AA has come up with this in version 11, but I want them to more like competitors in the market for the next releases. View full review »
Sr. Manager at Tata Consultancy Services
Change management can be an issue because as applications change, the bots need to be modified. There are some business areas for which this tool is not capable of doing, such as in the areas of graphically-based input. The image capturing of the network management systems is not up to date for all of our customers' processes. We are seeking some kind of improvement in this light. We have use cases that the tool does not currently support, and we will be able to do many more if this capability is also covered. Technical support for this solution could be improved if they categorized according to severity. At the highest degree of severity, one dedicated person should work to resolve it as early as possible. It would be helpful to have a repository of use cases that are created by different customers. They could be accessed from the Bot Store. For us, it would help if we had access to use cases specifically for Telcos. We have a lot of problems installing for some customers. In particular, if it is a distributed environment then we face challenges. For example, the database should be installed in a network other than where the control is installed. It can be very time-consuming, and support for these situations is very important. View full review »
Senior RPA Consultant at a consumer goods company with 10,001+ employees
Automation Anywhere needs to improve Excel and its commands. In Excel, if you want to add a sheet, you cannot add a sheet. There is no command for adding a sheet. Also, if you want to rename something in Excel, you cannot rename it. You always must keep a list that you can rename through your keyboard, but there is no specific command in Automation Anywhere. The email automation command also needs to be improved. The email automation command sometimes is not working properly. When you connect the mail server, it is not being done properly. The OCR feature is not that reliable. With the PDF command, you can only read structured data. If your data is in an unstructured format, there is no command for it in Automation Anywhere. Then, people need to use Python coding if their data is in unstructured format. Therefore, Automation Anywhere needs to improve in the PDF area. View full review »
Cognitive Lead at Quosphere
IQ Bot seems to be a good solution that Automation Anywhere has come up with. It sets them apart from the other solutions. I want Automation Anywhere to work on IQ Bot further to help evolve the tool more and create a certain set of solutions using IQ Bot. They can maybe use better machine learning algorithms to come up with better accuracy for OCR extractions. This is an area that I want them to work on. View full review »
RPA Developer at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees
I would like more integration with Microsoft Excel. More screenshots that can be integrated with Excel would help our customers too. It is good that Automation Anywhere is now willing to partner with Microsoft. I need to be able to work on Citrix with the solution. I need cloud-based applications. Now, we are manually running the application. View full review »
Saurabh Soni
Manager at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees
We used to face a lot of challenges with older versions, like auto login. Nothing is perfect. The tool should always evolve to the better and more efficient. If we are talking about evolving, then we are talking about intelligent automation. There should be more features included in the package with this type of software. For example, IQ Bot is something that we used to have and was working well. However, there are other use cases of machine learning and complex cognitive solutions. Those should be included in the package, as they will solve major problems which we face today of unstructured data. This is part of the evolution process and these changes won't happen in a day. View full review »
Sunil Ranka
Founder at Predikly
Cloud was one of the features we wanted to see because it makes it much easier. The second feature is ease of use in terms of agnostic, which was released in the next few quarters. A lot of customers had been asking about the operating system agnostic, so today it runs mostly on Windows and I believe agnostic is also coming. There are a few features that we would love to have: running on the cloud, running on Linux, out of the box integration availability with larger ecosystems like Salesforce, Workday, or Microsoft. If somebody is using an AWS shop it should be much easier for them to use this. So there's a lot of room for improvement in terms of infrastructure, provisioning, cloud usability, and ease of use. View full review »
Jayadeep Keeripunathil
IT Manager at Accenture
The bot insides should come in the same package versus having it as a different bundle by itself. If we could have this product come with all the inside solutions altogether, that would help. I was talking the other day in a session that when we go into this, how do we ensure that the right security policies are in place? Because now, we are talking about people accessing these bots from anywhere outside of the restricted access zone. So, that is where we should put focus on, because it takes only somebody to snatch the phone and start breaching. Therefore, that is where we should put the focus on. View full review »
VP IS Global Development at a manufacturing company with 1,001-5,000 employees
I would like more with OCR and data capture. We are partnering with IBM to help bridge this gap, but Automation Anywhere should continue to expand on their product line and provide these capabilities, as well. The installation and setup for the bot runners and bot creators need improvement. The installation and setup for the control room is also a difficult task. Therefore, improving the ease of implementation would help out a lot. View full review »
Katherine Herbel
RPA Lead at a financial services firm with 1,001-5,000 employees
The bot creation process is straightforward in some ways and complicated in others. You can get your initial stuff laid out really quick, but then putting in your exception handling is more time consuming. It is awesome because it takes two hours to get things initially done. However, then it takes another two months to work through everything else, such as infrastructure and moving from development to QA to production. When I change the name of a variable in the Variable Manager, I would really like it to change in the code. We just added coding standards where I had to spend hours going through and recoding existing bots, because anything needing a change had to match our coding standards, and that now includes variable names. I just spend two days renaming variables in a bot. While it should have been superfast in the Variable Manager, I had to go through every single line of code, rename all of them, and inevitability, I will miss one. If I have already assigned a variable do something, it makes sense that if I change the name of the variable, then it should change in the code. View full review »
Senior Manager at a tech vendor with 10,001+ employees
From an ease of use point of view, on a scale of one to ten with ten being really easy, I would rate the tool a six. The interface is not intuitive for business users who are used to seeing the process on a flow chart, like a Visio workflow diagram. This may be because of the nature of the way the interface is structured and the way the functions are built in list type of format. I feel like there is a bit of a learning curve for anyone who is new to the program. As with everything, it takes time and you start to get better at it. View full review »
Rakesh Rajagopal
Automation Leader at Hexaware Technologies Limited
Room for improvement is more on the IQ Bot side: How quickly we can adopt and deploy it? Another area which I feel would help is how the business can adopt it: * Is it easier for the business to make changes to the tool once it's deployed? * How can the business take up roles in the man-machine continuum? * How can the business and machine work together, and how does the role change for the business stakeholder. It's more on the change management side, but includes all of the tool enabler. View full review »
Ravi KantMahendru
Program Manager - RPA at a tech services company with 501-1,000 employees
IQ Bot is the primary reason that we are using this. We are the one who started using this sometime back. What I realized is that it is just a product that came to be into existence. There are a lot of things that can be improved with a lot of scope. We are already engage with Automation Anywhere, giving our feedback, so they can improve. For example, they can improve the scope of extractions. IQ Bot does have some limitations. We have received assurances that in future releases this problem will be solved, and we should be able to do more extractions based upon future releases. View full review »
Program Manager at a manufacturing company with 10,001+ employees
In terms of features to add, they seem to have good grip on the future to come, for example, they already have incorporated cognitive technology called IQ Bot which translates semi-structured data into structured data. We have not tried it yet though.Working with this vendor can sometimes be challenging because their service quality on simple business operations like invoicing could be bad. I have received wrong invoices several times. Maybe this is a problem only with their new branch offices. View full review »
Systems Analyst at a manufacturing company with 10,001+ employees
