Booz Allen Managed Threat Services Overview

What is Booz Allen Managed Threat Services?

A transformative approach backed by hands-on experience
Booz Allen’s Managed Threat Services (MTS) is a talent-driven, adaptive cybersecurity solution that mobilizes highly skilled people to fight real-life threats facing your enterprise. Get integrated services that combine to give you comprehensive protection.

Managed Network
With Booz Allen’s Managed Detection and Response (MDR) for Network service, your enterprise gets access to the highly skilled talent you need to identify and mitigate even the most advanced network threats. Our analysts deploy and operate patented detection technology that provides increased visibility into your network’s vulnerabilities, equipping your team with actionable intelligence and the talent to remedy network intrusions and breaches. You get better network protection, more efficiency, and less noise in the system.

Managed Endpoint
They never stop looking for a way in. We’re looking for their next move. Booz Allen’s MDR continuously monitors endpoint threats and implements powerful defenses at every point along the attack chain. Enterprises are protected by adaptive defenses that anticipate the enemy’s advances; they avoid costly IR engagements and reduce business exposure without the burden of managing technology or hiring additional sta­ff.

Managed Email
Whether your organization uses cloud-based email platforms or on-premise solutions, we have you covered. Highly skilled talent and powerful technology come together to secure email communications through threat detection, quarantining, and threat mitigation. Our analyst-driven approach sees email as an integrated part of your organization's broader threat landscape, making our MDR a more comprehensive security solution. In addition, our managed email security implementation takes minutes.

Cyber Threat Intelligence
Tailored to your business, Booz Allen’s Cyber Threat Intelligence service enables better defenses and reduces strategic surprise within your leadership team. You get deep insight into the threats facing your organization, intelligence about the adversary’s tools and tactics, and increased awareness of the specific threats facing the industry at large. Booz Allen Cyber Threat Intelligence blends actionable intelligence into your business and operational priorities to deliver a highly tailored intelligence capability, covering the entire cyber threat landscape. We’re leveraging talent to give you the visibility you need.

Booz Allen Managed Threat Services is also known as Booz Allen MTS.

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