Virtual Meetings Questions
Rosaria Giovannelli
Head of IT unit at European Commission
May 17 2021

What are the tools you recommend to support teleworking?

Smita Wimmer
General Manager with 11-50 employees

Is there a system where the video conferencing system can be incorporated into our website?

We would like to run virtual education fairs, i.e. where international students meet university staff. We have tried Zoom but the experience was not satisfactory. The student/university participation lists and individual details are not on the same platform - the reports from universities for individual students have to be sent to us separately. We are looking for a system whereby video discussions, individual interviews, reports, student personal information etc is all sitting on a centralised system and the transition from one to other is seamless. 

If such a system exists, is it expensive?

Many thanks for your help.

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Oliver SchrammThere is the possibility to integrate the video conference on the website… more »