Sometimes, the MetaBot fails using the recording option. In previous versions, there were some limitations. There wasn't proper security when it came to credentials. We tried storing credentials, but the security level wasn't great. When a bot is in production, sometimes the keystrokes will not work. I am not sure why, and we have tried to contact technical support. They said that they don't have an answer for this. It happens in the the remote environment when we are deploying a bot into AWS machines. So, technical support said this happens in AWS machines sometimes: If the bot is running and the machine is locked, then at that time, the key strokes will not work. They have provided that solution, but we are trying to avoid keystrokes now. Unwanted windows are popping up. We have to train a bot to recognize the window if it comes up, know what it is, and click it. If it is interrupting our bot, I just want to avoid that window, because I am getting failed logs. View full review »
Developer at a manufacturing company with 10,001+ employees
We have in-house, a few variables, which we use from technical perspectives. We don't have them in Automation Anywhere, but they introduced them yesterday. I had a word with an Executive Officer, and he told me that they took all this into consideration and developed it. View full review »
Sangameshwar Biradar
Assistant Professor at Gitam
It is very difficult to create and automate timetables because they are modal and it would be helpful if the bot could assist us with this. View full review »
Joel Samuel
Manager at Tata Consultancy Services
Version 11 is a bit heavy. At times, it takes a toll on the computing resources. It consumes a lot for computing power. We have seen multiple instances where computers or the client has crashed because of this particular problem. Automation Anywhere can improve this a lot. However, the A2019 version will be a lot lighter because it is all web-based. In the future, we expect to see lighter version, but for now, it is okay. The features around holding and handling Excel data need to be improved. They need to be able to handle data tables, data variable, and Excel numbers. They need more scripting integration. View full review »
Sr. software engineer at Accenture
One area where I can see room for improvement is the training material that is available. I am aware that the Automation Anywhere university has a lot of training content, and even better, all of it is categorized with respect to the user's role in development. I took the training course related to architecture. This course and content were nice but the videos had a digital voice over, which made it non-engaging for me. After certain videos, you cannot concentrate much. The other point that is relative to my experience is that for a completely new person to RPA, Automation Anywhere may come with a small learning curve. View full review »
Kunal Goel
Digital Expert at a consultancy with 10,001+ employees
We faced a big challenge when moving from AA9 to 10. That was a nightmare. The whole process took six months to one year because we had to do it for 12 to 15 clients in my organization and I was leading the Automation Anywhere deployment for 25 clients. The biggest issue was that the new license required upgraded hardware infrastructure so we were getting all new tech stuff procured which meant that we were getting updated RAMs and things like that. Getting the licenses was easier but building the infrastructure which was required to support the new version was difficult. View full review »
Baskaran Chidambaran
RPA Specialist at Olam International
MetaBot still needs to be optimized, though Version 11.3 did integrate all the commands into it. We are not able to see all the lines of code which are executed in MetaBot. Integrate .NET functionalities instead of installing Visual Studio, which is an additional resource to us. Needs more Excel features and functionality. We are moving onto Python machine learning and would like to have additional functionalities to be added, especially to MetaBot. This would help for the use cases that we are working on. There are some discrepancies in respect to the variable creation of copying and pasting the code. However, in version 11.3, these type of disturbances has been removed. View full review »
Deepika Bale
Specialist Quality Operations at a pharma/biotech company with 10,001+ employees
There should be a meeting between the Automation Anywhere team and the end-users to understand whether the process can be made to work on the first attempt. This would save a lot of time, especially in cases where it doesn't work in the end. This introductory meeting would include what the processes are and what platforms are compatible with Automation Anywhere. View full review »
Amrit Goswami
Automation Developer at
In the next release of this solution, I would like to see more OCR agents included. My customers would like to use the IQ Bot without having to invest more money in purchasing another license. If it is not possible to include IQ Bot in the basic package then, at least, the OCR features and the TaskBot can be enhanced. This would allow us to include small-scale industry, as well as large organizations. There is an issue with security where users can see the values in the credential vault. Because of this, we don't see the point in creating values inside the vault. This system should be able to handle situations with very there are very large volumes of data in Excel. View full review »
Sunilkumar Venugopal
RPA Solution Architect at Olam International
We encountered issues during the upgrade of the framework. We were using the older framework of version 10.3.5. When we were upgrading, we were having a few issues in terms of getting the proper hardware and software prerequisites. For some things, like getting the controls of some of the application's tools, we were getting Automation Anywhere's help. The operation happened both in hardware and software. There was some amount of friction in terms of technical and hardware operations. In terms handling capturing the controls, that's where we used the help of tech support. We are looking forward to the release of cloud/web automation, which has yet to be released. We having most of the use cases rely on Automation Anywhere. However, we face some challenges in terms of RPA implementation with Citrix. View full review »
Gagnish Relhan
ETL Analyst at a tech vendor with 10,001+ employees
I would like more cognitive abilities, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. E.g., if I see you, your facial recognition has to be there. If I send your picture, it should tell me your name, where you are from, and when I met you because we forget people. It should have these type of capabilities. View full review »
Mithun Kumar
Advisory Council Member at a tech services company with 1,001-5,000 employees
We would like a better coding interface for developers. We would also like to have a user interface which reduces the time to learn the product so more people in the organization can use software, like Automation Anywhere, quickly automating processes. As an organization, we feel the exception and error handling could be way better. We would like the software not to change as often. Architectures were radically reinvented without informing the customer. This wasn't something we appreciated. Some of the stuff being used internally in the product, like Elasticsearch or open source, did not pass vulnerability ability assessment. This is another issue. We hope Automation Anywhere takes internal component security seriously as we are looking forward to the Automation Anyway A2019 launch. We hope it addresses some of these issues with error handling as well as component security. View full review »
Software Engineer at Accenture
We have our limitations. We can run only VBScripts and one more thing. If we want to run Python scripts or batch files, we cannot do it. So, if they would add these extra things in there then that would be beneficial. I have to add in Excel commands because it is a limited feature, as we only have five to six commands. Suppose we have a spreadsheet and we have to get the counts for how many rows were filled, we have to do it through a Macro or VB. We have to write a separate code and call through Automation Anywhere. If they added in this inbuilt feature into Automation Anywhere that would be helpful for us. View full review »
Software Engineer Analyst at Accenture
Automation Anywhere can be improved with respect to the user-friendliness of the interface because most of the competitors are now using a flowchart-like structure, thus making it easy for anyone to learn and study it. Essentially, it's as easy as connecting shapes for each action and process. An area for improvement is their OCR reading for images since some competitors have an inbuilt OCR reader that recognizes various hand strokes much better, thus improving the time and resources needed for transcribing the documents. View full review »
Delivery Manager (RPA : Robotics Process Automation) & Automation Architect at Accenture
1. Accuracy to process handwritten documents. 2. Should add more Analytics and Intelligence related capabilities. 3. Scalability along with the volume and business should be more flexible. 4. Cognitive capabilities should be improved more. 5. Large scale robot deployment is limited. 6. Licensing costs should be reduced. 7. Error handling should be improved more. As AA has recently moved to Cloud architecture, there will still be a lot of additions and improvements in terms of the features and offering and this will be evolved over the period of time only. About the exact performance on the cloud maybe we have to wait a bit more time and should evaluate once it will get settle down more. View full review »
Sr. Manager at Avenir Digital
The new version 6.5 has come [out]. They are still working on the handwritten format — they want to get more accuracy in handwritten forms, which might take some time. It's everywhere, because the algorithms are evolving and the technology is only going to become more and more accurate. That is one area where we are really looking forward to understanding how IQ Bot can really leverage handwritten forms and also make significant progress into what could be called the "untouched places" at the moment - as far as rural India is concerned. View full review »
