Bromium Benefits

Hugh Percy
Manager of Cyber Security Operations at a healthcare company with 1,001-5,000 employees
With the Bromium, everything comes up in a nice, isolated window, which negates the need to wait for that AV scan to conclude, so the radiologists can be very productive; see many patients in a specified amount of time. we know we are safe with Bromium because once they close out that window, Any threats, if that particular image was compromised, would just disappear. Here at Moffitt, patients are our top priority. They are everything to us. We want the patient experience to be wonderful, from registering, to the care that they receive here, to the experts that we hire and recruit to make sure they have top-notch, quality care. The way Bromium adds to that is that when you have cancer you have to do some scans, no matter where you go. These imaging scans are vital to the care of patients. These scans require radiologists and clinicians to read them efficiently and effectively. The workload we have, to see patients, is tremendous. Anything that slows down the process of taking care of our patients - to wait for an image to come up, to redo that image, to close it down - really inhibits the appropriate patient care we're trying to give. Bromium allows us to safely view images. It allows us to quickly and safely surf our network so that we can take proper care of our patients efficiently, effectively, and expeditiously. I've heard from the doctors that, now that we have installed Bromium on the systems, on the radiology machines, they're able to spend more time with the actual patient, and the patients appreciate that extra time with their doctor to talk about what's happening to them, to map out a treatment plan. That has really been well received in the organization and by our patients. Our overall security posture has improved as a result of adding this solution to our security stack. In the past, a request might be made like, "Hey, your AV is having some effect on our systems here. We need to exclude this file path because every time your AV scans this file path it makes the system stall or it makes the system freeze. We just can't run this program on the server that's needed for patient care." Or, "We cannot view what we need to view fast enough to be effective." So we would exclude that particular path. The AV would no longer scan a particular area of a computer, whether it's a file path or a file itself, and that would leave us vulnerable. The threat actors out there could leverage that to put malware or that like in that file path. With Bromium, there's no need to exclude anything, any path, any file, because everything is open in a micro VM. We are now more secure because we don't have to exclude anything from being scanned for malicious activity. After implementing Bromium, we were able to remove endpoint protection defenses. All of the radiology machines, which is quite a few, do not have an AV on them. We have Bromium instead. We were able to remove one of the major, top-five antivirus solutions. View full review »
Director of Information Security with 1,001-5,000 employees
It comes down to the endpoint protection. It has greatly reduced our risk of infection on our endpoints, either when browsing or when opening untrusted or unknown documents and PDF files. Our overall security posture has improved as a result of adding this solution to our security stack. It's definitely a big improvement. We have seen a decrease in infections on our endpoints. That means less helpdesk and office technology people having to troubleshoot issues with machines, scan them, take them out of service, and put them back into service. From an operational standpoint, there has been a reduction in cost, and time spent cleaning up machines with infections. It's another layer to our stack. We haven't removed anything from our stack because we have Bromium, but certainly, we're not adding extra things to the endpoints - there are a lot of different products that are out there - because we are really comfortable with the protection that we get from Bromium. We definitely use the forensic data reported from this solution. If there's an attack, obviously we get the alerts and we can look at them. We also use the host monitoring portion too, which uses some of their cloud information. We definitely analyze the data and use it to make sure there's not a larger issue. View full review »
Director of IT Security, Risk and Compliance. at a pharma/biotech company with 1,001-5,000 employees
We've seen a significant decrease in our need to respond to malware infections. It has reduced desktop re-imaging and really reduced the amount of lost productivity across the environment. Our overall security posture has absolutely improved as a result of adding Bromium to our security stack. We continue to have less user impact through a significantly reduced amount of malware infections. It's become a non-event. View full review »
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Product Lead at a retailer with 1,001-5,000 employees
Our security posture has improved. I don't have any specific metrics but it has definitely contained and prevented some malicious attacks from happening. Normally when we get a phishing attack, a positive on a workstation, that workstation then needs to be cleaned and rebuilt and the attack contained. With Bromium, it is actually isolated, so we have saved money on rebuilding machines. View full review »
Director with 51-200 employees
It has reduced the number of virus and malware incidents and calls we have received compared to prior to deploying this product. Our overall security posture has improved. In conjunction with some of the other products that we have, it works well in ensuring that we don't get hit with any sort of malware or ransomware or virus outbreaks. We've been able to isolate and prevent malicious code from external email attachments and from downloaded internet files. Those are the two big areas that have really made an impact. Users, typically, are prone to just opening attachments out of email when they receive them from somebody from the outside. What this product does is, running under the hood or behind the scenes, it isolates and protects from anything that would have been maliciously installed on their computer. It does the same thing with external websites. When users go out to websites that we don't have internally marked, it provides that protection from anything that would be dropping files or anything like that on the computer. View full review »
Learn what your peers think about Bromium. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: April 2020.
425,604 professionals have used our research since 2012.