BigFix Patch Cycle Compression

Has this solution helped you compress your patch cycles? If yes, by what percentage?

Joshua Hickok
Senior Security Consultant at Tech Data Corporation
It has helped to compress our patch cycles. In some cases, a hundred percent because in some areas, patching wasn't happening. We went from not patching to just automating it.
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BigFix Admin at a university with 10,001+ employees
BigFix has helped us to compress our patch cycles. We typically do one release a month. Where we really benefited from this solution is that we now have one to two people whereas previously we would need thirty to forty people taking care of it. That's where we benefited from BigFix the most. We've never had central patching before, so BigFix has improved things quite a bit.
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Security Engineer at a university with 1-10 employees
It helps us to compress our patch cycles. With our patches, I can make sure 80% of the community has got their endpoint patching up to current standards, which is a current patch cycle within a week and a half.
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