Global Head Training at Acronotics
An interesting thing: If you look at AA, the OCR capability is actually from a third-party. They don't have their own OCR in there. They use ABBYY or Tesseract. They should have their own engine built-in with their own IP. It increases the value rather than trying to use a third-party solution. That's where I see a lot of value. View full review »
Vimalraj Nagendran
Senior Manager Middleware at Extreme Networks
Right now, the audit trail sits in file systems. I would prefer it to be in a database where it is queryable and searchable. Another major downside is an upgrade. If I have to switch over from single sign-on to non-single sign-on, etc., then it's a complete reinstall. When I do a complete reinstall, I lose a lot of information because it's a new instance. I'm not able to bring information from the old instance and my metrics are all gone. I basically have to reset the whole infrastructure. I would like to see an option to switch over to single sign-on post-installation. It should not have to be a reinstall. It should be part of the installation or configuration. I wanted to see a cloud version and mobile app but those will be available in the A2019 version. I would like the bots to be more automatic without having to check emails, which is how we have our tool setup. Going forward, the bots should be more interactive. View full review »
Consultant at Ernst & Young
Citrix automation is unstable. It is failing on a frequent basis. With the bot, they claim a lot of things, but it is not the real picture. It is not as powerful as they claim. It is not up to the mark. Once I'm friendly with a tool, then I'll start checking the stability and power of it. It is not there with Automation Anywhere. The management people don't know the technicalities. The actual tool is not as powerful as they claim. They are pitching the IQ Bot, but it's not as powerful or as fruitful in real world scenarios as it should be. The user analytics are not analytics. Their Community Edition is awful. Every second day, it will fail. It will become corrupt. View full review »
Associate Dean Placements at KL university
A majority of this tool works on automation. For future prospects, this tool should 80 percent deal with neural networks, deep learning, and artificial intelligence and that has to be integrated a lot. As these are future skills, these integrations will help us take the tool to take to the next level. View full review »
Senior IT Design Analyst at a retailer with 1,001-5,000 employees
In the debugging mode, it writes all the logs to text files, but it doesn't ever clean them up. We had one that got to 200K, and it bogged our whole machine down. We couldn't figure out what was going on until we found out that we had a 200K file sitting out there. We would like some sort of maintenance on the log files going forward. View full review »
Sunil Ranka
Founder at Predikly
There have been a lot of nuances in the technologies that are missing. Being a tech company, where the technology is moving forward, I'm excited to see what is coming in the near future. At this point in time, the installation is one of the biggest challenges in terms of being on a particular instance. Also, we've been working very closely with Automation Anywhere on some of the integrations. There are some workarounds we have had to do, but I think in the newest features of version 11.3 there are things like callback, especially for the API integrations. We are looking forward to that. There is room for improvement in that it is still on Windows and there is no self-service. Even though the product is easy to use, there are some challenges when we move across different environments; there's a lot of setup needed. View full review »
Ayushi Bhargava
RPA Developer at Exacto Technologies
Reliability and error handling should be improved. View full review »
Technical Lead at a manufacturing company with 10,001+ employees
I would like more integration into the entire Microsoft Suite of products, not just Excel. Companies use all of Microsoft products at the same time, and being good at just one Microsoft tool is a limiting factor. Being able to use Microsoft Excel, Access, and Outlook together and have them integrated (as standard) into the tool would be very useful, especially when you go into attended automation. They keep rolling out more features in selected areas. They should broaden their scope. View full review »
Developer at ITC Infotech
I am looking for artificial intelligence and machine learning. I hope that they introduce them in A2019. I'm looking forward to what will be there in A2019 because that's the area that we need to go forward. We are looking for Automation Anywhere to put up their efforts to make it easier by incorporating artificial intelligence and machine learning. Along with RPA, this would make our automation journey very easy. We can bring more processes into automation, that's where I am looking for automation to focus on. View full review »
Sr Manager at a computer software company with 10,001+ employees
Some things that I do not see as of today are interactive chat or video interface. These are things that I will look for in future. I saw something like picture recognition, but something like a video or voice recognition is something that I'm looking for in the Automation Anywhere platform as an end user and even as a reseller. View full review »
Kumar Animesh
Senior Technical Consultant at Fujitsu India
I'd like to see the OCR feature be perfected. Today we get an accuracy ratio from OCR of around 40 percent to 50 percent only. Better OCR would be very useful in the industry because most of the documents in the banking sector are scanned and hand-written and they want to compare them with other documents. I would also like to see them provide more support: profile documents and guidance. It would also help to have use-case demos available publicly, not on the Automation Anywhere website. Overall, better promotion of the solution would be good for Automation Anywhere. View full review »
Automation Architect at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees
There are some places where Automation Anywhere needs improve a lot, especially from an integration perspective. We have had to build our own scripts to make this happen, building a bot in Automation Anywhere, along with some scripts. However, we have not yet implemented the Automation Anywhere MetaBots. So, once the MetaBots are implemented in our area, we should be able to achieve more. If the bots become more stable, we can completely avoid using our additional scripts. I would like to see the record management, data tracking, and database feature. Some of these have been implemented in the version 11. I have not used the latest release, version 11. Also, if some various cable features which come out with it, that will be really helpful. View full review »
Saketha Krishna
RPA Architect at Sage IT
We would like to be able to directly implement automation for Word documents and XML. Currently, we have to write a script or some code in Python, and there is no direct solution. Basically, I'm expecting some things that are more innovative. It would be great if technical support were a little faster. I would like to see more documentation for automation. View full review »
RPA Developer at Accenture
The Excel command has some limitations. They are working on it. Now, from what I have heard, it has 40 plus commands in the Excel operation, so that is a very good thing. Once that comes up, it would be a 10 out of 10 for Automation Anywhere. View full review »
RPA Consultant at Intellect Design Arena Ltd
We face some issues, but we can’t prove them again. They occurred sometimes, but don’t occur again. For example, I record a video when a bot is running, and it is working fine. Another time it is not working. We face issues with Excel file creation. I’m trying to create a file in Excel .xls. It is getting corrupted. In these type of scenarios, I am not able to prove the issue from my end. I give suggestions as a developer, and these are in the notes, and I have already raised a ticket. I got information from the support team as well. View full review »
Dhaneel Shanthpure
Founder and CEO at Digigro
The technical support needs to be improved. Often, this is the first time people are working with automation. I would like to see more marketing automation. I believe more marketing stuff can be automated through bots. Currently, marketing automation is not there. It needs machine learning to automate the process. This is something that I would like to see. View full review »
Automation Lead at a computer software company with 10,001+ employees
The cost of this solution can be improved. We have written applications that do the same thing as Automation Anywhere, but for less cost. View full review »
Project Manager at ANZ Banking Group
Older versions of Automation Anywhere required specific skill sets to use it. It is no longer like that. The version A2019 GUI allows you to drop and drop. View full review »
AI and RPA Practice Head at In2IT Technologies
As of now, it's only available on Windows machines. I would love if it were to also be available for Mac machines. That is something which is lacking as of now. A cloud version was also missing, but now, with the new A2019 version, that's coming. When I compare Automation Anywhere with the competition, some of the competitors have ready-made, off-the-shelf modules. For example, UiPath integrates with Windows AD. That is missing as of now in Automation Anywhere. If that became available it would also be great. View full review »
RPA Program Manager at a engineering company with 10,001+ employees
