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What is Boomtrain?

Boomtrain is a marketing tool that uses a powerful artificial intelligence engine to thoroughly analyze content and user behavior from companies’ websites, emails, mobile apps and other customer touch points to help them derive actionable insights. With such useful information, companies are able to create and deliver personalized experiences to their customers in every channel, and to do so in a fast and affordable manner. The numerous integrations offered by the system ensure that you will be able to migrate data with minimal effort, and eliminate the need to use additional marketing tools.

This marketing automation solution helps companies implement effective strategies by delivering individually relevant messages via any channel, at any scale, and in real time. Boomtrain helps businesses effectively market their services and products to their target audience with cross-channel marketing automation, customer and profile tracking, and marketing template customization. This results to more personalized user experiences, leading to eliciting desired behavior and taking desired actions.

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Forbes, Condenast, CBS Interactive, Bark & Co

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