BigFix Patch Cycle Comparison

Do you use this solution to compare current and past patch cycles? If yes, how and why?

Mark Poulson
Principle Consulting Architect at GNE
We've set up and started using Big Fix to patch and have had much lower patch saturation rates than in the past. We do historical tracking with Big Fix, and we can see that the success rate's gone way up.
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BigFix Admin / Win SysAdmin at Costco Wholesale
We use it to compare current and past patch cycles. We do monthly compliance verification, we use external vulnerability scanning, and we compare that to the BigFix compliance results and make a mesh of the two for our monthly reports for executives. We do that on a monthly basis.
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System Administrator at a university with 10,001+ employees
We use it to compare current and past patch cycles. We usually roll the baselines into every patch cycle. We do some recording on previous patch cycles and stuff like that, and how effective each baseline is.
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