Automation Anywhere can be improved in certain areas specified in the cognitive zone where the information needs better OCR Engine + Machine Learning capabilities. Also, they can improve on the System Identified region function of the IQ Bot - Our team faced a tough time in handling that as we were not able to assign variable to System Identified Region as the IQ Bot tool wasn't allowing it. Also, we have had a certain issue while performing the WLM - Workload Management functionality, applying Queue mechanism becomes hard sometimes - Can be more intuitive for the end-users. View full review »
Chief Architect at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees
They could improve around continuous integration, e.g., Jenkins and GitHub, stating how you could use those products and integrating them into Automation Anywhere. This is one area that we need to see more improvement on. We had to learn a lot of this on our own, as it is unavailable and not documented. I would like for them to be more verbose in putting this in the documentation. In the next release, we would like to see more error handling functions for the bots, the ability to kill an errant bot, and have more visibility into a lot of the process flows going on in a more automated fashion. There is a lot guesswork in areas. View full review »
Senior RPA Developer at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees
I would like to have reading from a handwritten text, which they are bringing in the next version. That will be a good thing. View full review »
Eric Dalton
Business Apps at New Jersey Resources Corporation
Anything that can be done to simplify the solution. I would love to see it where anybody who can run Excel will be able to create bots. Right now, I am watching everyone around me struggle with the tool. I do think the tool is getting there. From an IT perspective, we had too many issues and headaches. From an IT perspective, the migration is still very complicated, getting everything set up and running. Security was an issue for us, as well. Developers had to come through our firewalls to develop bots, internally. However, they were coming through a Citrix platform, so there were breakpoints in things they were trying to automate, file servers they were trying to get to, and FTPs that they couldn't get through. I understand the next version will have support for Citrix, which might solve some of our problems. View full review »
Associate Consultant at KPMG
There are multiple features, like PDF integrations, which are coming up. Task-related features to PDF integrations are coming up nowadays, so people want those executed and improved a lot in Automation Anywhere. For improvement, I would like to see Automation Anywhere integrating with multiple other technologies. As of now, it is integrating with .NET. When it come to future technologies, I want Automation Anywhere to integrate with Python scripts, and make the execution easier. That will be very helpful, having our cognitive technologies interacting with Automation Anywhere. View full review »
Associate Manager at Accenture
* Cloud API vision and OCR engine integration should be more effective. * Auto-update of the Bot agent in runtime machines from Automation Anywhere control room server. * The import and export of the previous version bots to the latest version of A2019 should be more flexible and friendly for the end business users. * AI Sense recorder should be upgraded with additional features for better results. * SMTP mail features should come with migration options. All kind of VB scripts and Java scripts which we built using exiting version should support in this version. View full review »
Manager - Finance at Sterlite Power
If it is in the cloud, then you have a lot of scope of doing it even faster because you spend a lot of time in installation of virtual machines (VMs) alone. So, they are coming out with that, which is good. I believe that if there is some functional expertise within the organization, this helps in improving the process timelines even more because our current architects are totally IT-based. If they have some functionalities, that would help in automating processes faster. If we want automate some Automation Anywhere processes, we have to do it from scratch. If they are already there, we can use and scale them, then when can customize them. This is something worth thinking about. View full review »
Project Manager -Learning and Development at a computer software company with 10,001+ employees
The integration of IQ Bot, Bot Insight, and other products should be flawless, and the execution should be seamless, so this needs to be improved. The vendor should make recommendations based on our customer's requirements so that they can make the right choice. Automation Anywhere will sometimes announce releases or updates in their roadmap, and we wait for them, but they do not happen on time or at all. This happened, for example, when we had an issue with IQ Bot. We ended up waiting for two more months. View full review »
Shruthi Kamat
Sr Process Manager at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees
One aspect of the solution that needs improvement is with respect to its stability. There are a lot of issues in the tool. There are a lot of breakdowns. We report these issues to Automation Anywhere and they come back with a fix, but it takes some time. At least the fact that we know those errors up front really helps us to design the code. However, with respect to some features, we've finished designing and then we realize that it's not going to work, so all our effort goes wasted. View full review »
Amrutabandhu Choudhury
RPA Consultant at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees
It takes a lot of time to deploy, and sometimes it fails after a timeout. You cannot learn it quickly. Sometimes you build on one platform, but when you switch to another platform it doesn't deploy properly and it fails. The user interface should be enhanced to make things simpler for the user. It is important because while the RPA consultants have the relevant knowledge, not all of the individuals who use the tool will. Having a better dashboard for this would help. The solution should also be simplified. View full review »
Ravindra Kumar Muduli
Senior RPA Developer at ViS networks Pvt Lmt
Currently I am using AAEC 11.3.4 and A2019 version. Both are stable and have all the required features. If I will find anything which has to be focus on definitely recommend to AA team. View full review »
Prabir Roy
Manager at Eli Lilly and Company
We would like to see support for macOS, rather than just Windows machines. Whenever you start Automation Anywhere it opens the IE browser to notify you. It would be really great if you had the option to not open IE when it starts. If you want to use Chrome then there are three or four additional steps that need to be completed. View full review »
Sankarlal M
Consultant at Deloitte
The functionalities and UI could be improved. We have HTML mode and Windows mode, but Automation Anywhere is limited in this. It would be better if they were able to provide different specification modes. View full review »
RPA Developer at a financial services firm with 201-500 employees
In the previous version, we were facing auto login failure issues. The production machine would go down on a daily basis. Later, once we had stability, the tasks don't fail because of the object cloning issue. Therefore, all issues have been resolved in the new version. I'm happy with that. In the new version, we got options for running the bot in attended mode as well as unattended mode. Triggers work in the attended mode on Automation Anywhere. I would love it if we could use triggers in the unattended mode too. This way we can use the feature more in our IT sector. E.g., when any service or folder is accessed by unauthorized person, we want to be able to get an immediate trigger, even on "out of office", this would be helpful for my organization. View full review »
RPA Developer at a pharma/biotech company with 10,001+ employees
Security needs improvement. I need to understand the migration from desktop to cloud. There are questions around this that I need clarified, like: "How is it going to happen?" Migration is not easy. It will take time. Will the process be smooth? I have a few doubts. View full review »
Associate Director, Healthcare Technology Solutions at a consultancy with 5,001-10,000 employees
The ease of use is improving for development. We've had a lot of issues with the installation and performance on a variety of computers, onshore and offshore. Our network bounds multiple domains, and we've had issues there, as well. So, we are looking forward to the web-based development versions. The bot creation process is getting better. The general development process and change management deployment process is moving more towards enterprise-level and catching up with the more mature software industry around it. So far, the cognitive document processing is not available at the enterprise level. However, this is being worked on by Automation Anywhere. I would like them to start building continuity between employees and customer contacts. There are a lot of new features coming with the release of version 11. View full review »
Luis Romero
CIO at Binary Technologies Inc
I would like to have a bot as a service platform on AA Cloud. This would minimize the installation process, and we wouldn't need to have all the hardware to support the platform in-house. View full review »
Farid Karmadi
Site Operations Coordinator at a retailer with 5,001-10,000 employees
We want it to work with more APIs. It needs to integrate with multiple APIs. That would be something that I would like going forward. Currently, it does not work that well with legacy tools. It is a bit wonky with HTML when I'm working with it. There are times when it's not able to detect the technology that we are using. I don't know whether it's an Automation Anywhere issue or an internal issue. I want it to work smoothly with more technologies. View full review »
