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What is Barracuda Email Threat Scanner?

Find out what's hiding in your inbox.
It's critical to assess and understand your email security vulnerabilities. Using artificial intelligence and API integration with Office 365, the Barracuda Email Threat Scanner quickly and effectively finds social engineering attacks currently sitting in your mailboxes.

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Pricing Advice

What users are saying about Barracuda Email Threat Scanner pricing:
  • "Barracuda Email Threat Scanner is provided by our IT service provider, who also provides all the support. The licensing fee that we pay to our provider is $200 per month, that is, $1 per user. There is no additional cost. Before taking the subscription from our provider, I researched the market for Barracuda. The cost is between $5,000 to $8,000 for three years. After that, the same cost is there for renewal. If you have 200 to 500 users, it is better to take a subscription from a provider. If you have more than 500 users, then you can own the Barracuda server through the cloud or on-premises deployments. It is costly for a lesser number of users. If you increase the usage or the number of users, then the overall cost decreases. They can reduce the cost of Barracuda Email Threat Scanner for a small number of users. We could not and would not have used this solution if we had not got the renting or subscription option."

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S. M. Rabiul Islam
Sr. System Engineer at Quazi Abedin Group
Real User
Top 10
Oct 31, 2020
Works perfectly and filters almost 95% of spam mails

What is our primary use case?

We are using this solution to filter spam mails. We have taken a rental subscription for 200 users from an IT service provider. We are using the latest version.

Pros and Cons

  • "The main benefit that I am getting from this solution is that it filters almost 95% of my spam mail. Some spam mails bypass Barracuda Email Threat Scanner, but when I add those domains or addresses to the filter list, they get blocked. Some users on my premises do not understand which mail attachments or links should be opened. By filtering with Barracuda Email Threat Scanner, we are not getting any type of phishing mails. So, our infrastructure is safer, and as an IT person, I feel relaxed."
  • "We had an incident last month where the PCs of one or two colleagues, who were outside of our factory and were using a defined network, got infected by some kind of malware. From their PCs, more than 1,000 mails were produced per hour, causing spamming on our mail server. Barracuda blocked the full mail communication. Only one to two accounts were compromised, and for that, Barracuda blocked all incoming and outgoing mails. It created a great problem for other users and our office activities. Our server was blocked for three days, which we did not expect. Technically, only one or two accounts should be blocked. When a domain or IP is blocked, communication becomes tough. It may be a configuration issue at our provider's end, where there was a mistake in configuring Barracuda. It could also be a problem related to Barracuda."

What other advice do I have?

It works perfectly and decreases the spam counter by more than 95%. I would rate Barracuda Email Threat Scanner a nine out of ten. I would rate it a ten if the cost was more user friendly for smaller user groups, and they improved on blocking only one or two compromised accounts rather than the whole server.
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