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Jan 05 2021

What are your favorite tools to use in a deployment pipeline? 

Odoardo MajnardiJenkins as open source choice
reviewer1055109Jenkins,  git, nexus, sonar qube, ansible, aws
reviewer1055109git, Jenkins, sonarqube, nexus, eclipse, 
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Jan 04 2021

How do you overcome the challenges associated with implementing a deployment pipeline?

KulbhushanMayerActually there are few, that varies depending on current maturity level of… more »
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We know that there are many release automation tools available on the market to support software release processes. However, there are usually best practices when it comes to using software to automate processes. 

Can you share some tips on how to get the most out of release automation software to improve software release management processes?

Yves VindevogelFor proper release automation, I would suggest the following good practices… more »
MohamedEl AzzouziI propose GitLab Enterprise Ultimate and SonarQube 7.2. You can use GitLab for… more »
Kangkan GoswamiTips to better release management depends upon the current maturity. For an… more »