What is BMC TrueSight Operations Management?

The BMCProactiveNet Performance Management Suite is made up of a number of essential components that will allow end-users to proactively manage their physical,virtual and cloud environments.

By combining capacity and performance analytics, ProactiveNet aligns IT enterprise and cloud systems to business demands, ultimately creating more intelligent and proactive business processes. ProactiveNet allows business needs and demands to be the driver of the IT system, and not the other way round, with the result being optimized resources, reduced risks and costs, and higher performance levels within the business.

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Bank of East Asia and China E-Port.

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User at a tech consulting company with 1,001-5,000 employees
May 04 2017
Roland shepard li?1414337871
Roland ShepardWe produced two videos and blog posts which actually cover this exact topic.... more »
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Abhay BhagatTo my knowledge there are no such limitation of the tool in itself, it is a... more »
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Stefan TimmermannYou should look at 10.7 of Truesight, it is a major step forward. Much easier... more »

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Managed a Project to Create a Monitoring Environment
Managed a project to create a monitoring environment oriented to Business Service Management, create reports and... more»

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I have over fifteen years of IT systems, application and network management experience. I have worked on over 60 successful systems management projects with more than 40 different clients. My industry experience includes major companies in communication, education, pharmaceutical,... more>>
Reviewed BMC TrueSight Operations Management: Upgrading BPPM – Is it too late?
Roland shepard li?1414337871

Performance Management Consultant
Reviewed BMC TrueSight Operations Management: BMC BPPM Architecture Size Scale and Capacity...
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Architect and ITSM Consultant with a BS from Yale University and an MBA My Skills include the following: A) Infrastructure and Solution Design: Designed infrastructure components to support multi-tiered solutions including DR Environments, Hardware, Operating Systems and Storage. B)... more>>
Reviewed Dynatrace: End User Monitoring
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BMC TrueSight & PATROL Consultant
ITIL Certified by ISEB PMP Certified by PMI PATROL-CE Certified by BMC Software OCP Certified by Oracle Trainer Certification from Peak Potentials As a subject matter expert since 1995, I specialize in implementation, customization, and training of the following product lines: BMC... more>>
Reviewed BMC TrueSight Operations Management: Before implementing consider: Scalability, High...

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