BMC TrueSight Network Automation Benefits

Ernest Szeideman
Senior Security Solution Architect at a comms service provider with 10,001+ employees
I'll talk about BPPM here. Having the performance monitoring in place allows us to be able to react if our systems are having either disk, memory, or CPU performance bottlenecks or issues. It also allows us to react if there are up/down monitoring issues or it's approaching a situation where a threshold will be breached. For the network automation tool, from a security perspective, the real focus for us has been to maintain the configurations of our router switches, network devices, etc., and to be able to deploy them in a consistent fashion. If consistency equals security then it's helped it from a security point of view. But outside of that it's not something that I would consider to be a security tool, per se. We use it for configuration management. The big thing for us is that we cannot afford to lose our configurations across our different environments. For example, we have configurations in our Dev environments which, once they're vetted, go up to staging. Once they're vetted there, they go into a DR space and from there into production. So having consistency in our deployment practices, first of all leads to cleaner implementations and, most importantly, it ensures that if something bad happens we can actually recover quickly. Previously, when we had outages, people were scrambling along trying to find what the configurations were. We would have to get a new device in because the old device crapped out. We would put in the device and we would all pray very hard that the new configuration was the same as what was there previously, because sometimes we couldn't be totally sure. Prayer is a wonderful thing but it's not suitable for business SLAs. It has absolutely helped our organization to use skilled personnel for more productive tasks because now we have the data that people need so that they can do their jobs better and more efficiently. With good data come good decisions. With no data you get haphazard results. Finally, because it's alerting us when certain things happen, it allows us to put our processes in place to be able to deal with whatever the issue is at hand and that actually allows for more collaboration. View full review »
Senior Solutions Systems Engineer at a tech services company with 501-1,000 employees
When it comes to job status or for completing a compliance audit, it is good. Because it has a transcript where you can see what are the commands that have been executed on the device, it's quite helpful, especially the details from device inventory capabilities, as well as the reporting. if you are working on Cisco Smart, then inventory is quite important in the RNA of things, because it goes by the massive details of what is in the information, even in the Cisco Board. So, if you are tied up with Cisco, you can pull back this information fast by doing RNA. This is most probably the helpful security example for an organization, since it is tied up with your contract and based on your RNA. If you want to have a support for Cisco, then it's valid that you can provide this information to Cisco or your support. Because the licenses are tied up with the RNA. The DNA can also provide this information. If it is a model has its serial number, then it is helpful. If the network operator can check drifts by using the DNA tool dashboard, then it lessens the burden. It has improved the collaboration between our organization's IT operations and security teams based on the compliance reports that have been implemented. View full review »
Network Engineer at a insurance company with 10,001+ employees
It allows us to make sure, for instance, that all of our telnet, FTP, and SSH are sourced from a certain IP address which is part of our standards and part of best practices. It helps us makes sure that we comply with that. Before using Network Automation, there was no real way of doing compliance other than going into the devices and looking at their configurations manually. It's helped us save time. View full review »
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