BCC Data Quality Overview

What is BCC Data Quality?

BCC Data Quality includes the following solutions:

  • LENS ensures submission and retrieval with our secure FTP-based process, receives an email when your updated lists are ready for pick-up, its processing supports PGP encryption.and process file types regardless of postal software used including delimited (comma or tab), fixed-length, Paradox, and dBase.
  • Datavolve confirms address data against the most current USPS reference data, evaluates address data where it enters your system, so data errors are fixed before they cause problems throughout an organization, records are standardized and enhanced with essential ZIP + 4 codes, postal carrier routes, delivery point, and other valuable information and deployable by over multiple platforms, wide operational configurations, and all data entry points.
  • ZIPFOURce Web Services Single and batch encoding options are both available, and the service adjusts names entered for proper casing: all caps or no caps, Uses USPS DPV technology to reveal whether an address listed in the ZIP + 4 database is actually recognized by the USPS as a deliverable destination and updates rural-style addresses to city-style formats, or renames/renumbers city-style addresses that may have been changed by local governments.
  • GoData is a web-based tool for data processing, performing data hygiene and list enhancement.

BCC Data Quality is also known as Bell and Howell Data Quality.

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