Blue Prism Benefits

Rao Parathnandh
RPA Program Manager at a tech services company with 51-200 employees
It helps us reduce the number of people involved in mundane tasks. In the case of Absa, it has really impacted them, the way the customer interacts with the organization when it comes to certain processes. They have become one of the better banks in terms of technology now. When having to fill out an application, for example, there's an app. In the back-end of that app, the whole process is automated. They get an acknowledgment within a couple of seconds. That is the way it has a positive impact on the organization. If the end-user or the client is happy about the way things are going now, as oppose to the way things were before, then that's a big win. View full review »
Somasundaram N
Managing Director at Finixel Technologies Private Limited
Blue Prism has improved process efficiencies. We can get some maximum optimization with ticket processing. Blue Prism provides a large variety of robots that can automate and manipulate processes with very few problems. Furthermore, we can program multiple methods within a single bot. View full review »
Angelouse Tan
Consultant at a tech consulting company with 1,001-5,000 employees
I do not have any IT training, but I am still able to master this skill and develop Blue Prism solutions. It has a very user-friendly interface for a non-technical person. View full review »
Mohanish Khatkhede
Automating these processes enhances the accuracy of processing the traditional process without any manual interventions. These processes can be reused which proved to be cost-effective and time to market also reduced. View full review »
Gavin Price
Lead RPA Engineer at a recruiting/HR firm with 1-10 employees
ROI and efficiency savings. 1 FTE can manage hundreds of bots via my GP RPA design and build methodology. Master processes can easily control subprocesses, such as load, work, and report. View full review »

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