BIC Cloud BPM Valuable Features

Quality & Process Management Consultant at Konrr Bremse
From my experience here to this point, I think the new workflow design is quite helpful and it is straightforward and intuitive. There have been some major changes in comparison to the old BIC platform. In the older standard, you had to manage the master data manually as an administrator. Within BIC Cloud they have a new conceptual model. Now when you are creating a new object, at the very beginning of the process you can send it through an approval process. So you only use approved objects from the start. Then you get to take care of the inconsistencies with the object later, manually, which is quite handy from my point of view. The new cloud release has some new features which are nicer than the previous version did not have. But even some of the core features or tools which were built-into the previous version were incorporated and kind of polished a bit to make them even better. Another aspect that I would say is a major improvement is that now you only need access through a web browser. You do not need to have a software client for modeling and a web portal. You have both directly accessible through one interface: the web browser. You may even model offline because it uses the browser cache to store temporary information about current models you are working on. This is very handy in case you lose your connection or you have a situation where you cannot get directly through to the internet. View full review »
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