Awake Security Platform Overview

Awake Security Platform is the #4 ranked solution in our list of top Network Detection and Response (NDR) tools. It is most often compared to Darktrace: Awake Security Platform vs Darktrace

What is Awake Security Platform?

Awake Security is the only advanced network traffic analysis company that delivers a privacy-aware solution capable of detecting and visualizing behavioral, mal-intent and compliance incidents with full forensics context. Powered by Ava, Awake’s security expert system, the Awake Security Platform combines federated machine learning, threat intelligence and human expertise. The platform analyzes billions of communications to autonomously discover, profile and classify every device, user and application on any network. Through automated hunting and investigation, Awake uncovers malicious intent from insiders and external attackers alike. The company is ranked #1 for time to value because of its frictionless approach that delivers answers rather than alerts.

Awake Security Platform is also known as Awake.

Awake Security Platform Buyer's Guide

Download the Awake Security Platform Buyer's Guide including reviews and more. Updated: June 2021

Awake Security Platform Customers

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Chief Security Officer
Real User
Gives us the capabilities of a Tier 4 analyst without hiring one; at a glance we can see what's happening in our environment

What is our primary use case?

I'm primarily using it for viewing lateral movement within my network of suspicious activities. It's my internal monitoring of behaviors of endpoints inside my network, going outbound.

Pros and Cons

  • "The most valuable feature is the ability to see suspicious activity for devices inside my network. It helps me to quickly identify that activity and do analysis to see if it's expected or I need to mitigate that activity quickly."
  • "There's room for improvement with some of the definitions, because I don't have time and I'm not a Tier 4 analyst. I believe that is something they're working towards."

What other advice do I have?

My advice would certainly be to do a PoC to make sure it works in your environment. The way your network is configured is going to have a big impact on whether this tool works for you. If you can't get your traffic to go through a single or a reasonable number of exit points to the internet, it may not be a complete solution for you. When I was working at that larger company, I probably would have used this in our engineering lab environment because those guys were like the "Wild West" and deployed whatever they wanted whenever they wanted, and that was usually my biggest concern. I probably…