Black Duck Pricing and License Cost

Consulting Partner, Cyber Security Delivery - Africa at DeltaGRiC Consulting
The pricing works either by the number of users or by code size. In the case of code size, they give you unlimited users. For example, if you have two thousand developers but you want a code size of 20GB, then that is what you get. If, however, you have forty developers and a lot of projects then you can say "We'll use forty developers and then we can scan unlimited applications, even if our applications are going to be 3,000GB." Depending on the use case, the cost could range from $10,000 USD to $70,000 USD. It depends on what you are doing. There are no costs in addition to the standard licensing fees, including the academy. If you buy the license then they give you access to their academy, where you can get trained. The integrations are free, and the plug-ins are free. View full review »
Technology Leader/ Open Source Compliance and Risk expert at a comms service provider with 10,001+ employees
There are some features that cost extra but we don't use them because I'm not sure there's added value. The product is not cheap. There are several methods of payment - by product, by scale, or by code-based size. I suggest those buying Black Duck know their code size in relation to the code size that the system registers. This gives a good estimation of how to negotiate the pricing model. If you're buying extremely high capacity, it costs a lot. View full review »