Black Duck Initial Setup

Consulting Partner, Cyber Security Delivery - Africa at DeltaGRiC Consulting
The initial setup for this solution is straightforward. It is Dockerized, and very easy if you use Linux. If you have a server on Azure then you can just go to the Azure marketplace and spin it up straight from there. If you are using an instance on Google Cloud, for example, we've done deployments where you simply spin up the application and it deploys by itself in about four minutes. If you have to deploy by yourself, you have to wait for Linux to completely finish, etc. But if you're using a cloud service provider then it is automatic. You put in your license and you integrate it with whatever you want to do. Once it is deployed, it is again straightforward. You can easily take your build, use the Hub Detect to scan it and get a JSON file, then upload it to the server. It will do the analysis and it is usually fast, except sometimes when you want to check code snippets. It does not require more than one person for deployment and maintenance. View full review »
Technology Leader/ Open Source Compliance and Risk expert at Amdocs
The complexity of setup depends on the scale. If it's an out-of-the-box scan, it's basically scaled for the port, but once we started to utilize it, we wanted a system that automatically scaled up, so we moved to Upper Shift. It was challenging and required some support from their R&D. Then we applied integration, which required consulting with experts. You can use their documentation and set up your own software, it works smoothly. but depends on the size of the setup. The product requires someone familiar with the tool. It's not that complicated, but it's not intuitive to find your way through the tool easily. There are two kinds of setup that I am aware of in Black Duck. One is a complete SAS solution where you upload your software to the cloud. Alternatively, you have your on-premise hub, which is attached to the knowledge base. This is a secure solution and can be compared with the knowledge base. The way this hub communicates outside is very important because it needs a stable and wide metro connection. View full review »
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