Principal Analyst at a consumer goods company with 10,001+ employees
They might add some features that competing products already have and do something to help reduce deployment time. View full review »
RPA Program Manager at Agility
Whatever I was thinking for version 11.3, it's being implemented in the A2019. For example, it is great that the product will be: * Integrating with cognitive analytics. * Integrating with Azure. * I can write scripts. In version 11.3, if I want to write a Python script, then I write an ESX file. This is gone in version A2019. View full review »
Bruno Rocha
Workforce Coordinator at a mining and metals company with 10,001+ employees
I would like more integration around main applications, e.g., SAP. Automation Anywhere has to keep their RPA tool connected to everything to maintain it in the RPA market. View full review »
Punith Venkatesh
Consultant at a tech services company with 501-1,000 employees
Citrix should be more stable. MetaBot helps getting data from SAP, but we still have some cases where we cannot fetch data from SAP. They should improve this. They could add more commands that we can find in other tools. In emails that we have to download, we cannot read the MS docs. There is another type of procedure that we have to follow to find these things and download them. We are doing most of these things in a MetaBot format. For SAP and Excel, we are also using MetaBots. These commands need to be improved, especially in Excel because they are only a limited number of commands for Excel. Other tools have very good Excel commands, but Automation Anywhere lags here. View full review »
Project Manager at a manufacturing company with 10,001+ employees
There are security certifications on the tool, but there are still places where our organization has highlighted that there needs to be an improvement on data-related encryption. That is something which needs to be changed or improved. My main worry is about the security. My organization is very concerned about the data. Data in transit is mostly covered through encryption or TLS 1.2, but there are few things which have been identified which need to be improved. We need a better way of getting upgrades or defect fixes. It is creating problems for us, as we have to go for a completely new version. Maintaining and managing existing bots, then coming up with new ones takes a lot of time. We would rather have a batch fix than an installation to an installation. View full review »
IT Director at a tech services company with 1,001-5,000 employees
We are still looking into some of its current capabilities, like IT Bot. View full review »
Business Transformation Manager at a maritime company with 10,001+ employees
We have had some difficulty with ease of use. As far as getting the overall architecture setup, we had a lot of difficulties ensuring the control room was installed correctly and that we were setting up our runner machines correctly, as well. Some of that was due to our own IT not being fully up-to-date on the process and being properly informed. We also just found the install procedures somewhat cumbersome to use. In addition, we have had some difficulties getting it to interact in predictable ways with our in-house software. We would like a smoother process for moving bots and tasks between the different development environments, from development to testing to production. We find this to be pretty cumbersome to work through. View full review »
Tech Lead at a tech services company with 501-1,000 employees
I would like to see more stability around scheduling a bot to run headless. I believe version 11 may be more stable and have less issues when trying to run headless. View full review »
Chetankumar K
Lead Consultant at a tech services company with 501-1,000 employees
The main problem that we see is migrating data from one system to other system. This is where a human comes into the picture. While we can do Excel crude data going into an ERP system, we would like it going forward if the Excel to SAP integration had a higher focus in the coming features. The Excel functions that we see are currently very limited. While I have not tested it, I have seen these functions expanded in version A2019. I would like more detailed activity logging of what the client does. Currently, it just shows that a task started, then a task has ended. We want more detail around this for our clients, especially for error logging. E.g., we had to create an encrypted log for our clients to see what happens every second for every step. We made this in a CSV, and that CSV can be accessed by anyone who can change it. If Automation Anywhere could integrate this into the Control, that would be great. View full review »
Associate Principal at Bristlecone
Looking at the POC's requirements and use cases, our customers are asking us for the OCRing of handwritten documents. This is a feature we would like to see included in the next release. We would like a web-based product for implementation in the cloud. The licensing needs to be made simpler or shortened. You need to be able to bundle the licenses for clients. Instead of asking for three licenses, which sometimes causes the customer to panic, I would like to have one bundle with three licenses contained within it. It is essentially the same thing but would make more sense to the customer. It is just a different mindset. View full review »
James Luxford
VP Automation at Genpact
We're in a digital world where everything's evolving. AI is coming out, so just looking at keeping moving, introducing new innovations into the product, nothing specific. The Automation Anywhere teams seem to know what the customers want. View full review »
Solution Manager at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees
* The development environment needs to be improved. * Making edits across files is hard. * Not being able to resize Windows has proven challenging. View full review »
Senior Associate, IT at a financial services firm with 201-500 employees
It does not easily integrate with customized solutions. I would like to see more Excel functionality, especially around the copy and paste functions. A lot of our business users utilize the copy/paste special values. We are currently not getting any formatting, etc. It is just a raw data set. To fix this, there are some workarounds that Automation Anywhere needs to build into the app. This would make it a lot easier for us. Automation Anywhere should better vet their partners and resellers for their packs. View full review »
Senior Manager at a pharma/biotech company with 10,001+ employees
The areas that need improvement are the license management, user access permission, user role access management, and technical support. We have had many challenges in managing the roles through user automation, but we have heard that 2019 has something new, so we will wait and see. View full review »
RPA Developer at Verizon Communications
With Citrix, we need a dedicated server to work with it. This has become complicated, as it is not easy to pull all the systems together into one place. It would be better if the Automation Anywhere team could make this easy and simple. We would like to see AI incorporated into the tool. With the cognitive capabilities, they need to be improved to handle unstructured data. The screen scrapping needs to be improved. Some of the commands, like object cloning and OCR, are not so reliable when we are automating five to ten websites into the same task. Also, when we autofill fields, the comments are not so reliable. View full review »
Senior Vice President and Digital Leader at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees
I have not seen bots working efficiently in the area of reporting. View full review »
User at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees
I would like to see a built-in read-only role for the control room so that the bot creators can log in and monitor the production environment without any auditing concerns. Currently, our development team cannot log into the production control room, due to audit concerns, and it would be beneficial to see the bots running, confirm the schedules, etc. View full review »
RPA Developer at a manufacturing company with 10,001+ employees
When using MetaBot, we cannot viably search inside it. When we debugging the automation, we cannot see where the automation goes after doing a subtask. The object cloning is inaccurate sometimes, but this can be improved with future versions. For A2019, I am looking for a faster running bot because I am still experiencing delays when running the bot. View full review »
Senior Application Developer at a financial services firm with 5,001-10,000 employees
It has been challenging integrating Automation Anywhere with other solutions, due to all of the controls, as we are a bank. We are really excited to have Python run directly from the bots. This would be a massive upgrade, as we could integrate AI even further with the solution. There is room for improvement in AI, but they are working on it. They can work more on integrating the code. I would like to see more similar examples where we don't have to create the code in the bot, but can create the code in the Workbench. View full review »
Harish Bennalli
Senior App Developer at a financial services firm with 1,001-5,000 employees
In the 10.7 version, the back-end port for the MetaBot password has looping. This has been a type of limitation. Now, we are upgrading and integrating the Control Room, which is a validating feature. I would like them to add OCR features. This would help us deal with unstructured data and we can get more data out of images. I would like to see more features related to artificial intelligence. View full review »
