Ethernet Switches Questions
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Aug 08 2020

What sort of network would benefit from switch stacking? Are there any drawbacks to taking this approach? What would be an alternative to stack switches?

Ender KefogluThere are two ways of connecting multiple switches together: a) Cascade: You… more »
Menachem D PritzkerStack switches are useful mainly in configuration - they appear to the rest of… more »
Walmik WankhedeStack switches will save multiple IP, a single IP will use for complete stack… more »
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Oct 01 2020

What are port forwarding and port triggering typically used for?

Michael J. CarterGreater security concerns would require port triggering. 
Michael J. CarterPort forwarding alone requires your main computer to have greater security… more »
Enrique Lopez
Preesales and Project Management Engineer at AnnyStem

I'm a Pre-sales and Project Management Engineer at a small consultancy. We are looking for an alternative to the Juniper CGS2520 switch. Any recommendations? 

Ender KefogluAre you sure the switch brand is Juniper? Could it be Cisco instead? Your… more »
Russell Rothstein@Menachem D Pritzker @Rony_Sklar @Enrique Lopez  see the good point by @Ender… more »
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Managed switches allow a much higher degree of control over one's network. However, they are obviously more expensive and need a professional who understands how to configure them. What criteria need to be considered when a business is deciding between managed versus unmanaged switches, and what are the pros and cons of each?

Ender KefogluManaged switches allow you to; a) Enable Spanning Tree which will prevent… more »
reviewer1122879Who has the best skillset on hand today in the future to manage the devices… more »
reviewer1062765I use the Ubiquity Unifi network products now. Not to expensive for a fully… more »
Ariel Lindenfeld
Sr. Director of Community
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