AWS Outposts Valuable Features

Pa Sha
Product Director, ICDC Open Source Hybrid Cloud at IBA Group
All of the features are similar. All the hybrid cloud solutions are the same as our own. We have a similar solution called ICDC Model 2020. They provide a limited set of cloud services dealing with itself. Because if you go to Amazon, Azure, Alibaba Cloud, or IBM Cloud, you will see a huge amount of functionality regarding compute network, storage, API tools, and so on. When we are referring to the hybrid cloud, they are limited by functionality. And almost all provide general services like compute storage, network, databases, but not all end Kubernetes. In Amazon's case, Elastic Cloud Services; EKS, Elastic Kubernetes Service provide EBS. If you compare with the full bundle of these services, you can see the difference. This is enough for these locations in private data centers. Because the main reasons why the customers want to have it on their side are for the low latency and the security of their critical data. View full review »