Operations Leader at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees
The product is not the best that it could be. There is always room to improve it a bit more. They are heading in the right direction with their innovations. View full review »
Associate Manager at a pharma/biotech company with 10,001+ employees
I would like this solution to be supported on a Mac. Right now, we are using a VM with Automation Anywhere installed inside it, but it would be nice if the solution could be used on macOS. I would like to see instructional videos on how to use this solution. View full review »
Bvs Siva
Architect at a computer software company with 10,001+ employees
In the next release of this solution, I would like to see a plug-and-play tool for NLP programming. This solution needs to have more support for big data, including decision-making abilities. View full review »
Shankar Narayan
Automation Leader at Hexaware Technologies Limited
The focus on usability and user experience is bang on. Addressing several personas and making it easy for every persona to adopt and embrace is the spot on focus. That's an area that has a lot more room to improve. In the absence of that, the skills and expertise in the industry are going to struggle and if you need broader adoption, which has maximum potential, the persona-based user experience is a focus and I'd say Automation Anywhere is already working on. View full review »
More support required to be embedded in the SMART Recorder for SAP objects. IQ Bot should be available embedded as a feature on the developer client and not as a separate product. Some NLP AI is required to work in combination with RPA, especially for reading unstructured emails. View full review »
Jayaraj Pachiyappan
Senior Analyst at a computer software company with 10,001+ employees
I would like to have some of the features that I have seen for future releases. I'm using the outdated version, as compared to the current one. That's the reason I'm rating it as a seven out of 10. If I was using the latest version and all its features, then I might rate it a bit higher. View full review »
RPA Business Lead at World Bank
OCR capabilities are what we're looking for. We started using IQ Bot but we are not utilizing it to the extent that we would like because of some technical issues. We would like to see some development on that side. It would also help if they integrated AI and other predictive analytics into this solution. View full review »
Manager - Digital Strategy at WorleyParsons
Additional features should involve the Cognitive Section where we need more Advance solutions involving ML & AI. We have entered into the Cognitive zone where our solutions are much more advanced in nature due to the complexity involved in the Use Cases. Structured Data require a higher level of data analysis and grouping. We also recommend Automation Anywhere to start incorporating Plugin with Open Source Softwares so that we are able to build robust solutions - presently custom scripting is limited. The automation team can also explore the Oil & Gas sector as a target sector as this Industry have lots of potential and they need to foray in the Digital world in the near future. View full review »
Jiaming Deng
Developer at Normandy Insurance
The only challenge is knowing the process of using the software. I would like to have Git implemented with the version control system. Sometimes, the recorder from Automation Anywhere does not work well and is inaccurate. This should be improved. View full review »
Payal Handiwala
Automation Architect at Moody's Corporation
More interactions with PDFs would be great for Automation Anywhere. The ability to use more legacy technology for object cloning, flash plugins, etc. A lot of their Excel commands could use some improvement. I noticed sometimes the functions don't work properly or the ability to use over a macro isn't as efficient. So, definitely the Excel commands and the ability to use formulas for Excel could use improvement. View full review »
Will Haskell
Supervisor at a energy/utilities company with 5,001-10,000 employees
We would like to have collapsible code loops. It would be nice to upload a project, instead of individual files, so we can look at file and versions changes. We would like to have more features inline with our traditional IDE, like what is in Visual Studio. View full review »
Senior RPA Developer at Ernst & Young
With the IQ Bots that use AI, I want to see more features using that type of machine learning and artificial intelligence in their products. View full review »
Automation Developer at Schlumberger
I would like to see some more with the Excel commands that they have. Also, with the cognitive, that is coming up we need to see what else they have, e.g., some SAP features to enhance the product more. View full review »
Automation Developer at Schlumberger
With the upcoming version, they have addressed all the issues of the clients. They have AI and ML. The GUI is good. The cloud has been included. So, it's promising that they have now included these. We have to see how much we can get used to it. View full review »
Chief IT Architect at a consultancy with 10,001+ employees
Our developers are looking forward to code versioning. I would like to see GitHub or GitLab integration in the next version. It would be nice to have more screen scraping features for legacy systems. This needs improvement, because it doesn't work very well at the moment. I would also like to see cloud capabilities, but they announced that is coming. View full review »
Bhaskar R
Sr Site Operations Coordinator at a retailer with 5,001-10,000 employees
I would like to be able to look at the steps that are completed as a process is running. It would be helpful if we could start running a process from a particular step. In the drag-and-drop interface, it would be helpful to have interactive hints, or notes, about what is happening and what the different choices are. This would make it easier to learn. View full review »
RPA Developer at Ernst & Young
Although, IQ Bot has data being extracted from it. It can improve with more features, like handwritten copies that are readable. Anyway, the IQ Bot is coming out in a bit, and I'm sure we will go with it. View full review »
Digital Analyst at a energy/utilities company with 1,001-5,000 employees
Working with the Automation Anywhere servers and domains have proven to be difficult. We are trying to get more licenses and servers set up, so we can run multiple scenarios simultaneously. I am excited for the web browser Automation Anywhere. This will be helpful for us because the solution is limited to our team at the moment. A web browser solution would allow us to expand it to different teams. View full review »
Shreyas Natesh
RPA Developer at Merck KGaA
When it comes to reading email, this solution is unstable and improvements need to be made. Specifically, it should be able to handle email based on the subject or the email sender. View full review »
Jane Adams
Information Technology Specialist at RBC
The starting price, which is a one-off fee is a bit high and this may deter mid and small-sized companies from acquiring and decide to shun the platform. It ought to be broken down into monthly installments, where the billing of using the platform is done monthly. This will increase its absorption in the market. The vendor should increase the training and other engagements with users before they acquire the platform, as this will simplify its usage further and ensure that there no hindrances in using the platform. View full review »
Business Technology Analyst at a consultancy with 5,001-10,000 employees
The version that we are using has been difficult for us to code. As changes are very frequent, we have to make sure the code can be updated automatically so we don't have to make a change every time a user makes a change. Then, the user doesn't have to update us and we don't have to push a change to production. We have found a workaround with the help of the Automation Anywhere support people for this. Automation Anywhere is launching a new UI where you can add your own liabilities. That is a very good feature that is coming up. I would like some proper user manual guides where we can debug the problems on our own because the community feels stranded at the moment. You can't go and just find a solution. The solutions for the community are pretty small for now. We need it to be intelligent on its own, and that is not possible with an RPA solution. View full review »
Navinkumar Sadasivam
Quality Analyst at a computer software company with 10,001+ employees
From a QA and development perspective, we would like to communicate with the tech support through email and have that put in the dashboard. This would let us better track the ticket and make it easier for us to communicate with Automation Anywhere. They recently integrate Oracle and SQL. I would like to have more integration and feature going forward. View full review »
Vikram Chitale
Process Leader Purchase to Pay at Eaton
We have some ERPs tools which are not compatible with Automation Anywhere because they are legacy systems. We find that Automation Anywhere does not work with these at times. Just enabling the usability of Automation Anywhere on some of these legacy ERPs would help us, as we struggle regularly with this issue. View full review »
Jian Chen
Systems Engineer at a insurance company with 1,001-5,000 employees
There are a few things that could be done better, so we can monitor properly. They need to improve in terms of development and enhancements. We need to get the right feature sets in place as an enterprise. We would like to use Citrix going forward. We use Bot Runners to scale up, and it gets to be expensive. Using Citrix, it can mitigate costs. View full review »
Jiajan Shen
Project Management Officer at FDA
