Blue Prism Valuable Features

Rao Parathnandh
RPA Program Manager at a tech services company with 51-200 employees
The automation in version 6 seems to be a lot better than it was in previous versions. In my opinion, that is great. The matrix in terms of reporting is becoming more friendly. It can be used with other analytics tools and that too is a great thing. You can pull stuff into stats, you can pull stuff into any kind of data analytics tool, like Tableau for example. You can easily see where all your problems lie, in a visual way. It's always nice to have a visual representation of things, whether you're a kid in school or whether you're a professor at a university. Seeing things at one glance makes a lot of difference, instead of having to read through the fine print and see where the issues are. Another feature I like about Blue Prism is the Control Room and how easy it is to find exceptions, to find common issues, and to troubleshoot your exceptions. Your Control Room person, without any development skills, can easily pick up what the problem is, with the exceptions, especially when there are a lot of exceptions related to one use case or process. View full review »
Somasundaram N
Managing Director at Finixel Technologies Private Limited
We found the unassisted bots very useful because they can program a variety of different processes. This is a valuable feature of Blue Prism, especially when compared to other tools on the market. View full review »
Angelouse Tan
Consultant at a tech consulting company with 1,001-5,000 employees
The most valuable feature is the work queue. This helps the user to create a workflow, and it is a very powerful tool for generating management reports. View full review »
Mohanish Khatkhede
* It is easy to automate complex business processes and can be highly robust. * It can be easily integrated with new technologies. * Since the processes can be reused, the time to market is less, and the possibility of human error is reduced drastically. View full review »
Gavin Price
Lead RPA Engineer at a recruiting/HR firm with 1-10 employees
Access to the SQL database allows for extra capabilities. View full review »

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