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Real User
Network Security Engineer at a tech services company with 51-200 employees
Aug 02 2018

What do you think of F5 BIG-IP?

Primary Use Case To protect the website from web access. • Improvements to My Organization I installed the F5 on the DMZ zone of the firewall. A reflux will come to the virtual server of the F5. Then the F5 will upload the encrypted traffic to the server and decrypt this traffic so the firewall can see the traffic as unencrypted. This way, we can mitigate any attack from the F5 and from the firewall. • Valuable Features The protection. • Room for Improvement They need to develop the reporting tools further. • Use of Solution Three to five years. • Stability Issues It's a stable product. • Scalability Issues They have one box and you can implement many features with it like LTM, ASM, GTM. So it is scalable. And they have a virtual edition and an appliance...
Real User
Network & Security Lead at a tech vendor with 201-500 employees
May 27 2018

What do you think of Citrix NetScaler ADC?

Primary Use Case We used it to manage a data center hosting environment and had more than 250 HA pairs of Citrix NetScalers (both physical and virtual) to maintain/manage customer environments. Each environment was different, each was a customer-dedicated environment. • Improvements to My Organization This was a standard load-balancing solution provided to our customers. They didn't have many complaints about the way their traffic was being managed. We were able to handle specific requirements for persistence/stickiness. • Valuable Features Content Switching since it provides flexibility for routing traffic as desired to designated real servers. It also provides good geo capabilities through its GSLB feature. • Room for Improvement Development team's response time could...

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