I believe version 11 is much better than the previous version we were using. They should make the product smarter. The bot we use right now is kind of fundamentally basic loop-based. We really want to see a little bit more advanced capability, that way we can undertake more comprehensive tasks. View full review »
Consultant at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees
The GUI can be improved by making it more user-friendly. Python integration is coming with the next release, and they should expand on that. View full review »
Jeffery Gant
IT Business Partner at Lyondell Basel Industries
Getting the bot design into the developer's hands is taking longer than we initially anticipated. I like the ability to grant specific permissions to specific users and want to see this rolled out in future versions. View full review »
Senior Manager Development at a tech services company with 501-1,000 employees
I am looking forward to seeing writing on Linux in the web and WorkBatch in the next release. View full review »
Subrina Mahmood
Director, Corporate Financial Planning & Analysis at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees
For now, because we just started using Automation Anywhere recently, it's probably a little difficult for me to answer that (room for improvement). But from the feedback that I've received from the team, it is a great tool. We're definitely looking forward to using it more in the future. Because we are very new to our process, so we're still sort of working through it. One of the features that I just learned about in this particular conference yesterday was about the Enterprise addition that they're just coming out with. I think in about six or seven days. So, that's very exciting because I don't particularly come from a programming background. I think it'll be really easy for us to continue to do more RPA-related processes, and not necessarily have to worry about having the right programmer on the team, or programmers, for that matter. View full review »
Configuration Specialist at a energy/utilities company with 1,001-5,000 employees
I know Automation Anywhere is available for front-end applications, but I don't know how it deals with the back-end. If they are sending technology which comes through to the back-end, that would be a big evolution in the industry. Citrix is only in the development stage. Automation Anywhere could put some time into improving this more. View full review »
Process Improvement Manager at a comms service provider with 10,001+ employees
There are general performance issues which are probably being addressed in the latest versions. To clarify, we currently we don’t have any issues, but during our implementation we had cases for which we needed to open tickets with the AA helpdesk. View full review »
Diego Salas
Senior Software Developer at Experian
MetaBots and Control Room may have some room for improvement. View full review »
Infrastructure Manager at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees
I would like a better code migration solution, because this is something that we do a lot. View full review »
Prabu Baskaran
RPA Specialist at a manufacturing company with 1-10 employees
We could use more accuracy with IQ Bot. We want to automate fully with Citrix. However, we are only able to do this at 70 to 80 percent. View full review »
Shashikumar Kasarla
MTS IV Consultant at a comms service provider with 10,001+ employees
It is a difficult solution to use for back-end processes. We can automate easily, but we have to use more functions. We would like to see more GUI-based automation instead. They do not include the basic functionality of column headers in Excel worksheets. This is missing, and we need it. We cannot currently copy data and send it on an email. View full review »
Digital Product Coordinator at a retailer with 5,001-10,000 employees
I want the tool to be more stabilized. After three or four hours, the navigation keeps changing. We will be running error handling for 8,000 process and the system will fail. We need it to be more stable. I would like a detailed description of all the features in a PDF explaining their significance and what they do. View full review »
Siva Gangavarapu
RPA Developer at Qualcomm Incorporated
I make changes, but when updates happen, then I have to make those changes again. This has to be fixed from the product side, so we are not continuously making changes again after updates. It takes us four to five weeks to develop a bot and the upgrades erase a lot of that work, because it takes another two weeks of small coding changes after an upgrade has been released. We are looking forward to seeing additional features in version 11.3, such as the new APIs and MetaBot features. They are also adding Jenkins and AWS. View full review »
Technical Architect at a computer software company with 10,001+ employees
Built-in HTML features are lagging in this solution, whereas in UiPath, they are very good. We would like to see more improvements in the ability to retrieve region data because, currently, this is the reason that some of our automations fail. View full review »
RPA Lead Architect at a manufacturing company with 10,001+ employees
We would like to have more ease of use for the operations team. There are still bugs in it. We are waiting to get to the newest version to resolve our bug issues. We just upgraded from version 10 to 11.3 this week. We would like to have quicker turnaround times. View full review »
Anantha Kancherla
AVP Solutions at CIGNEX Datamatics
It is reasonably useful for developers. It can be a challenge for a developer, as it limits what they can do. I would like centralized orchestration and better exception handling in the next release. Because of the stability of the application and how it interacts with some of our legacy applications, it does cause difficulties. View full review »
Yash Parikh
Project Manager at Nine A Business Connect
I would like OCR for video and text using the IQ Bot. It should also be available in an email tag format. I am waiting for them to add Java code. View full review »
Arumugam Subramanyam
Solution Architect at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees
They need to improve the speed. It runs too slowly. There are some setup limitations: * There is no direct passing mechanism to manipulate adjacent data and send it back to the server. * There is not one task that lets you debug everything. Version 11.3 already has a lot of things that we want: quickness, ease, bigger, and more functions. View full review »
Vatsal Shah
Application Engineer at NineA business connect
We have had issues with stability in the past, and there should be a function that helps you to find out what is wrong with your environment that is causing the automation to fail. We would like to have more information on how Python integration works, and how easily it can be done. View full review »
Senior Manager at Genpact - Headstrong
An additional feature we would like to see is the inclusion of a particular kind of scripting in the development environment itself. View full review »
Software Engineering Manager at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees
The bot creation process is easy enough with its drag and drop, then add some logic. However, once you're done with it, you can't really work outside the tool that the AI provides. It is drag and drop, then work right there. View full review »
RPA Developer at Verizon Communications
The commands are not working 100 percent as the developers thought that they would. We tried Citrix six months ago, but the solution that they gave us did not work in our environment. I would like the IQ Bot to have plug and play functionality. View full review »
Sreeraj Nadarajan
Service Intergration Expert at a pharma/biotech company with 10,001+ employees
A lot more can be done to make the solution easy for developer to use. While it is good as a base product, it could have better logging and alerting features. We would like the tools to have more usability, especially for humans in the middle. Other solution features which are offered by competitors, like IBM, should now be part of the part of the Automation Anywhere suite of products. I need high value products to be created, so I need integration with other solutions. Machine learning and AI need to be integrated with Automation Anywhere. While IQ Bot is a good beginning, our company does not work with manual paperwork since we are already digital. We would like to see more integration with cognitive tools going forward. View full review »
Vandana Khanna
Sr Manager Emerging Tech at Verizon Wireless
We had initial hiccups, like any new process. It took us six to eight months to sort the product out. It has been two years, and we know what we are doing and which use case work better for us. We would like to use the mobile feature and give access to our users, but we don't know how. View full review »
Alexandre Dusseault
Technical Lead at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees
The object cloning that exists cannot capture 80 percent of the objects that we need it to capture. View full review »
Mohan Negi
Senior Consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers
I would like Automation Anywhere to integrate with Google activities, like Google Sheets. While this should be available in A2019, I would like it to be scaled more. Version A2019 will have better error handling. They are also adding Python script. I would like them to add dictionaries to it. View full review »
User at a comms service provider with 10,001+ employees
In the Microsoft Excel features, it needs a command to wait for a calculation to complete. In Microsoft Excel, why isn't it possible to share a session in different tasks? It's complicated to program all of the commands in the same tasks (loss of overview). The Filter function only supports four commands (Mouse/Key/Delay). In the Optical Overview for the Loop command, an if/else would be helpful. View full review »
Senior Software Engineer at Thirdware Solution Ltd.
