BMC TrueSight Operations Management Availability of Infrastructure

Does the solution help maintain the availability of your infrastructure across a hybrid or complex environment? If yes, please give an example from your environment.

IT Manager at a manufacturing company with 1,001-5,000 employees
It also helps to maintain the availability of our infrastructure across a hybrid, complex environment. I used to work at FedEx and we're not as environmentally complex as FedEx because we consolidate a lot of stuff on the ERP. But if you throw manufacturing in there, we have pretty much every flavor of platform. As with most deployments, we've got three-tier and four-tier applications. You throw the network and some load-balancers in there and it's fairly complex. If you can use a service model to see exactly what's working and what's not, it really gives you the ability to look at some things.
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Service Delivery Manager at a financial services firm with 1,001-5,000 employees
For those critical tier-one apps, teams are highly involved in their day-to-day operations and watching them very closely. Having those two things - the actionable alerts and the ability to see what the health of their system is at any given time, and to be able to check it against what normal looks like for those applications - gives the teams that use it in such a manner the information they need to be confident that their availability is as it needs to be, or better.
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Monitoring Architect at a manufacturing company with 10,001+ employees
The solution will help us maintain the availability of our infrastructure across a hybrid or complex environment. Right now, we can get to an event scenario or problem quicker than we used to. We are right on the cusp of releasing our service impact modeling. This will help us tremendously because we have a multicloud, as well as an on-premise environment. Any component should show the impact across its applications, regardless of where it's located. It has definitely helped in these environments.
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Doug Greene
Sr. Director Operations at a comms service provider with 10,001+ employees
In terms of the availability of our infrastructure, ours is not a hybrid environment, per se. We don't really measure and/or monitor - because of legalities with most of these FAS providers - how well their systems perform. But what do is measure any of the interfaces that touch or route to those applications, and we have an uptime measurement of about 99 percent for most of our apps. We have a dashboard for that which is managed out of the ITSM group. They partner with us and they pull all of our monitoring data to figure out two key metrics: total uptime and then uptime excluding maintenance. Those are the two keys which enable us not only to showcase to our customer base how well the systems are performing but how often they really are available.
BMC has helped to reveal underlying infrastructure issues that affect app performance. Four years ago, PeopleSoft was running slow in regard to our payroll run. We run payrolls weekly. If you know anything about payroll, you've got to hit a certain deadline and be able to send the check file to the bank for those direct deposits to show up in people's bank accounts. It's a really sensitive issue when people don't get their checks. With the monitoring tools, we were able to triangulate that it was not an application issue but that it was actually a storage issue. Our solid-state storage was having a firmware issue which was causing slow turnover for the IO, and therefore it was slowing down the entire process of payroll. We were able to triangulate that that was the issue, decide what we needed to do - which was move the storage so that the application could continue to perform. We met the need and were able to get the payroll cut just in time so everyone could get their checks. It was a big win.
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Mudassir Parwez Ahmed
Sr. Technical Consultant at a tech services company with 11-50 employees
It also helps maintain the availability of infrastructure across a hybrid or complex environment. Because TrueSight can monitor network devices, databases, storage, cloud environments and a mix of on-prem and cloud, our solutions keep checking the availability of all the devices in the infrastructure and they alert you when there is an issue. So it definitely helps in maintaining the availability. You can also configure predictive alerts or intelligent thresholds or predictive thresholds. Using them, TrueSight will try to give you an alert before something goes wrong. It will look at the threshold and it will look at the trending data for a particular metric, and before that threshold is crossed, it will give you a predictive alert saying that this threshold maybe crossed in the next 15 minutes or 30 minutes. So it helps maintain the availability of your environment.
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