Barracuda Sentinel Valuable Features

Jay Glatt
Director of IT at a manufacturing company with 201-500 employees
I find the phishing protection, the account takeover protection, the forensics, and incident response to be the most valuable features. The reason is that in the past we had no way of determining account takeover. If somebody logged in from a foreign country to one of our email accounts we had no way of knowing that. Now we do. Regarding phishing, it automatically alerts us if it detects a phishing email to one or more people. Sometimes the email might go to five or 15 people within the company, then I could easily go to the forensics and response section, immediately identify all 15 of the emails, and delete all of those emails from the user's inbox. API based inbox defense integrates seamlessly into users' inboxes. My users don't even know that it exists. It did not require any work at all to integrate it into the user's inboxes. There was some simple setup to go through and it just integrates right into the exchange in the Cloud. It was perfect. The AI functionality to detect and block spear phishing attacks is 95% accurate. Maybe 5% or less of the time we get a false positive, but then the system has an easy way to click on a single button that says that it was a false positive. It then learns from that. The AI functionality to detect account takeover threats is very good. Within the first month of using it, we had an alert about an account takeover from the prior example that I mentioned, where somebody from a foreign country was trying to take over one of our user's accounts in our East Coast office. It alerted us and we were able to immediately change the password of that user's email account and control the account takeover from happening. When the solution detects an account takeover threat it sends an email to the administrators so that we can immediately see who was attacked and we can immediately change the user's password. It has greatly reduced the number of phishing attacks getting through. In the past six months, it has stopped over 500 phishing attacks. View full review »