I feel A2019 is still not completely ready and the discontinuing of version 11 is a negative impact for all of the users and clients. I feel version 11 should still be continued and it should be the client's choice whether they want to buy version 11 or A2019. View full review »
Aishwary Nigam
Senior RPA Analyst at TATA consultancy
They are launching cloud into the market, which is very good. They need to improve the OCR engine which is not up to the market. We still cannot use IQ Bot with our documents. They have to work on the OCR and object cloning features. However, I have not used version A2019 and cannot comment on the latest Automation Anywhere updates. View full review »
Senior Group Manager at a financial services firm with 1,001-5,000 employees
We have had some quirkiness happen when integrating the Automation Anywhere with other solutions, such as weird Excel issues or temperamental legacy system issues. View full review »
Robotic Process Automation Manager at Imerys
The support and user community need improvement. For example, it would be nice to have a place for those who create bots to have a place to share information and success stories. View full review »
Surendra H
Head, Computer Science at Christ University
Automation Anywhere has to be integrated with machine learning and AI systems to read images and videos, then put the information into another format. View full review »
Manish Kumar
Software Engineer at a energy/utilities company with 10,001+ employees
We would like to see the scalability improve from a local perspective. View full review »
Devesh Gupta
Architect at Maximus
One of the things that the product should have is to add more advanced level developer capabilities into the platform. I know it is easy for business, non-technical people. However, for the developers, there should be some more features within the product so they can build advanced level use cases much faster. View full review »
Vinay Sridhar
IT Team Lead at a manufacturing company with 1,001-5,000 employees
We are looking forward to seeing it in the cloud and how it works there. It needs more functionality and customizability for bots. View full review »
Product Manager at a university with 5,001-10,000 employees
* I would like to see more complex use cases coming out for our industry. * I would like to know how it can scale using enterprise data, especially for back office. View full review »
Software Developer at a insurance company with 10,001+ employees
The solution doesn't offer all the capabilities that we need, so we have to use it in conjunction with other software. The bot creation process is a little tricky, since our company is not setup to accommodate a bot. Therefore, it has been a bit tricky and time consuming. However, we are getting there. I would like to see more capabilities in the next release. View full review »
Application Lead at a financial services firm with 1,001-5,000 employees
A lot of the features that I want to see going forward will be included in the next release. We have been a little frustrated by the frequency of cache releases. View full review »
Associate IT Developer at a healthcare company with 10,001+ employees
Better support for Excel is needed because there are a lot of limitations and we are having issues with it. We do a lot of Excel work, and if we could use it as a database then it would help a lot. View full review »
Manoj Baalebail
VP RPA Delivery at Genpact
Improvement areas will be there for everybody. I think one area which I would like to see improvement is in IQ Bot. Maybe it has improved a lot in version 11 X but I think that that's one area which definitely scope to improve. View full review »
Developer at a financial services firm with 11-50 employees
I would like to have a command that allows me to add code, like C#. As a developer, this would be helpful. View full review »
Matt Rethlake
RPA Business Analyst at Franklin Electric
I would like to see a bot button. View full review »
Director at a tech services company with 51-200 employees
I just came to understand that there is a cloud attached to it. I would like to see how the cloud is going to work, because every application is coming out with a cloud version. If you are not on-premise, then you will need to have Citrix automation. View full review »
I have noticed that after the bots have been delivered to run in a production environment, there are issues in terms of quality and performance. For example, if the government website takes too long to respond, or there is an apostrophe in names, then these exceptions are not handled in the bot. I would like to see a higher quality in the final bots that are delivered to production. View full review »
André Scher
CEO at Auctus
I would like to see web and cloud-based platforms for future releases. View full review »
Ajay Jeyaraman
Advisory at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees
While you don't a coding skill set as a business user, you do need to have some knowledge before using the product. We would like Automation Anywhere to have a way to run a capacity check on machines and show us what is available. View full review »
Krishna Kishore Paraselli
Senior Architect at a comms service provider with 10,001+ employees
The bot processing is a bit slow. View full review »
Developer at a financial services firm with 5,001-10,000 employees
The product is still lacking some features. However, I know that Automation Anywhere is continually improving it. View full review »
Vaibhav Jain
Senior Tech Advisor at Ernst & Young
While the ease of use for non-tech users is good, it could be improved. I would like to see extensive OCR capabilities in the next release. That is a must. They need to make the solution more robust. View full review »
RPA Developer at a consultancy with 10,001+ employees
We need more commands for PDF integration to make it more flexible. View full review »
Juan Polania
Specialist at Bancolombia
My team has taken courses through the Automation Anywhere University. The courses have been good. They have helped us, but it could improve some things, like how the courses are designed. View full review »
VP Corporate Finance Systems at a financial services firm with 1,001-5,000 employees
I would like to have a cloud-based version with support. View full review »
Consultant at Deloitte
While we have been developing over time, there have been issues with stability. The speed of automation needs to be improved. View full review »
Shyam Sundar Govindan
Developer at Tata Consultancy Services
I would like to see integration better integration with Excel and SAP. View full review »
ERP Reporting Manager at a healthcare company with 5,001-10,000 employees
I would like better support for migration objects. View full review »
Developer at a energy/utilities company with 1,001-5,000 employees
I would like the product to have more capabilities going forward. View full review »
I would like to see them expand the service catalog with RCA add-ons to the current RPA package. View full review »
Supply Chain Manager at a manufacturing company with 1,001-5,000 employees
I would like to have the ability to schedule bots by whichever one is available. View full review »
Executive Director at a tech services company with 5,001-10,000 employees
They could improve the learning curve. View full review »
Soumyadeep Paul
Manager - FP&A at Sterlite Power
A Cloud-based version of this solution would reduce dependence on architecture. Better use case management to prevent each development from scratch would be an improvement. View full review »
Continuous Improvement Manager at a energy/utilities company with 10,001+ employees
We would like it to be more user-friendly. View full review »
George Bennett
Vice President Business Development at myInvenio
I am interested in discovery, and what this means for companies like mine. I think the pricing model should be more flexible. View full review »
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