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Jul 31 2017

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Valuable Features The most valuable feature of Avanan is its Anti-Malware solution for Office 365, and box.com. • Improvements to My Organization As stated earlier, Avanan was not implemented in Telstra corporate environment, due to a business case budget limitation. • Room for Improvement Integration with various SaaS offerings, who are leading in the SaaS market. Examples include: SNOW (ServiceNow), Salesforce.com • Stability Issues Not really (through the PoC exercise). • Customer Service and Technical Support Not applicable. • Initial Setup Straightforward. • Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing Good pricing arrangement as an SaaS offering. • Other Solutions Considered Not really, as there are limited options re: CASB products. • Other...

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What is Avanan?

Avanan is The Cloud Security Platform. Protect all your SaaS applications using tools from over 60 industry-leading vendors in just one click.

How can Avanan protect any SaaS with any security in just one click? We 'cloudify' over 60 best-of-breed security solutions and connect them directly to your SaaS account without rerouting traffic or using a proxy. It takes just seconds to build the most complete security stack from the industry’s most trusted names in malware protection, data leak prevention, encryption, endpoint compliance and more.

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