BMC TrueSight Operations Management AIOps

How are you incorporating AIOps into your use of BMC TrueSight Operations Management?

Vice President of Managed Services at Park Place Technologies
Park Place Technologies brought in TrueSight for three reasons. The first reason was the Presentation Server - the architecture. The second reason was the fact it has the AIOps piece.
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George Klarmann
CEO at Transcendence IT
My customers use it to monitor their enterprise and define their services. With a lot of the AIOps features and things like Service Impact Manager, my customers are able to reduce their mean time to repair (MTTR). MTTR is very important for companies who are reliant on their critical IT applications. I would like to see a little more out-of-the-box event correlation and expanded AIOps type capabilities. Where you can train your artificial intelligence operations to be able to memorize an issue once you encounter one scenario, so if you encounter that same problem, you can get to the root cause very quickly.
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Paul Mercina
Director Product Management at Park Place Technologies
We've had a number of cases where, through the analytics in TrueSight, we've actually been able to predict failures. For instance, we've already had a couple of cases where, if we see a hard drive on a storage array is going to fail, we'll actually send the part out ahead of the failure. That allows us to replace that drive before it fails - and on the customer's planned downtime. In the old model, it fails, it's down. The customer waits for us to come out, swap it out, and bring everything back up. In the predictive model, we know it's going to fail, we send the part out ahead of the failure, and we replace that drive on the customer's scheduled downtime. The more of that we can do - and as we expand beyond hardware into operating system, application, and the other layers of infrastructure - we'll be able to exploit the machine learning and the AIOps to a greater degree than what we're doing today on the hardware side.
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Sr Manager at a tech services company with 1,001-5,000 employees
My company is a data center service provider. We host and manage IT for all types of different companies, using TrueSight to manage and monitor the health performance availability of all our customers' environments: networks, servers, databases, websites, and all their back-end IT. Right now, the focus is pushing DevOps and AIOps in our more traditional data center management.
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