Barracuda CloudGen Firewall Valuable Features

Israel Caravantes
COO at i-Track Systems Development, S.A. de C.V.
Barracuda has a very simple interface, very good security, all the features of the best firewalls in the market, but with a very friendly interface. Something that we've seen that Barracuda, and some other brands also, have. When you program the firewall to detect certain kinds of attacks, Barracuda can detect that kind of attack and automatically insulate, or remove, or encapsulate the very specific IP, if it's internal. And if it's external it just blocks any kind of communication with that specific IP. If you want, Barracuda will warn the security team. If you allow, or release, that IP, it will continue communication. If not, it will block it forever, or until you release it. Internally, we'll remove it until you release also, but we allow the IT team to review what is happening with that particular piece of equipment, a computer, a laptop, a server, any kind of device into which a "back door" can be opened or through which they're trying to get some information. Barracuda can help with that. That is one of the most important features we've seen with Barracuda. I cannot mention the name, due to the NDA that we have signed with a financial company, a financial entity. But we implemented Barracuda with them. Right now they are monitoring all the information that their employees are managing. If an employee tries to get or move a file that is not permitted to them - for example if he wants to copy it to a USB - he will not have the right to do that, because Barracuda manages who has the right to copy, and what you copy to a USB. The USB is encrypted with a specific code from Barracuda and will only be decrypted into any other laptop in the company if they allow it to see it. Even in the network, a feature of Windows is to see how you are sharing files. Barracuda can help you to monitor how you are moving files. When you are sending information to an external email address, Barracuda can warn you when you are trying to access a private or personal email, or trying to upload information; it's not allowing you to do that. That was the biggest feature that that financial entity admired in Barracuda, among others. Easy integration with some other systems like LDAP or Active Directory to manage other permissions and the division of external access and internal access. View full review »
Taradutt Pant
Founder at let's-ConnectIndia
Live monitoring of what is happening inside and with the interfaces, either ingress or egress - this is a good feature of the device. Secondly, most people use enterprise applications remotely, and there is no license for SSL VPN, or in other words point-to-site. There is no limit. On other devices there is a specific limit and you have to pay per use for SSL VPN. Single sign-on is also good. If you are accessing your corporate firewall from your home, during that time there is an integration with the AD. You can use your AD's password to access your SSL VPN. It's not like if you buy a traditional SSL VPN. You have to define a specific password for your remote client application but there is no requirement of defining a specific password - which you would have to request from your admin - or to buy a token which can generate a password for your integration. You can directly integrate with your AD. If you change your password on the AD side, your client-to-VPN password also gets changed. You can integrate all your passwords from a single console. The admin doesn't has to change your password, it's a single sign-on. View full review »
System Administrator at a K-12 educational company or school with 201-500 employees
* It is easy to use. * It actually works really well. * Barracuda is very prompt at blocking any new spam which comes out. View full review »
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Rene Ortega
System Engineer at a tech consulting company with 501-1,000 employees
The most valuable feature for us is the ability to offer firewall support to our clients. View full review »
Network Administrator at a software R&D company with 51-200 employees
* Ease of use and troubleshooting. * Very easy to quickly identify issues and resolve them. * Add-on features such as Virus Scanning, ATP, and web filtering - These features add another level of protection and block malware before it gets to the end user. * Single device, multiple functions - I do not need to purchase a web application firewall, a proxy server, a VPN device and so many others because these are all built in to this one device. * TINA (Transport Independent Network Architecture) VPN features - Allows automatic VPN configuration with little or no input from the tech. Drag and drop lines between Barracuda units and the VPN is automatically built. View full review »
Consultant with 51-200 employees
The features I find most valuable is the VPN and the fact that we can apply our policies to the program. View full review »
Director of IT at Superfeet Worldwide Inc.
* The brand * Agility * Price per performance View full review »
Tim Ruffer
* Inbound and outbound traffic analysis * Rule creation wizard * GUI portal * Quality online support View full review »
Hilary Tullier
Business Systems Manager with 201-500 employees
The most valuable features are SD-WAN, URL filtering, IPS, and virus scanning. View full review »
Find out what your peers are saying about Barracuda Networks, Fortinet, Cisco and others in Firewalls. Updated: January 2020.
391,045 professionals have used our research since 2012.