Axcient x360Recover Primary Use Case

Director of Field Strategy at a tech services company with 11-50 employees
Typically, most of our customers that have been using this solution have been using it when they need to have some sort of local recovery, but they want to have a cloud-based solution in the event of a disaster. We've been kind of using it as our disaster solution as a company. We sell it to the customers as a local recovery with the ability to failover to the local appliance, and then In the event of a true disaster, failover to the cloud. Our use case is basically for anybody who needs to have a local failover or local availability for a high RTO, RPO type of thing. We are a managed service provider, so we typically manage this solution for the customer. We have access to it, but the customers usually have one or two people that also have access to it. In most cases, they are either the systems administrator or whoever's in charge of backup and recovery. They have access to the console so that they can do basic recovery of regular files and folders as needed. Anytime there's any type of, let's say, a major restore — so restoring the entire VM or back to a physical box, or even failing over to the appliance —, that's something that we would be involved in and we would do. View full review »