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Chief Solutions Officer at Treehouse Technology Group
Jun 17 2016

What is most valuable?

The ability to quickly plot data with an expansive set of graphs and data blending capabilities. Additionally, the product has a vast array of data connectors available which makes bringing in new data sets fairly simple.

How has it helped my organization?

For this product, we actually incorporated the dashboarding capabilities into an application we are building for one of our clients. Our clients love the dashboarding and analytics capabilities that it provides. BIME has allowed our... more»

What needs improvement?

I come from using Excel for my charting capabilities. Whereas BIME clearly surpasses Excel on many fronts with regards to interactive charting, there are areas where small formatting features are not available.


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What is BIME Analytics?

BIME simplifies business intelligence (BI) for data analysts and makes it easier for all types of businesses to both access and analyze big data. It focuses on creating user-friendly products for business intelligence that are based on new innovations in cloud-computing and the most advanced data visualization. With the BIME platform, businesses can take control of managing, analyzing, and sharing data. A scalable solution, BIME allows you to access all of your data at once, connecting all sources of data in your customizable dashboard. It offers an intuitive interface that is very user-friendly. Another feature of BIME is that it works in real-time as well as remotely, allowing you to access constantly updated data in the cloud at anytime and from anywhere. This software also offers a calculation engine that allows you to write your own functions for data analysis, interactive data visualizations, and advanced tools for comparing various data elements. You can use QueryBlender to mix and match all types of information. BIME also allows you to examine data from many different perspectives at the same time. SpicyLemon, a Dutch company that distributes security and anti-virus software, used BIME to maintain a high level of growth despite heavy competition in their industry. With BIME, this company was able to more easily analyze data from their online marketing campaigns, allowing them to decrease costs and increase awareness of their brand online. BIME's solution is one of many data analytics applications reviewed in our SmartAdvisor; click the link to see more companies' reviews.  

BIME Analytics customers

American Addicition Centers,, British Columbia,, Delivery Hero, GREENPEACE, Health Direct, Hovis, Lenovo, McAfee

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